Gerber Breast Pads – Variety Pack, 100-Count

Gerber Breast Pads – Variety Pack, 100-Count

Gerber has included their ultra thin nursing pads, their light flow nursing pads, their medium flow nursing pads and their heavy flow nursing pads all together in one 100 count package. This item offers the nursing mom an opportunity to try all four pads to determine her needs and preferences. A great gift item for the nursing mom, ready to wrap and give.

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This is the worst pad I have tried. They don’t even have adhesive strips so are constantly slipping. Go with Lansiloh or better yet Johnson and Johnson if you can find them. I ended up throwing away the rest of the box!!!

Charmaine Wabasso, FL

ultra thin, ultra absorbant, and covers most the breast

I’ve tried four different kinds of pads and these have worked the best by far. They are ultra thin and very absorbant. I have a heavy flow and the Johnson & Johnson and Avent ones are too thick (which prevent them from absorbing as much) and are incredibly small. They also fill up really fast, causing them to overflow and milk to go EVERYWHERE. The Gerber ones cover the entire nipple area and most of the breast (other pads hardly cover just the nipple area). However, I’d recommend the heavy flow ones rather than the medium flow– they just don’t work as well. Also, I really don’t see how they can slip out of place if you are using the right bra size. I’d recommend the Lansinoh brad as well for the same reasons I’m recommending the Gerber ones.

Gracie Great Valley, NY

Excellent Pads

These pads are great. The sticky tabs on the Heavy, Medium, and Light flow pads hold on really well. Even with more leaking that expected a lighter pad will hold up for quite a while. I have never had a problem no matter what strength pad I used. The super light pads don’t have adhesive, and can soak through. I use them to double up on top of the leak proof stronger pads. That way if there is a little leak, I can toss the super light one and the main pad is still completely dry.The only reason I didn’t put 5 stars is because I don’t like that this is a variety pack. I would prefer to buy 100 medium flow pads and call it a day.

Hilary Thomasville, AL

Worthless for heavy milk flow

As a new mom with a VERY heavy milk flow, I have tried several different breast pads over the last few months. Here is my overview of each:Johnsons baby nursing pads – 60 Ea: These are my FAVORITE pads for daytime use. They will not hold as much as Ameda, so they aren’t as reliable overnight. However, they are very soft and comfortable against tender breasts, They also have a nice shape that is more discrete than other brands. I also love that they are not packed in pairs or singles, just all lumped in the box together. Yes, this means they are not as “sterile” as the other brands, but they aren’t a haste to unpack each time you need a fresh pad, and you don’t risk waking up baby with crinkly wrappers. They do have an adhesive to keep them secure in your bra. Also, they are the only pad I know of with a nipple indentation, meaning they are a little less abusive to already sore nipples.Ameda 50 Count Noshow Premium Disposable Nursing Pads: These are the most absorbent pads I have found. In fact, they are the only ones that keep me dry overnight. However, they have no shape to them at all, and are extremely obvious if you wear a thin bra. They have no adhesive, so they will move around in your bra. Also, they are packaged in an extremely crinkly wrapper, so if my baby is asleep I have to take them in another room to open, so as not to wake up the baby (and he is a heavy sleeper!)The First Years – Lanolin Disposable Breast Pads 30 ct.: These are the best pads for early stages of nursing, when the lanolin will help soothe sore and cracked nipples. They are very cool and comfortable on your nipples. However, they do not hold quite as much as the Ameda. I did find that these needed to be changed pretty often to avoid feeling damp. Also, the edges of the pad are scratchy and can be a bit uncomfortable throughout the day.Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-pack: These are a good all-around pad. They will hold a good bit, but not as much as the Ameda or J&J.; They do have an adhesive strip that will help them stay in place in your bra, and are a very good value to use long term. Be sure you get the “soft” version, as the older style is much more scratchy and uncomfortable.Evenflo Comfort Select Nursing Pad, 48 Count: These pads are very absorbent, but not very comfortable. They have an itchy material inside that tends to stick to cracked nipples when removed. They also are very obvious through thin bras.Gerber Breast Pads – Variety Pack 100 Count: WORTHLESS. These pads do not absorb even a single let-down if you have a heavy flow. They would instantly soak through and my shirt would be wet. Also, they have no shape so they will bunch up and show through your bra and shirt. They also have no adhesive, so they will move around. Overall, completely worthless for a heavy milk flow.

Doreen Marion, NC

This is good if you don’t leak much

I bought these because my sister who had a baby a couple of months before me recommended them, but I was very dissapointed; my clothes would always get soaked if I left them on for more than 3 hours. I’m giving it 2 stars just because they worked well for my sister who does not leak as much as I do.

Laverne West Salem, WI

cheap but do there job

I like this pads cause they first cheap ,second they do there job very well.i have a lot of milk and it is hold a heavy flow.

Maricela Days Creek, OR

Worth the extra money

I bought the Gerber heavy flow pads and they worked great. I don’t really have a problem with them moving around or anything, but best of all they don’t leak!! These were the first ones I tried, but the next time I bought pads I saw the Avent ones were cheaper for more, it was the worst mistake, no matter how often I change the minute my breast start to leak my shirt is a wet nightmare. I will definitely be sticking with the Gerber nursing pads even if they are more expensive.

Patrica Everett, MA