Gerber Flannel Burp/Diaper, Cupcake, 4-Count

Gerber Flannel Burp/Diaper, Cupcake, 4-Count

Gerber brushed flannel burp cloths are essential when feeding baby. Made of 100% brushed cotton flannel and have finished edges to prevent fraying. Moms will love the convenience of keeping these at home and in the diaper bag for when out and about with baby during the day. 4 count assorted prints. Great item for gift giving.

Main features

  • Made of 100% brushed cotton flannel
  • Burp cloths are essential when feeding baby
  • 4 pack assorted prints
  • Machine wash

Verified reviews



I was gifted several different types of burp cloths, and I wasn’t really satisfied with any of them. So, I started looking around for different options and decided to try these. So glad I did! They’re the perfect size – a little larger than the others I’ve tried, so they cover my entire shoulder while I’m burping my son and I don’t have to worry about him missing the mark. The fabric is quality and very absorbent, and the prints are just adorable. Definitely love them, and will be buying a couple more packs now that I know how nice they are.

Enid Model City, NY

Great product but too small 🙁

These are really nice and very soft as well. I totally love them and the baby too I just so wish they were bigger. They are really small compare to the normal flannel which leaves u at a disadvantage. I just use for diaper change or to have the little man when it’s hot.

Dorothea Port Wing, WI

A great purchase!

Having a little one that spits up means lots of laundry and lots of burp cloths. These are a cute design and hold a lot of spit up, but aren’t the most absorbent. They hold up well wash after wash and make a great gift for an expectant mother.

Merle Milton, KS

Just ok

Not really soft at all or absorbent multiple feeding if you had a spit up. The colors are cut and it does the job.. briefly.Also when I got them I had to wash right away (would’ve anyway) cause it looked like they’d been dropped and trampled before packaging.

Concepcion Union Furnace, OH

Thick, reliable, soft and cute!

These are thick and reliable, yet soft for the baby’s face. I use cloth diapers for burp cloths mostly (you can get a large pack online for much less) but these are adorable and I use them when we are going out for "fashion" 🙂

Judith El Indio, TX


I prefer these burp clothes over many others. For starters, they are larger than most burp clothes and when you have reflux babies who puke everywhere that is important. Secondly, the flannel is way more absorbent than other clothes where sometimes the spitup just runs down the cloth instead of soaking in.

Sofia Flippin, AR

Love, love, love these!!!

I’ve tried many other brands, but these (along with the Gerber cotton burp cloths), are simply the best on the market by far.Great size, great construction, great value and fun prints/colors.Don’t be swayed by the swanky high end products – remember, this is for your infant to spit up on, not wear as a fashion statement.

Amy Anaconda, MT

fantastic size, easy to fold, great price for quality

These are larger than other dinky burp cloths, which is great because the spit-up actually lands on the cloth! These are great and last a long time. I wish they were softer (to wipe baby’s face with) but they are just fine.

Ava New Glarus, WI

Thick, Great Quality

These are thicker and bigger than most other burp cloths we have. My 3 week old baby spits up a LOT, and these have been the best at keeping the mess off my shirt after feeding him.

Libby Addy, WA

Mediocre burp cloths

My daughter spits up a lot and I read several reviews these were great burp cloths. I don’t agree. They just smear the spit up but don’t really absorb much. If she spits up a lot, it just runs off these cloths and onto my cloths. The patterns are cute but I rather use a different product for burping.NOT recommended for diapering based on my experience.

Viola Bloomdale, OH

Best burp cloths

These flannel burp cloths are by far the best ones you can buy! Having a baby who spits up in large quantities but hardly stays still, we needed larger, more absorbent burp cloths. None of the others even compare. When they went on clearance at Target i bought myself three more packages and bought these ones for a friend who recently found she was expecting!

Therese Mancos, CO

Thick, soft and sturdy

I’ve had these burp cloths for about 6 months, with a baby with acid reflux, so they’ve gotten plenty of use. They have stayed soft through many, many washings, and they haven’t frayed at all. They are a little bigger and thicker than most burp cloths.

Debbie Murchison, TX


Love these burp cloths. They are large, thick, soft and absorbent. I think they are comparable to the Gerber cloth diapers (I was given some with prints on them) I love those too!

Betsy Plainville, KS

Best burp rags!

I received some of these burp rags at my baby shower and ending up buying more after my daughter was born. They are the best out of the ones I have gotten so far. They are very soft and absorbent.

Maryanne Cavendish, VT

Good product

These are for spitting on. I can’t image that they are great for anything else. Not something people think to get right away when a baby is on the way.

Lorraine Cotulla, TX

) I think I’d recommend buying extra cloth diapers or some dish towels instead

Too small to be helpful for us and they weren’t absorbent–but our baby didn’t spit up a lot, and when she did–we needed a lot more than a tiny piece of flannel. (When she spit up, she spit up a lot.) I think I’d recommend buying extra cloth diapers or some dish towels instead. The patterns on the cloth were cute, though.

Lakeisha Holland, MA

cute colors

great and thick quality. It can be used for both girls and boys. I can’t wait to use it for my little boy.

Lolita Oquossoc, ME

Gerber Flannel Burp/Diaper, Ducks, 4-Count

satisfactory, good fabric and good combo for the price the color is nice and easy to wash fulfill its function well can take advantage of good prices offered by the brand

Kimberly Draper, VA

my favorite burpcloth, great gender neutral design

I love the size of these burp cloths. Makes great coverage for both of my big spit up kids. Plus the more you wash them the softer they get. A must have on my baby shower list & this gender neutral print is adorable!

Aimee Queen Creek, AZ

Great burp cloths, a tad small.

I gave these a 4 star for size. They are TINY, and sometimes you need that long, over the shoulder cloth to catch spit up and clean things up, etc…These go over the shoulder, but barely. So if you’re looking for long burp cloths, these are not it. Otherwise, material is nice, patterns are cute and hey, it’s always useful to have extra cloths around the house cause baby requires so much clean up! They always come in handy.

Gretchen Marion, LA

Great size, durable, and cute!

These burp cloths are a great size for my big spitter, and they are soft and absorbent. I also love the adorable patterns and colors. We call her our "little cupcake," so the cupcake theme is perfect!

Mandy Mineville, NY

can’t have too many!!!

perfect for feeding and burping, using as changing mat or under baby. great quality, washes well, and fun patterns, we use them all the time.

Michele Lakewood, IL