Gerber Breast Therapy Warm or Cool Relief 2 Reusable Packs

Gerber Breast Therapy Warm or Cool Relief 2 Reusable Packs

62896 Features: -Warm or cool relief pack.-Can be used warm or cool depending on mom’s need.-Relieves discomfort from engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis.-Unique shape conforms to a variety of breast sizes.-Soft, hand-washable fabric for added comfort.

Main features

  • Immediate and effective warming or cooling relief to help ease the discomfort of engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis (breast inflammation)
  • Contoured shape conforms to a variety of breast sizes
  • Can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the refrigerator
  • Easy to place inside a bra
  • Available in soft, hand-washable fabric for added comfort

Verified reviews


Not for Public!– Incredible item

Picture a round ice pack (that doubles as a heat pack) that has a big center cut out of it. That is what this is for the most part. I wish I had this sooner! This is really nice to have. I love the fact that they can go in the microwave or in the freezer. When microwaved it lasts around twenty minutes of heat.Now I don’t need them as much on me (child is older) however I use them still once in a while to heat up my breast shields. This makes the breast shields toasty warm for me.

Margery Magna, UT

Must have for all new moms!

This is very useful for breastfeeding moms. I use it after warming it in the microwave and before I pump. It really seems to help with my flow. Love that it is reusable.

Bianca Checotah, OK

A must have for new nursing moms

Bought these as a first time mother who wanted to nurse. I used these a couple of times and they were great. I know I said a couple of times, but they can be used later. I now use these when my son has an small injury. They are covered in a cloth like material and can be placed on small injuries.

Sue Barwick, GA


Wife uses these every day several times a day before she pumps breasted milk. Excellent product for the price very very good.

Diane Nyssa, OR

Heating blanket & Lecithin works better

I brought this after hearing rave reviews from friends. I pump exclusively (6-8 times a day for 6 months straight), and needed something to prevent clogs and also soothe swollen breasts when I tried to wean myself off pumping.Pros:+ convenient, put it in the microwave or fridge and it’s ready to useCons:- it cools down fast after microwaving. doesn’t stay hot long enough- sometimes too hot it actually left a red mark on my breast! (yes, i followed the instructions). i think the skin on my breasts were just more sensitive to heat. It felt okay to the touch using hands but once i put it over the breast, it burned!Overall:- Use an electric heating blanket instead. I ended up putting an electric heating blanket over my breasts at night when I slept or watched tv. it works a lot better x100, and the heat is constant and a lot more – but not so much it burns on contact of course. plus it has an automatic shut off so I was safe to sleep with it on top of me.- if you are buying these therapy pads to prevent clogs, save your money. start taking Lecithin instead. i took 3 lecithin pills a day and it has prevented clogs and also shortened my pumping time.

Hillary Cape Neddick, ME

Good for engorgement, Sharp edges though

These packs convert easily from warm to cold. They fit inside my nursing bra (at home, too bulky to wear in public). But the edges are very sharp so placement is key when nipples are sore. Keeping them in my fridge for those times when I get behind in pumping.

Phoebe Puxico, MO

Not my favorite

PROS:–Can be used hot or cold, which not many similar products can do–Reasonably pricedCONS:–Too bulky, which ultimately made it so I didn’t use them that much (the gel “Soothies” are MUCH better)

Becky Etoile, KY

Breast Therapy

Ordered this product to help reduce breastfeeding pain Product worked pretty well. Was a bit bulky. I also found it scratchy. However I would still recommend

Karla Cynthiana, KY

Ahhhhh really soothes swollen boobs

When I first was getting the hang of breastfeeding, these were a life saver. I kept them in the fridge and stuffed them in my bra after feeding. Great natural pain relief.

Valerie Wales, AK