Gerber First Essentials 2 Pack Natural Flex Pacifier, Colors May Vary

Gerber First Essentials 2 Pack Natural Flex Pacifier, Colors May Vary

First essentials soft center pacifiers

Main features

  • Round nipple made of soft, clear and durable latex
  • Designed for added comfort and fits in baby’s mouth in any position
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: red, green or blue

Verified reviews


Perfect for little learning hands.

These Binki’s are great for breast fed babies. My picky LO wouldn’t take anypaci more than once or twice berfore we found these gems. Now she still doesn’t take them with any regulaity or predictability but she will take them and that works fine for us! Plus this is the only paci we found that at 4.5 mos she was able to manipulate and get in her mouth in her own. Now at 6.5 months she is a pro at getting her own binky

Violet Belvidere, NJ

Everybody seems to love these, Except for my baby…

Since the very beginning, my baby has had a difficult time keeping pacifiers in his mouth. We have tried many different kinds, including this one, and I truly think this was the worst one for my baby. He wouldn’t even suck on it because of how different it really is. The nipple is extremely small and confuses him. This may be because he was breast-fed for some time and switched to the Playtex Drop-In system… The nipples on those bottles are very big, but comfortable for my baby. Overall, this product did not work for us. Since the time we tried these, we have found that he is able to keep the pacifier in his mouth for extended periods of time with the MAM pacifiers, which I do recommend. Hope this helps!

Teri Suwannee, FL

Didn’t fool my breastfed baby

These pacifiers are nice quality and gender neutral, although maybe the blue and green are on the boyish side for little girls. It’s nice that I can rinse the entire pacifier and there is no place for water to get trapped. Being round, there is no right or wrong way to put it in baby’s mouth, but I kind of prefer a contour at the top for baby’s nose.The "natural flex" intrigued me and seemed very clever. However, I bought them along with many others trying to find a binky that my exclusively breastfed boy would like. They did not work, none of the pacifiers did. So maybe that’s just him and he wouldn’t have taken anything. I waited awhile before trying to give him any dummies because I wanted to make sure that my supply of milk came in and that he wasn’t hungry or needing mama’s comfort, maybe I should have introduced one a bit sooner. So, while there is nothing wrong with these binkies, they are not the unicorn I was looking for.

Lori Birmingham, IA

natural flex pacifiers

These are so nice! I love the design and how they really seem to mimic the nipple. I got a two pack someone had bought me on my registry, and I turned right around and bought another two pack!

Dorthy Eastsound, WA

happy mom

The lactation specialist at the hospital where we delivered our son recommended these pacifiers. We had tried one of her other recommendations without any success and our little guy loved these- for about a week. The product itself was great, our baby is just particular and not very interested in pacifiers at all. I love the design, the bar across the exterior of the pacifier makes it extremely easy to attach a pacifier keeper to it. I’d recommend it to my friends.

Edna Healy, KS

Great pacifier

Great product but my son wasn’t into them. I think we introduced them too late but it mimics breastfeeding very well. Best pacifier I’ve seen out there.

Lacy Wainwright, AK