Gerber First Essential Silicone BPA Free Nipples, Medium Flow, 6 Pack

Gerber First Essential Silicone BPA Free Nipples, Medium Flow, 6 Pack

The First Essentials® Silicone Nipple fits most standard reusable bottles. They help reduce colic with a vented nipple design. Plus, vent holes and ribs help ensure smooth flow and limit nipple collapse.

Main features

  • Helps reduce colic with vented nipple design
  • Vent holes and ribs help ensure smooth flow and help prevent nipple from collapsing
  • Fits most standard reusable bottles
  • Available in slow flow, medium flow and fast flow

Verified reviews


Not a good product…

I’ve had the same issue as the other reviewer with the problem that on some of these nipples they literally allow the milk to pour out of the bottle. My five-week-old could barely have the bottle in her mouth for one second due to the flow rate. And not only do some of these nipples have too high of a flow rate, but some of them don’t even have a hole in them. These nipples just aren’t very reliable.

Lucia Hiawatha, KS

bad fit

I am very unhappy with these. They simply did not fit any of the rings of my bottles- even the Gerbers. There was a gap that made it leak. I have them stashed in the event I get a bottle they do fit but it’s not likely to happen since I’m weaning from the bottle now- probably wil end up donating them. Don’t buy these unless you are certain the will fit your bottles.

Dona Rainbow, TX

Silicone replacements for latex originals

TheGerber First Essential Clear View BPA Free Plastic Nurser With Latex Nipple, 9 Ounce, 3 Packbottles are simple and inexpensive and I gave them a 5 star rating on the product page, however; they are LATEX nipples and I was not impressed by this one feature so to avoid giving my son the latex nipples, I purchased these in conjunction and viola — perfect bottles (even for a gassy kid!)

Cecelia Lake George, CO


I bought these to fit on my Gerber Essentials bottles, which are inexpensive, simple and work great. My 6-month-old baby boy was collapsing the slow-flow nipples and taking a long time to finish his bottles. Every time we pulled the bottle out of his mouth, he had so much suction. So, we knew it was time to move up to the medium flow. These Gerber nipples are perfect. They are a standard size and fit all standard size bottles. We have not had any issues with seal or leaks at all. They are exactly what you would expect a medium-flow silicone nipple to be – not too fast, not too slow. I think the previous reviewers who said they were way too fast must have had defective nipples. These are not too fast at all. So, I wouldn’t let that review deter you from trying them.

Paulette Simon, WV

good flow for medium flow nipple

Flow is just perfect for my 6 month old who is now impatient with slower flow nipples. These gerber bottles are great!

Charmaine Jonesburg, MO

Only one my breastfed baby likes

ONLY bottle nipples my breastfed baby girl would take. Tried using Medela, Avent and other nipples made for breastfed babies and she refuses them all; even the Similac ones that came with their supplimenting formula.This is the same ones that come with the Gerber bottles and those are the only ones she enjoy over the more expensive ones that’s designed for breastfed babies. (She still takes the breast as well as bottle too!)

Jami La Vergne, TN

work great

Switch over to these and baby ate much better cause he didn’t have to try so hard to get out the milk. Doesn’t have issues with it coming too fast either.

Teri Red Feather Lakes, CO

leaked horribly for us

We bought some of these and some of the latex, and these silicone ones leaked horribly for us. (we used them on gerber bottles)

Allene Panacea, FL

they dont fit in the first essential bottles

They dont fit in the first essentials bottle…. they leak. Completely pointless waste of money would not reccomend or buy again, I only use Nuk now

Shari New Geneva, PA

didn’t fit with other standard bottles and rings

I wasn’t able to use these because they didn’t work with the (supposedly standard size) bottles and rings that I have. Good thing they were cheap!

June Herscher, IL