Gerber First Essentials Clearview Bottles with Silicone Nipple in Green and Blue, 9-Ounce, 9 Count

Gerber First Essentials Clearview Bottles with Silicone Nipple in Green and Blue, 9-Ounce, 9 Count

Gerber First Essentials Clearview Bottles have a vented nipple design that helps reduce colic by limiting the amount of air your baby swallows. These 9-ounce bottles come in a pack of (9) and are specially designed to prevent nipple collapse and leaking. The leak-proof hoods come in assorted boy colors and are topped with silicone nipples. These bottles are also BPA-free and fit most breast pumps. The NUK family of brands designs safe and fun products that encourage your baby’s development. NUK is committed to nurturing your children’s healthy transitions from birth to toddler and has worked for over 50 years to design high quality, innovative products that are scientifically proven to support safe and healthy development.

Main features

  • Vented-nipple design reduces the amount of swallowed air to help reduce colic
  • Vent holes help prevent nipple collapse
  • Leak-proof, nipple-sealing hood
  • Fits most breast pumps
  • 9-ounce bottles come in a pack of (9) with assorted boy colors and silicone nipples

Verified reviews


do the job but leak some…

Well my son was BF until 9 months and used medela bottles. so when I cut him off I wanted to move him onto some cheaper bottles so got these. now, 2 months later they leak some which stinks when the baby is sleeping in our bed and we end up with a big puddle and have to wash freshly-washed sheets…If anyone knows of a alt nipple that fits and doesn’t leak PLEASE share!

Francine Corvallis, OR

Not so great anymore.

Ok, I’m editing this review because after a few months they all started to leak a lot, almost at the same time. Really annoying when you have two hungry babies to feed or when they try to feed themselves and you have milk dripping all over the place.They work great with the medela pump. I used to get 9oz on each breast in the mornings and these bottles did the trick. Just get a lid and put it in the fridge. For feeding though, I would say that for short term use, such as traveling or to put in the diaper bag they are ok. But if you are planning on using them all the time then get a better bottle.This was my first review:-These bottles are great. They are really basic. I like the shape, tall and thin, which makes it easier to put in a diaper bag. We have the Avent, Evenflo (glass), and Tommy Tipee. Avent and these are by far our favorites. The price makes the product a fantastic purchase. We are soon going to grandma’s for a short trip and I ordered a set so we don’t have to bring bottles with us. If they weren’t so cheap we probably wouldn’t do that.

Nancy Warner Springs, CA


These were not even on my baby registry but a family member purchased a set of the smaller 5 oz. bottles for me. When our little one came home from the hospital the First Essentials were his favorite bottle. We took some of the nipples that they give you in the hospital for the ready made similac bottles (at the advice of another mom) and those nipples, which he had gotten used to while we were in the hospital, actually fit onto the First Essential bottles… we couldn’t have asked for an easier transition from the ready made bottles to an actual bottle. He still uses them at almost 4 months old… we’re just using the larger 9 oz ones now of course. The price of these bottles is so great that we were able to buy two sets for our babysitter to keep permanently at her house and one set for my in-laws to keep at their house.

Mamie Enterprise, LA

Good bottles

I switched to these bottles once my son reached 6 months. I use to use the platex bag style. I switched because I was sick of shelling out extra money for the bags. Now my son is done with the gassy stage and doesnt need the extra help in that department. These bottles are nothing fancy just your regular bottle. They work well with no leaking. I wash them in the dishwasher and they hold up great. we have been using them for about a month.

Patricia Lapaz, IN

Great bottles at a great price

These bottles are just what we have been looking for. Our son prefers smaller “soothie” type pacifiers and bottles, and these are working out great. While breastfeeding him, we used playtex drop ins as well as the new similac bottles. Now that he no longer chooses to nurse, I’m not as concerned about nipple confusion so these are working great. They occasionally leak, and if the cap is on too tight he gets frustrated until I loosen it, but these are all traits of ANY bottles. We have tried them all and these are cheap, easy to clean (dishwasher top rack), and MADE IN USA which makes me feel good about where they came from. Also, the medium flow nipple is perfect for him- he is 6 months old and gets frustrated with slower flow nipples (also why he isn’t a fan of nursing anymore!). Every baby is different, but these are worth a shot- at this price what do you have to lose?

Glenna Inman, NE

Simple Bottles Are The Best Bottles

Being a first time mom I spent months before my LO was born trying to decide what bottles to buy just in case breast feeding didn’t go as I had planned. I bout several different "special, no air, no bubbles, etc" bottles that cost a lot more than these. After maybe 2 weeks of breast feeding I ran out of milk, those special bottles I wasted time and money on all looked like they could keep air out but ended up having him taking more air in because their thought of making the bottles more realistic to act as a breast or be formed like one is not a good idea at all. There will never be a bottle that can replace your breast, I see that now. I have bought the most expensive and least expensive, the closer it gets to seeming perfect it ended up being worst. These bottles worked the best, believe it or not out of all the bottles he gets little to no air with this one only!! His lips can go completely around the top and the suction power he can get by latching on to the small nipples allows him to avoid any gaps that cause him to suck in air like the bigger more complicated nipples to mimic real breastfeeding. Love it & at 8 months he is still using them, moving on to sippy cups now.

Katie Douglassville, TX

Light… and it works

Alot of moms told me to get Born Free Bottles or Doctor BRown bottles but honestly these bottles work great! I only subtract a star for the crappy nipples that comes with them, but other than that my son likes these bottles because he can easily hold on to them. Other bottles seem so bulky and fat. You can use the Evenflo nipples or Doctor brown nipples on these bottles and its great. 🙂 Cant complain much for the price.

Meredith Pelican, LA

I miss the 5oz latex nipples

I was given a set of the 5oz bottles and loved them. My daughter was premature and has down syndrom so the small latex nips were perfect, ordered these bc she is eating more now but the nips are bigger and silicone so much firmer 🙁 might order more 5oz bottles just to use those nips on these 9oz bottles

Tamera Frenchtown, MT

te greatest bottles for babies

i spend a lot buying Dr. Browns bottles but none compare to this bottles, better flow, adaptable color nipples and my baby loves it. my wife burns all Dr. Browns bottles and we keep with these, highly recommended

Erma Marbury, AL

great buy

i read some of the reviews on this product and alot of people said that they leak. i ignored them and i bought the product anyway because i thought its a great buy. THEY DONT LEAK. they are good the dont leak milk and i use them EVERYDAY they are great! good buy

Melinda Marion, IA

Inexpensive Convenience

My daughter loves these bottles. They are easy for her to hold, and do offer enough room for up to 10 ounces of liquid. The cap is difficult to wash, and it does tend to shred my sponge, but you can avoid that by using a dishwasher. Otherwise, it’s a minor inconvenience for the price. I actually use a different nipple than the one offered here. They are standard bottles, so you can fit just about any nipple you need. My daughter drinks Pediausre, and it’s incredibly thick. So I always buy the “Nuby 2-Pack Soft Sipper Replacement Spout”. It’s basically the shape of a sippy cup, put into a bottle. No more frustration of drinking thicker liquids. It also makes transitioning to a sippy cup a breeze. I buy them right here at Amazon as well. It’s not considered a bottle nipple because of it’s shape, so she really hasn’t had a bottle nipple since about age 9 months. When she had GERD, she needed a formula that was thickened with rice starch. Her formula has always been thick. With her growing appetite and being on a budget, these bottles are the perfect solution!!!!!!!

Doreen Old Station, CA

nice bottles, nice price

My son has every expensive bottle in the world, as well as these. These were bought because he was never a gassy baby, and i needed something to leave at daycare, as well as traveling- and was worried about ruining my expensive ones, leaving them behind etc.Turned out, i had to go get more of these because they are his favorite bottle.They are light but sturdy , dont leak and easily compact to travel with. They are great in the dishwasher and i love the extra ounce provided.finally a nice bottle, without breaking the bank.

Christy Cedarville, AR

love them.

got these cause my baby girl loved the 5oz bottles and is currently drinking the 5 oz most of the time already got these to be prepared for when she moves up to 6oz.

Alyce Montpelier, OH

Great product

I love this bottles. these bottles not spilled milk like others (evenflo, at least those what I bougth). Easy to wash. These bottles does not get tint from carrot or orange juice. It is made well plastic. recommend it.

Hazel Cazadero, CA

bpa free, fits Dr. brown caps

I got these when my daughter was older and drank more than 4 oz each feeding. I used Dr. Brown system instead (cap, tube, nipple) because Dr. Brown didn’t have bpa free bottle yet. Good value for bpa free bottles. Really saved me as I almost had to buy the glass Dr. Brown.

Allie Bloomingdale, MI


The bottles are wonderful! They are cheap, easy to clean and work just as well as more expensive bottles! Plus you can buy varied flow nipples so you don’t have to buy new bottles!

Alba Monterey, MA

Works great and so far has lasted.

We bought these over 3 months ago and always wash them in the dishwasher. They still do not leak or crack so I approve.

Joy Seth, WV

So happy we found bottles and nipples my baby liked that didn’t cost a fortune!

First off, let me say that I was bummed that breastfeeding didn’t work out for me. Switching to bottles was a whole new area for us as we weren’t prepared. In the hospital, the staff provided us with narrow neck disposable bottles of ready made formula. We found that the narrow neck design leaked MUCH LESS if not at all over the wide neck, in style ones. We bought one wide neck Avent one to see if that would be better. My son’s face was covered in formula from that experiment!So, I bought these bottles for the BOTTLES themselves. Keep the bottle and the nipple rings. THROW THE LATEX NIPPLES THEY COME WITH AWAY. They are useless. Try a package of the NUK Silicone Orthodontic Nipples (also on Amazon). They fit perfectly, don’t leak at all, and have their own airflow system so less spit up and gas. And they are reasonably priced.Or you can buy five 12 dollar fancy bottles (usually need 5 in a day by 3 months of age)… but I’d rather save that money and buy more fun things for my little one.

Chasity Chillicothe, IL

Affordable and functional

I purchased these bottles because I was getting fed up with all the small pieces of the other bottles we’ve tried, and so I wanted something cheap and simple. These were a perfect choice! I was very surprised at the low cost. I gave this product 4 stars out of 5 only because there was no option to purchase them with fast flow nipples. They came with medium flow nipples and I had to wait an extra week to get the nipples. I also felt like it was wasteful because we simply don’t have any use for the medium flow nipples, as I bought these for my son when he was around 9 months old. That was a bit of a pain, but still worth it. I wish I’d bought these bottles to begin with. I could have saved a lot of time and money!

Diann Benton, KS

First Essential Silicone Bottle, 9 Ounce, Pack of 3 (9 Count), Colors May…

First Essential Silicone Bottle, 9 Ounce, Pack of 3 (9 Count), Colors May…Calidad del producto excelente.Costo del producto acorde la calidad,Tiempo de entrega conforme lo establecido.Embalaje conforme el producto.Recomendado para los bebes de la casa, por excelente calidad, economía y utilidad

Angelique Saint Johnsville, NY

Inexpensive and great for picky or small babies but leak

A great bottle to transition from the hospital disposables but they don’t last long. Luckily they are cheap and if yoyo have a picky baby they are worth replacing but plan on buying a bunch because you will go through them pretty quickly. I hand washed all bottles and was lucky to have them last about a month.

Hope Paulding, MS

Great product, fantastic price

I have used 7 different types of baby bottles for two small children, this is the BEST bottle! This is the cheapest, best bottle. It doesn’t leak, the kids like them, they are easy to hold and clean, great nipple, in short best bottle on the market don’t waste your money on anything else!

Yvonne Glouster, OH


They work great! Nipples are 2nd stage. The smaller bottles come with 1st stage nipples. Super easy to clean. There are no bottoms to take apart and clean. The extra 9th ounce is perfect for mixing the formula and water together. Most bottles are 8 ounce, and there is no room to shake the formula and water together. I also love the bright colors, they are brighter in real life than the picture shows.

Tiffany Kiana, AK

Love it

Love the bottle. They are light weight so my twins have no issues feeding themselves with these bottle. I was a little worried since these bottles are longer than most bottles.

Ethel Vista, MO