Gerber First Essential Clear View Plastic Nurser With Latex Nipple, BPA Free, Assorted Colors, 3 Pack

Gerber First Essential Clear View Plastic Nurser With Latex Nipple, BPA Free, Assorted Colors, 3 Pack

Gerber® First Essentials® 4+m Medium Bottles. New! Grips for more comfort. Helps reduce colic with vented nipple. Latex. BPA free. Assembled in USA. 3 bottles. 9 oz/270ml.

Main features

  • Durable, clear plastic
  • Latex nipples
  • Dishwashersafe/sterilizer safe
  • BPA free
  • Colors vary, you will receive blue, purple and green on this 3pk

Verified reviews


Does the job but not our favorite

Our favorite bottles are the Evenflo fashion tints – they’re also BPA free and about the same price as these. We’re not bottle snobs by any means!!!I tried these because the store had only these, no Evenflos. They seemed so similar, I thought it would be fine.We got the ones with the silicone nipples. Latex wigs me out. Who wants to taste rubber?The nipples are a little skinnier than the Evenflo ones. One baby showed some dislike for this, the other didn’t seem to care (I have twins). It wasn’t a huge deal.What I really didn’t like, though, was that these bottles seem to collapse on us. The baby will get to sucking and the bottle starts to cave in, the nipple collapses, you have to pull the bottle out and let it puff back up. Maybe it’s because they don’t vent as well as the Evenflos or maybe because the plastic is thinner – the Evenflos feel sturdier.Basically they’re adequate but not our favorite. We use them when everything else is dirty.The price is nice, you can pump into which is nice (though I suggest the SMALLER ones for pumping) – I just don’t like how they collapse. For the same price get Evenflo in the bpa free – you’ll be happier. If this is all you can find, though, it’ll do.

Delia Luna Pier, MI

Great Value. Great Product.

I have tried so many expensive bottles…and I always go back to these. The nipple flow is perfect. The rings and nipples are interchangeable with the Medulla bottles. They are NOT attractive…but they do the job better than most of the expensive bottles, which is most important. My daughter actually spit up less when I used the gerber nipples (better flow/age appropriate) . I am not convinced that any bottle causes less gas/colic symptoms… babies have an immature intestinal tract anyway, so there will be some gas and fussiness.

Kelsey Huntingtown, MD


My son isn’t on the bottle anymore and hasn’t been for a while but when he was a baby, his father and I tried everything (he was gassy) from fancy vent air bottles with a hundred little pieces and high price tag to.. these, which I will be honest, I was not hopeful of. They look pretty generic and simple but the best part is that they are SIMPLE! Maybe there aren’t any funny shapes or special parts but my son didn’t get gas bubbles from these bottles.They were easy to use, clean, and put together for quick feedings. If I ever had to bottle feed another infant, these bottles would be my first choice!

Alma Williamstown, KY

affordable and vented nipple

My baby got used to the ready to serve dispossable nipples that come with the formula, and it is nearly imposible to find bottles that have the same tipe of nipple that are not the clear hard plastic (silicon). I was pleasantly surprised that the nipple has a vent so the baby does not loose sucktion or eats air. Great value, and the bottle is very light weight (if trown empty, it won’t break stuff).

Samantha Dowling, MI

Decent, functional, practical

Good set of bottles. No leaks so far. Easy to wash/rinse and dry.A deal for busy moms and those who dislike washing too many parts.The durable plastic body is lightweight and break-free. BPA free too.

Sarah Riverton, NE

Five Stars

Simple, cheap and they work . Less cleaning than dr browns bottles.

Lolita Fernwood, ID

Sometimes, the simplest product gets the job done best

My son prefers these bottles to anything else we’ve tried, including Vent-Aire and various glass bottles. They are simply problem-free, with no dripping or leakage, and a very comfortable nipple (according to our son). Don’t let the simple, no-fuss design deter you; not only do these prevent gas as well as the fancier bottles, but they have fewer parts and are a snap to clean! No more valves, tubes, etc. cluttering up the dishwasher. At $1 a piece, we don’t worry about losing or damaging them. Sometimes, cheap and simple works just fine and saves parents a lot of hassle.

Patsy Ucon, ID

Nice bottle size

I like the size of the bottle. I just don’t like the nipple size so we get a different brand, but the bottles are great.

Tara South Orange, NJ

My favorite bottles

These are my favorite bottles, but I could not find them in our county. Unfortunately, the day before I received them in the mail, we had to change to another kind of bottle due to the baby’s digestive system.

Yolanda Amelia, LA

For older babies

I wanted to write a review for all those new mommies like me about bottles and my experiences with each of the ones I tried. First, my hubby thinks I am a hoarder of bottles. If there were a competition to put together baby bottles and all their different parts I think I would win. I have tried Gerber, Platex, Avent and Dr. Browns.Gerber: These were the cheapest of all that I tried. You can find them on Amazon (9 bottles just costing under $10). The ring and nipples go great with the ready to use formula that they give babies at the hospital.They function well but I did notice that these bottles cause air bubbles in the formula when my daughter uses them. Perfect nipple speed though and I liked the bottles because there is little amounts of formula dribbling out the side of my daughter’s mouth and not a whole lot like other bottles. This means she was not soaked at the end of her feeding and less chances of a rash to occur on her chin/neck.I really like how the 9 oz. bottles come with medium nipples, so if you use this you don’t have to rebuy new nipples. Some 8-9oz bottles come with slow nipples. I like how they give you extra room to mix formula. I will try this bottle again in the near future after my little one has less of a gas issue (6 month +). Dr. Brown’s travel caps also works great with these bottles and cheap to buy.Platex: I tried Vent Air and regular drop-ins. With the Vent air there is significantly less bubbles in the formula. However, the nipples are super slow though for slow flow. It would take my daughter twice as long to finish a bottle.I hear though that if you are breastfeeding this slow flow is better so that the babies don’t prefer the faster flow of a bottle vs. breast. Cons: the 6 oz bottles are perfect for 4 oz. feeding. The bottles are curved and hard to mix formula because it spills out. Also there is no need for a liner that saves on cost.Platex also has regular drop-in liners that are great- no bubbles in formula but I think that is rather expensive for liners ($7/ 100 liners). Even with a generic brand liner you shell out $5 per 100 liners and that’s about $10-15 a month.I also hate that 8 oz. bottles come with a slow nipple. Not sure if they just want you to spend extra on nipples. They sell 2 nipples for $4 pack- so if you have 8 bottles that is about $16. So this bottle adds up. It’s less washing though so that’s convenient.I also think it’s hard to measure the water with liners. I usually have to take another bottle and measure out the water in that and pour it into the liner.Avent: I got samples of the wide neck 4 oz. I hate and love these bottles. Hindsight, I think my daughter got a lot of gas while using them. We started her on these bottles (birth-3 months). I did read that another mom used Avent after the baby finished their gassy period (4+months) so I will be going back to try these bottles again when she is older.I bought the 8 oz. wide glass bottles and they are beautiful. Cons are, however, that so much formula dribbles out the side of my daughter’s mouth and they are really heavy.The nipples are faster than most bottles and you have to figure out when to change them. You simply can’t go by the months listed on the box. May be this wouldn’t be an issue for babies who are bigger and faster eaters. My friends who have boys tend to do really well with these bottles.Huge advantage of the 4 oz. wide neck bottles are that you can get sealing discs for cheap and they convert into the cutest baby food/ snack container. At least you can feel good about getting all your monies worth from these bottles since you can use them for a different purpose.Reviews I read also said that GERBER gentle flow is the same as Avent standard bottles. If you knew this you can buy the Gerber gentle flow nipples that are way cheaper and fit the Avent standard bottles well. I tried to look for the gentle flow bottles but they are nowhere to be found on my end.

Maribel Glyndon, MD

Not so good!

They leak really bad.

Yvette Adrian, GA

Great bottle, but hate the nipples

I bought these bottles because they are BPA-free and it comes with the latex nipples with caps. My son collapses the silicone nipples too easily so the latex ones help. However, these latex nipples are way too slow for my son (seems like a slow-flow) that he gets frustrated with them and will stop sucking. The nipples are also very small compared to the Medela or Dr. Brown nipples. The bottles are great, however…clear markings and easy to wash. A minor thing but did bother me was that the photo shown on the product page is a set of blue, purple and green bottles. However, I received a set of 1 green and 2 pinks…for my son. He did not like the nipples anyway so I ended up not using them. I put either the Medela or Dr. Brown nipples on these bottles and it fits perfectly.Overall, I highly recommend the Gerber bottles but would not recommend their nipples at all if you need a medium to fast-flow nipple.

Ivy Grayland, WA

Bottles that include latex nipples!

Finally! All of the bottles at the store include silicone nipples…so we were having to buy bottles, take the nipples off, buy replacements and put those on. I felt like i was wasting money..and nipples! I was very happy to find these bottles that include latex nipples for no extra cost!

Lidia Brashear, MO

Good sturdy bottles

these bottles are great! We used medela for the longest time and then just needed some others. These are good sturdy, lightweight and I like the BPA free. I just ordered another set as the nipples are finally starting to wear after 9 months.

Kenya Billings, MO

Good……..But you randomly get any color

Bottels are good, work as expected, however you get sent any combination of colors. I ended up with 2 pink screw top parts…..and I have a boy!!!!! So I swapped out the screw on portion with some from evenflo bottles

Zelma Empire, MI