Gerber First Essential 6 Pack Silicone Nipples, Fast Flow

Gerber First Essential 6 Pack Silicone Nipples, Fast Flow

The First Essentials® Silicone Nipple fits most standard reusable bottles. They help reduce colic with a vented nipple design. Plus, vent holes and ribs help ensure smooth flow and limit nipple collapse.

Main features

  • Helps reduce colic with vented nipple design
  • Vent holes and ribs help ensure smooth flow and help prevent nipple from collapsing
  • Fits most standard reusable bottles
  • Available in slow flow, medium flow and fast flow

Verified reviews


Huge waste of a few bucks!

these nipples are so small that they just fall through a regular size bottle!!! What is the point of them I do not know. Would have returned but not worth even worrying with so I just threw them away!! If you get them make sure you have the same brand of bottles and all the other parts.

Rae Dora, NM

For Fast Flow Nipples, They Work Fine

Updated February 21, 2014:My kids are 5 now. Reflecting back on all the products for babies that were placed on prominent shelves and highly advertised on the Internet, much of what we bought was unnecessary. Price signals in the baby product category don’t seem that relevant in that expensive items were often not of better quality. The most important thing for parents of newborns is to try to get some babysitting help so they can sleep more and have some down time. End of update.I had needed fast flow nipples for my twins. These have fit the purpose well. These nipples are also standard size (see below), silicone texture, and traditional round shaped.
• Flow: nipples come in newborn, slow, medium and fast.
• Standard vs. non-standard: It’s important to get nipples that fit your bottles. For example, Gerber and Medela have standard bottles. Advent has some standard and some non-standard bottles. Dr. Brown has non-standard bottles that only use Dr. Brown nipples.
• Texture: soft latex, firmer silicone, and traditional rubber.
• Shapes: traditional (round), orthodontic, and flat-topped.

Ericka Tafton, PA

great product from gerber

great product allways with the quality of gerber, my wife and my baby loves it, and unbeatable price, highly recommended, buy together with the first essential bottles and a color nipples availables too

Jenny Yona, GU

Gerber First Essential Silicone BPA Free Nipples, Slow Flow, 6 Pack

Gerber First Essential Silicone BPA Free Nipples, Slow Flow, 6 PackCalidad del producto excelente.Costo del producto acorde la calidad,Tiempo de entrega conforme lo establecido.Embalaje conforme el producto.Recomendado para los bebes de la casa, por excelente calidad, economía y utilidad

Tommie Blytheville, AR

So much better than Latex

I had latex nipples for my Gerber bottles, but after a couple washes they felt sticky & didn’t ever seem clean. So I tried these & they are SO much better. Much more durable & easier to clean. Since they are clear it is easy to see if you missed a spot of formula, especially if it was a bottle that didn’t get rinsed right away.

Freda Short Creek, WV


These aren’t the best nipples we purchased, but they’re not the worst either. They work and do their job, but nothing special of them. They are not leak proof though so if you’re looking for leak proof these are not it. Also, if you’re one who puts cereal in the bottle (Something I don’t recommend doing unless a doctor suggests it – just a personal opinion) the holes aren’t big enough for that either.

Dena New Holland, SD


I bought these through prime to avoid a trip to a box store. I like these. They are not fast flow, which would choke my son. These are perfect for younger babies.

Olivia Rexmont, PA

Great Deal

I have cats.. and they like to get a hold of the nipples when I leave a bottle out so I need to keep buying these. They work perfect for a few different bottles I use & are in expensive!

Edwina Astoria, OR

Great slow flow

My two month old tends to chicle on the milk when to much comes out of a regular nipple this doesn’t take away the problem completely but reduces the occurrences

Millicent Orlando, FL

Great product

I like Gerber products. My son uses Gerber bottles so I have to buy gerber nipples. Fast flow works great for my 30 months-old son.

Hallie Amanda, OH

nice value

great value. i bought them for replacement nipples for the gerber essential bottles and they fit perfectly,, no leaks nice flow.. would recommend them for new borns.. great quality and durability!! perfect

Alexis Mount Pleasant, NC

Great for my Son but little loose for medela bottles

This is an good product, little loose for medela 5oz & 8oz bottles that we have. They almost dont fit the nipple rings of the medela bottles the nipples come out of the ring when my son handles them a little rough and all the milk starts pouring out. We had to use these nipples with Enfamil Nipple Rings/CapsEnfamil Slow Flow Soft Nipple, 12-Countthe only down side is these caps dont take or have any caps.But there is one big advantage of these nipples, which is they dont get stuck like other nipples. My baby is used to pinching on the nipple hard, other nipples get stuck due to vacuum and milk doesn’t pass. This one doesn’t get stuck because of the tooth inside the nipple. I wish it fit the medela bottle a little better. It is said to be good for colic babies not sure how exactly that works.I would recommend this if your kid has the same problem as mine. The only thing is that you have to be sure that it fits you bottle these are the standard ones. I think one good test is if the free standard nipples that come with those ready to feed Similac bottlesSimilac Advance Newborn, Ready to Feed, 2-Fluid Ounces (Pack of 48) (Packaging May Vary)or above mentioned enfamil nipples fit you bottles then these will fit your bottles as well.

Gayla Richland, PA

Good quality.

Good quality nipples. Silicone is not thin as the others we have tried. Price I paid is about right. My kids are not complaining.Made in USA.

Dolores South Plains, TX

Its alright

I bought it for some standard bottle i had with medium flow nipples. It left room where it leaks when the baby pulls the nipple. It probably works best with the gerber bottle. I still manage to use it next time i will try gerberBottles.

Marisol Auburn, KS

Love these

I have tried almost every nipple for my twins. These work very well with my daughter who has acid reflux. She is spiriting up less since I started unsung these nipples. I am going to order more

Kristi Canajoharie, NY

Great Deal

These are great replacement nipples for the Gerber Essential Bottles. Since the 9oz bottles come with the medium flow nipple, I need to get fast flow replacements when my baby turned about 6 months old. This was a great deal, cheaper than in the local store and since I am a Prime member free shipping.

Corine Cleveland, TN


Bought these for my newborn and I love them! It’s easy for him to intake since I bought it in slow flow. Would buy more!

Inez Eastlake, OH

Between 3 and 4 stars…

… these are pretty good. I bought them to replace medium-flow Evenflo nipples. I’d give them more stars for seeming durability and accurately described as “fast flow,” but fewer stars because the base circumference SEEMS to be smaller around than the other nipples. I get considerably more leakage around the edges than I did with the Evenflo, others. We just shake the bottles with a paper towel around the top… weird, but it does the trick alright. I’d probably buy them again if they were $1, but with the leaks, a few cents more for another brand is probably best.

Patsy Del Rio, TN