Gerber First Essential 6 Pack Latex Nipples

Gerber First Essential 6 Pack Latex Nipples

First Essentials® Latex Nipples feature a vented nipple design that helps reduce colic. The vented holes help ensure smooth flow, as well as helping to prevent the nipple from collapsing.

Main features

  • Helps reduce colic with vented nipple design
  • Vented holes help ensure smooth flow and help prevent nipple from collapsing
  • Fits most standard reusable bottles
  • Made in Germany

Verified reviews


Did not work for my baby.

When my daughter came home from the hospital she really liked this nipple shape. She was a very picky baby. Although, she liked these nipples, they gave her VERY bad gas. We had to finally get her to switch to Dr. Browns bottles. These may or may not work for your baby. The one major plus for this item is that they are very inexpensive compared to other brands.

Angelique Jobstown, NJ

They work with my picky baby girl

My daughter used to refuse the bottle, even with my breastmilk in it. My mother, who has been working in a nursery for 30 years, suggested the problem could be the material the nipple was made of and the slow flow. These nipples work with Medela bottles once screwed and they flow nicely for my 4-month-old daughter. She now takes the bottle when I am not around!

Lydia Eastport, MI

It’s ok

The nipples I receive looks little differ from the image it show. The nipples I receive is very thin and light. Because it is made out of think material, my baby does not need any strength to suck on it. I feel like it so easy to ripe off, all thou it wouldn’t.

Louisa Viola, IL

oily initially. and a bit slow

You definitely would want to wash them thoroughly before first use as they are somehow very oily. Then they seem to be slower than the other type of nipples we were using – Playtex ventaire silicon, rapid. And you can’t put them into a dish washer or a microwave sterilizer, so somewhat inconvenient.

Margo Shannon, NC

Good product

I bought these through prime to avoid a trip to a box store. I like these. They are not fast flow (I believe they are medium), which is perfect for younger babies.

Lora Ivor, VA

Not the item pictured

I did not receive the item pictured or described. I did receive gerber latex nipples that were 4m+ flow, but not the thick latex with the bottom venting and the 3 holes. That said, the item I did receive is still a nice nipple, just not what I wanted or that work for my baby. The ones I received were thinner latex, like the Enfamil disposables, with a side vent much like that found on nuke nipples.

Christi Arcola, PA

Worked for my newborn!

I was a little annoyed at the sizing.I ordered them because the listing said they were for NB, but I think the packaging even said "4+ months."They worked though, and that’s what counts!

Debora Campbell, AL

work great, altho a little noisy

This is the first time we bought latex nipples, so maybe they are all a little noisier than the silicone ones. But those ones leaked horribly for us, and these don’t have that problem.

Sheree Glencoe, OH

These have changed to NON-LATEX, and a different shape/design.

I got these for ‘spare parts’ for my vintage baby bottle collection.These are not the same model nipples as shown in the photo. I’ll keep them, since they’ll work for some bottles- but I’m still looking for the latex nipples; the ones from Amazon under this ‘review’ thingie I got are NOT latex (which some folks desire- but for accuracy in spare bottle parts, the older model works better).

Melisa Chatom, AL

only nipple (other than mine) my breastfed baby will take!

I have tried to get my breastfed boy to take a bottle for quite a long time. After several attempts with other nipples, such as tommee tippee, and nuk, I have found this is the only one he will actually take! Such a relief! He takes it without any issues or spitting it out (which he did with every other nipple). And he still breastfeeds just fine and takes the bottle when I need him to! Best of both worlds!

Sabrina Hydesville, CA

Great nipples!

Our baby prefers latex nipples (A LOT!) but it’s hard to find them in the store. A lot of the ones we found leaked and caused big messes, not these! These fit snugly, so no leaks! I like the large vent hole in them, though we have to make sure to position the bottle correctly (wth the vent at the side of baby’s mouth) so that she can get good suction on the bottle.

Christina Mount Vernon, OR