Gerber Brand 2 Pack White Waterproof PEVA Pant, 18 Months

Gerber Brand 2 Pack White Waterproof PEVA Pant, 18 Months

Gerber Pullon Plastic Pants – The classic plastic pants everyone is looking for but cannot find. The least expensive way to cover cloth diapers. Also used over training pants and over disposable diapers. If your looking for an inexpensive substitute to diaper covers for your baby and are willing to diaper using diaper pins or plastic diaper fasteners, these plastic pants will do the job. Made of 100% Peva they are soft and flexible for babies comfort. The elastic in the legs and waist is covered by a soft and comfortable nylon.Made of 100% PEVA and nylon covered elastic leg and waistband protect babys sensitive skin Easy care: machine wash and dry Great to use over cloth training pants when your toddler first begins potty training.

Main features

  • When it’s time to potty train, our training pants will make your toddler feel like a “big kid” while keeping his clothes dry
  • Made of 100% PEVA
  • Nylon covered elastic leg and waistband protect baby’s sensitive skin
  • Great to use over cloth training pants when your toddler first begins potty training
  • Available in sizes 18 months to 3t

Verified reviews


Not worth it…

I ordered these to go over cloth pants just in case. Being concerned about whether your child’s bum looks too big is weird, and not putting them in the dryer should be pretty common sense… However, even washing them in the washer did not work out well for us. The seams on every pair split in the wash. Just on the sides, not everywhere, but it was a waste of money.On top of that my children both hate these with a passion because they are so uncomfortable and noisy.

Judi Somis, CA

Plastic bag for butt

This essentially is a plastic baby for my toddler’s bum. It is plastic but leakproof – not quite. I usually put underwear underneath these pants but they still manage to leak through with just one accident.

Grace Halsey, OR

Could never get my daughter to wear these

In theory, these are great. I wouldn’t know. My daughter REFUSED to wear them over the training pants. They were somewhat loud and sounded like plastic. Not really her forte. They also look a little scratchy and uncomfortable to wear. Once she was interested in potty training, I didn’t want to do anything that would have a negative effect on her, so I never pushed the issue. We tried several times but she would never wear these.

Hilary Southard, OK

Meh. Didn’t really make things cleaner.

We bought these for our 3-year-old son, who is in underwear but still has lots of accidents, to cut down on leakage when we’re places where a damp child might be unwelcome. They only "sort of" work; if we catch the accident right away, the pants can hold some of it, but if we wait even 5 minutes there’s a total deluge with or without the plastic pants. The pants can actually make cleanup harder, as they are one more thing to wash, and as my son views them as an almost-diaper, he tends to have more accidents with them on. I think psychologically, some kids react to an article of clothing that reminds them of diapers. So these were not a good solution for us.Also, the sizes run GINORMOUS. My son wears size 4T shirts & underpants, and the 2T plastic pants were still so huge and puffy on him that he probably needed the 18-month size.As for using these as low-budget cloth diaper covers, I cloth diapered our son for 2 years and I can’t imagine how messy and inconvenient these covers would have been. If there is poop, there is no easy way to get the diaper out of the cover because the cover doesn’t have side closures. Poop smears must be common. I also don’t think the leg elastics are strong enough to contain what an infant or toddler puts out. You can get Proraps or another basic cover with Velcro side closures and far superior durability for about $8 a pair. Don’t waste money on these.

Emilia Burnet, TX

dont waste your money

these do not work. they arent snug enough to keep anything in. they are completely pointless. don’t waste your money.

Hannah Rotan, TX

Didn’t work

I was excited to get these for my daughter who was potty training, but was disappointed. They did not work at all and all of the urine just came right through her pants. Very disappointed that they did not even work at all.

Katharine Chevak, AK

buy smaller to fit

I followed other raters’ advice and purchased a size down. 18mos for my slightly small two year old. Worked great

Gertrude Witherbee, NY

Big, Baggy, and Not what I was Looking for

The Gerber Brand Waterproof PEVA Pants can be compared to a shower cap for your kid’s training pants. The edges don’t really hug around enough, so if your kid happens to have an accident, you’ll have a nice puddle on your floor. Because there seemed to be very little difference whether my kid wore this or not, I just opted to have him wear the underpants without these waterproof pants – I would have to toss everything in the wash anyways!Another gripe – these pants are HUGE and will make your kid feel hot and uncomfortable. After seeing how uncomfortable these pants made our son feel even when he was keeping his pants dry, I just couldn’t leave him in them. The pants do not allow for your kid’s skin to “breathe” and because the air flow is not really great, it made him feel wet simply because he was sweaty! Not recommended.

Emma Randolph, AL

I wish the waist was adjustable

My boys have no waist and skinny thighs so this does a good job of preventing leaks but would be better if I could adjust it some to fit them better.

Lelia Bretz, WV

Great Idea, but run too big!

I got these for my daughter, who is smaller than average! The gerber cloth 18month undies fit her perfect, and I figured these would go with them – nope! These run HUGE and she drowns in them! Wish they could make a smaller size..

Gloria Johnson City, TN

Very baggy, but they work.

I’m torn on this item. My daughter hates wearing them and they are cumbersome, but they work very well. Since the only other option is to have accidents on the furniture, or to stop potty training, we’re sticking with them. We haven’t been using them long, so hopefully she’ll get used to them. CARE: Machine wash; hang to dry. They wash up just fine in the sink too.

Louisa Glenham, SD


I assume these would work well but my son won’t wear them because he doesn’t like the feel of them.

Tami Concord, TX

Typical Plastic Pants

These are typical plastic pants that crunch and make noise. I found that the Dappi brand vinyl pants are much softer. Ultimately, I decided that these pants don’t work for my purpose. They make a line on my little ones’ thighs and don’t hold accidents in during naps.

Wendy Turnersburg, NC