Gerber Flannel Receiving Blanket, 5 Pack, Neutral

Gerber Flannel Receiving Blanket, 5 Pack, Neutral

Gerber five pack flannel receiving blankets are perfect for swaddling your newborn to keep baby cozy and warm. The flannel receiving blankets are made of 100% cotton flannel for extra softness next to baby’s tender skin. The finishes edges prevent fraying when washing and drying. The 30″ by 30″ blankets are available in adorable prints.

Main features

  • Made of 100% cotton flannel for extra softness next to baby’s tender skin
  • Easy care: machine wash and dry
  • Finished edges to prevent fraying when washing and drying
  • Available in adorable prints
  • Size 30″x30″

Verified reviews


Good for more than just baby’s

I don’t have a baby but I have have bought several of these packs of baby blankets because I use them to line the bottom of my large rat cage. Rats love to cuddle as much as my daughter did when she was a newborn baby and I knew these baby blankets would be soft and they would use them to sleep in and on and they are doing just that.They are easy to clean when they get dirty and inexpensive enough to replace when my rats chew too many holes in them to be of any use.

Bobby Lincoln, DE

Too Small to be useful

I bought these to use as swaddling blankets and after I washed them once they were too small to swaddle a newborn for more than a week or two. We use them now as extras for the car. I cut the rest up to use as cloth diaper wipes. They work better as cloth wipes than they do as blankets. So much of our Gerber stuff shrunk after one wash that I haven’t bought any more Gerber blankets, onesies, etc.

Ines Bonsall, CA

Wish I had bought more!

I bought these at the last minute before my baby was born. When we brought her home, these were used more than anything! We use them as swaddling blankets and burp cloths. They’re soft, thin, and come in handy for everything. I will be ordering more!

Jo Belle Chasse, LA

Good, basic blankets

Cute patterns and decent quality for the price. Material is not super-heavy (is thin flannel cotton) but would be OK for late spring/summer/ early fall. These blankets are square (so are not good choice if you want to use to swaddle your baby, a rectangle shape is a better choice).

Michael West Union, OH

could be softer and larger

We used these when our baby were under 1 months old to swaddle the baby. They get stiff & winkled after a few washes and since they are not very big, other than using them as changing pad tops, we haven’t had much of other use for them…

Mavis Putnam Hall, FL