Gerber First Essentials Soft Center Latex Pacifier in Assorted Colors, 0-6 Months

Gerber First Essentials Soft Center Latex Pacifier in Assorted Colors, 0-6 Months

Gerber First Essentials Latex Pacifiers are suitable for babies 0-6 months old and come in assorted colors (white, blue and pink). This pacifier set is perfect for your boy or girl and features three air holes for better airflow to prevent rash and skin irritation. These pacifiers belong to one of the best selling pacifier brands in the US and will soothe and comfort your baby so Mom can sleep. The soft center is safe for baby to chew and suck on and prevents thumb sucking. The guard is concave so it stays off baby’s face. The NUK family of brands designs safe and fun products that encourage your baby’s development. NUK is committed to nurturing your children’s healthy transitions from birth to toddler and has worked for over 50 years to design high quality, innovative products that are scientifically proven to support safe and healthy development. Visit for all your baby and toddler needs.

Main features

  • Gerber First Essentials latex pacifier soothes and calms baby
  • Round nipple made of soft, clear and durable latex
  • Air holes for better airflow to prevent rash and skin irritation
  • Suitable for 0-6 months
  • Includes 2 pacifiers in assorted colors (white, blue and pink)

Verified reviews


Colors may vary?

My son never used these…since he is a boy and the ones I received were pink…so I can’t attest to whether he liked them or not.Maybe it’s just me, but colors may vary just doesn’t fly with baby stuff unless all the colors are neutral.

Sheila Milwaukee, WI

Baby hates it

I have no complain about the product…but the baby just do not like it…she takes any pacifier bu not this one… donno why..

Jennifer Midland, TX

Great pacifier but too addictive

My 17 month old son loves this pacifier – however – the problem is that it is addictive! Babies love it so they don’t want to be separate from it and he is contstantly asking for it. It was the first pacifier he was introduced to so her will not take any other pacifier. This is a huge headache because its very hard to find them in some stores and when we lost it while on vacation we had a very very hard day. Even though it is the best pacifier and the most satisfying for children I will NOT buy it again for my future kids because its so hard to find them and different from other pacifiers so if your child likes this one they won’t take any other.

Katharine Gordon, PA

Great Pacifiers!

Took one star off immediately even though I knew I could not pick colors. Amazon could fix this if they wished. I ordered two sets hoping to get one neutral color for my son. I got yellow and pink. The quality is good. I will say we bought these for 2.99 and then saw them in our local Wal Mart for 2.78 in pink, blue, and yellow. Still a good price here you may want to check your local Wal Mart though if you’re concerned about colors.

Leah Belfry, KY

this was the perfect pacifier for my baby and the only one she …

this was the perfect pacifier for my baby and the only one she could stand after trying more than 10 types.

Mara New Auburn, WI

i like them but my baby doesnt

I gave these 5 stars because they are soft and well designed. However my baby doesn’t like them but it is my own fault for not reinforcing the pacifier soon enough so I bought these to try them, hoping that my baby would magically take it. It might work for your baby, go ahead and buy it and they are very affordable.

Janell Carr, CO

Highly recommended – even for a breastfed newborn.

My baby loves this pacifier! We are exclusively breastfeeding (second baby) and I was looking for something that the baby would take. I didn’t want to introduce the pacifier too early, but broke down and gave him this one at 3 weeks, and we haven’t had any trouble with "nipple confusion." (I put it in parenthesis because some are questioning its existence.. 😉 In any case, these pacifiers look "old fashioned" but they’re actually very nice with a natural-shaped (not orthodontic) nipple. They do not contour to the baby’s lips and cheeks at all (which avoids red marks and rashes!) but stay in much better than the soothies, which babies often have trouble keeping in. All in all, highly recommended, especially for a breastfed baby!

Julia Leslie, MO

Nice but little one refuses it

The paci seems nice. Shaped more like a bulb and less like the orthodontic ones. My little one refused to use this paci, but he is very particular when it comes to these.

Roberta Utica, PA


My son is breastfeeding and adapted to these nipples perfectly to sooth without any issues with nipple confusion. Very happy mom & baby!

Angelia Troy, IN

Great for my 8 month old (and beyond!)

Let me first say that I didn’t buy our pacifiers from Amazon, so I haven’t had any problems with colors or anything.This pacifier is my son’s favorite. Now that he is old enough that this paci fits in his mouth, he loves the bulbous shape of the nipple. He can hold it in his mouth easily, and it doesn’t seem to bother his sore gums, now that he is teething badly. With the more narrow base, he can compress the nipple inside his mouth without putting a lot of pressure on his gums. The large round base makes it easy for him to manipulate on his own, and it doesn’t make any goofy imprints on his face.Update:My twins are now 18 months old, and not only does my passi-loving boy still adore this pacifier, now his typically thumb-sucking brother likes to walk around with one of these pacifiers in his mouth, too. We have tried other pacifiers, because these particular ones are becoming difficult for me to find at my local store. My boy didn’t like any of them. Only this one will do. We did have to look over all of the “bulb” portions of the pacis, to check for wear, so some of our older ones had to be thrown out. It’s not a mark against the product though, since my boys have plenty of teeth, and like to bite and pull on these.

Keisha Lake, MS

Close to old vintage pacifiers… used for doll displays.

Used for dolls, and these are as close to the vintage version that was very similar as I can find 🙂

Felecia Noti, OR

Only pacifier my daughter likes.

First try I bought her pacifiers, I bought these at the grocery store and ever since she will spit out or throw any other pacifiers, but these. More than half the time she’ll go right to sleep when I give her her pacifier or she’ll calm down. I don’t give a crap about color because its not like my daughter cares right now anyways, as long as these do their job and help my daughter stay calm or go to sleep is ALL I care about.

Gale Grand Chain, IL


My daughter has been taking these since she was born, shes now almost three and I just cant get rid of them like I wanted to. The nipples are round and wont start messing up on you after all that chewing and sucking.

Lela Jacksonboro, SC

Picture differs slightly

I received 2 packages as ordered and on time. One pack was blue and one was pink. The pacis differ slightly from the photo. Not sure if it makes a difference, but the ones I received the rubber part is pulled through and clamped under the paci. These seem to expel water from inside the nipple easier, which is good. Because I have had some that looked like the one pictured and it is difficult to clear the water after washing. Then baby makes a squishing noise when sucking and makes it hard for him to sleep. My lactation consultant recommended these originally because the angled tip ones can cause tongue thrusting and we were having issues. These tend to help baby get his tongue under the bulb. This is the second time I ordered from here and received the same style. Last time I got two packages of pink. I have a boy. But it is okay, as we use these for sleep at home only. Since these are so hard to find retail (only at Wall***t)and often out of stock, we have been using a similar shaped paci from avent? I think on outings. I wanted to get him used to a different type in case we ran into a situation where we couldn’t find this paci. Overall I am happy with the product and the shipper (preferred mart), I just wish we could pick our color or they sent neutral colors.

Katy Harlowton, MT

Baby liked these

I had problems with my baby not taking a pacifier. I tried to give him every single kind & he hated them all until I came across these. He took them right away & after taking these for about 2 months he know takes other pacifiers but these are definitely his favorite.

Alberta Mohawk, MI

Do not buy if you have a boy.

I should have read the reviews 🙁 REALLY need a choice of colors on this product so everyone doesn’t end up with pink. Lots of unhappy customers with boys.

Audra Milton, IL

Teat is huge!

My baby kept on gagging on these. The teat is very big! Not impressed with these pacifiers at all. Don’t buy!

Cassandra Parade, SD