Gerber Colorblock Cooler Bag, Brown

Gerber Colorblock Cooler Bag, Brown

Cooler bag with large front insulated zip pocket to keep food and drink fresh. Changer and lining easily wipes clean.

Main features

  • Six elastic bottle holders
  • Duo pulls zippers for easy in and out
  • Multiple mesh pockets, easy to see items
  • Black slit pocket, easy closure

Verified reviews


Great small bag, great price

I bought this bag to use with our umbrella-type stroller. The basket under the stroller is much smaller so we had to downsize and this bag is great. It fits the necessities and is nice and compact. Great value.

Jerry Kings Park, NY

great daily bag

My son is a year old and I wanted a smaller bag for daily use. I’m able to carry 5+ diapers, wipes, couple changes of clothes, bib, shoes (do they ever wear them?), hat, sunglasses, Tylenol, socks, travel tissues, small books, toys, my water bottle, wallet, small container of snacks, baby bullet container, a spoon, and sippy cup. It will easily hold 4 full size bottles in the cooler pocket. I grabbed a small freezer pack to put in the cooler pocket on long trips (just to be safe).

Estela Pettus, TX

Unbelievable how many things you can fit into this bag.

So I have been using this bag for some time now and it is still holding up good despite the amount of stuff I ram into it. In the front (cooler section) I carry 6 small (3 scoops each) formula containers and 2 bottles. In the main section of the bag it holds 3 sets of clothing (bodysuit, pants and vest), 3 burp cloths, I small blanket, 6 diapers, small bottle of baby powder, 3 sets of small take along toys, 2 changing pads (the one that came with the bag and one I made) and on beach outings it also holds another blanket and a medium sized baby towel. There are 3 small elasticated pockets inside the main section in which I carry 3 pairs of socks, 4 folded paper towels and small baby wash and cream. In the back pocket I carry the baby wipes. In the side pockets I carry an umbrella and hand soap, hand sanitizer and hand cream. It is easy to carry. Would definitely recommend.

Teri Ocracoke, NC

Great small bag

I bought this with the intention of using it as a small diaper bag & it has been great for that. I’m sure it would be fine as a cooler bag (which is what it’s supposed to be used for) but I like to use it as a diaper bag. It’s just the right size to use for small trips to my Mom’s, the grocery store, doctor’s office, etc. It’s made of nylon & I haven’t had any trouble keeping it clean. It also comes with a changing pad, which is nice. I would buy it again.

Sherrie Saint Catharine, KY

Great bag for ‘gender neutral’ color schemes.

We wanted to do a ‘gender neutral’ color theme for our daughter – neither of us are big fans of pink. This bag is padded all over, has insulation on all but the side pockets and has enough room for us to pack together diapers, wipes, clothes, formula, bottles, etc. Plenty of room for a small/day trip.So far it has been very durable and practical.Update:After using it for several months, I’ve had to come back and edit this, lowering the initial score. It has plenty of room, this is true (typically we keep: 10 size 2 diapers, wipes in a travel case that wasn’t included, diaper cream, changing pad that was included, 2 rompers, socks, burp cloths, small blanket, health items, extra binky, 2 bottles, formula containers). However, its hard to find anything once you have it packed up. Also the changing pad doesn’t really work well with this bag. You can either fold it up (trifold as shown in the picture) and put it inside the main zipper compartment or put it in the larger slip pocket on the outside. Downsides to this? If its inside the bag and you take it out to change the baby, you will have a very difficult time getting it back in the bag without unpacking things. If you store it in the outside slip pocket, the pocket won’t velcro shut (this is where we store the wipe container, so having it velcro shut is nice for piece of mind).I haven’t noticed that the insulated compartments have really done anything for keeping the temperature hot or cold yet. We use Dr. Browns bottles (they don’t seal very well) so we keep them in the outer pockets on the sides instead of in the insulated areas.Bag itself is still in great shape, no tears or defects on the inside or outside. Zippers are still strong and working smoothly.Still overall a good bag, but we’re looking for something different that will be more useful as our baby gets older.

Bianca Jonesville, SC

Not a diaper bag for a toddler.

I keep looking for a nice, small diaper bag (for a toddler) with good organizational pockets on the inside, and I keep coming up short… :(The pockets on the inside cannot be used for diapers or even a small package of wipes. They are ONLY wide enough for a bottle (or jar of baby food) – and there are six of them. If they would have just made four, and made them wider, this would be a great bag for my needs.The front pocket is where most people would put diapers (because it is the only place where you can)… However, there are two elastic bands to hold diapers in place (not pockets), and my son uses size 4 diapers. The size 4 diapers are too tall to fit upright, held by the elastic band. So, that pocket would be useless unless you have much smaller diapers.Also, the changing pad is very bulky. It doesn’t fit well anywhere, really. See the main picture of the bag, and how the mint green changing pad sticks up really high. I thought that was just to show that there WAS a changing pad… nope! That is how it is stored. Way too big and bulky if you ask me.Hope this information helps with your decision to buy or not to buy!

Marsha Orange City, IA