Gerber Graduate BPA Free 2 Pack Fun Grips Spill Proof Cup, 7 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Gerber Graduate BPA Free 2 Pack Fun Grips Spill Proof Cup, 7 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Start your baby’s path toward independent drinking with the Fun Grips® Trainer Cup. It promotes an easy transition from bottle to cup and features a soft spout that’s gentle for sensitive gums and teeth. Its easy-grip handles are sized just right for little hands and its hourglass shape prevents tipping! The cup features Seal Zone® Technology, a unique closing system that ensures its 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, and break-proof, guaranteed. Plus, you never have to worry about cup mix-ups with the personalization area for your little one’s name. All Gerber® Graduates® cups help support healthy motor skill development to foster happy, healthy kids every sip of the way!

Main features

  • Promotes easy transition from bottle to cup
  • Soft spout gentle on sensitive gums and teeth
  • Easy-grip handles sized just right for little hands
  • Seal Zone(TM) Technology – 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, break-proof, guaranteed
  • Personalization area for child’s name

Verified reviews


Worked for about a month now LEAKS EVERYWHERE!

I have like 6 of these cups because they were one of the only cups my son would use. THEY SUCK! They leak everywhere out of the side! it is like a constant drip and when monkey bangs them then the valve comes loose and we have an even bigger mess. Very disappointing. Hope I can find a great cup.

Maggie Pickens, MS

Not a great buy

I dont really like this item because of the stopper inside. The piece that’s supposed to allow liquid through when your child sucks on the cup is too firm and my 1 year old cannot get anything to come out. Sure its spill proof….. because you can’t even suck the liquid out of this cup. Never fear…. your never gonna spill any liquid with this cup, cause you can’t get it out!!!!

Renee Milligan, FL

The cup that ended bottle dependence

We were trying to transition our daughter to sippy cups and we were having some difficulty. We were able to get her to start using the soft spout cups for water, but milk she would still only take from a bottle. Maybe it was just time, or maybe there was something to these cups, but now she drinks milk solely out of these.Pros:- They are a nice size for little hands to manage. Now at 16 months she is able to use the largerGerber Graduates BPA Free 2 Pack Fun Grips spill Proof Cup, 10 Ounce, Colors May Varyones as well, but when we first started transitioning, the bigger ones were too awkward for her to maneuver.- It’s nice that the lids and valves are all interchangeable between the 7 and 10 ounce models. Organization has not been our strong suit since the baby came, so it’s nice not to have to worry about finding the “right one.”- Everything cleans easy in the dishwasher, we just place the valves in thisMunchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket, Colors May Varyand have had no problems.- They have lived up to their spill proof name, as well as proven rather sturdy. My daughter still likes to toss these to the floor, though with less regularity at least. Despite all the impact to the hardwood floors, they have held up to the abuse and continue to not leak or spill.- The cups have little ounce markers on the side so you know how much liquid you put in the cup and/or was consumed.We liked these so much, we bought two more sets of them.

Ashley Nekoosa, WI

Thanks again Gerber!

These are exactly as described and just as wonderful as our other Gerber cups. We did receive the colors shown in the photo, which is fine, but I wish there was a way to choose other colors…or even as another reviewer said, boy or girl colors. However, I currently have two girls who couldn’t care less what color their cup is and a boy due in February, so it really doesn’t matter.The reality is, the cups are easy to clean if you have a cup or bottle brush, the valves do not leak, and they last longer than any other cup on the market (I have tried Playtex, Avent, Dr. Brown’s, Nuby, Munchkin, Oxo, Take and Toss, and random store brands from BRU, Target, Wal-mart, etc)…..the valves in these cups last longer than ANY other before they start to leak, usually about a year, being used 3-4 times per week.Obviously, if you have 2 cups and you’re using both of them daily, they’re going to leak faster. Sippy cup valves are made by taking a piece of silicone and cutting a slit or cross into it. When the child sucks, the slit or valve separates and liquid flows through. The more this happens, the weaker the silicone becomes, and eventually the cup leaks. These simply last longer before that happens than any other brand we have tried.Secondly, the replacement valves are only $3.03 as an Add-on item here on Amazon, so if your child has a cup they can’t part with, you can just replace the valve pretty cheaply.Last, Gerber cups come in different spout designs, shapes, stages, whatever you want to call them. This is important for us because as I said, I have a 3 year old, an 8 month old, and another baby due soon. The valves in all cups are interchangable, as are the lids, so there is no searching for the ‘right’ lid or valve. Also, my 3 year old is special needs and can only drink from certain shapes, Gerber has those shapes, so this works for us.All in all, I don’t know how you could complain.

Luella Coffeeville, AL

Best Sippies on planet

My twin boys are terrors. They can not destroy these or cause them to leak. We love these sippies! My only wish is that there was a metal and silicon version. We hate plastic, but the metal ones available are not as functional as these.

Leila Welling, OK

Great non-spill cups, easy for baby to hold, easy clean valves, good size, fits cup holders (car seat/stroller)

I tried virtually all of the non-spill sippy cups out there, from cheap to expensive. I ended up buying about 10 more of these (and the bigger ones), and tossing the rest, because:They don’t spill. Even when my toddler bangs them on his tray table/shakes them upside down, they generally do not let out the liquid (the ones with softer spouts, that are more like bottles, would spill all over if banged/pushed on).They are easy(er) to clean. I still have to take out the valve from the lid, but it’s only one plastic piece, not many.The lids and valves for the 2 sizes are interchangeable, so I don’t have to keep track of anything.My son can hold them no problem.I like the bright colors. My son likes to pick which one he wants.My only slight suggestions:Make the measurement (oz) label a bit easier to read.

Lacey Woodlawn, TX

Great but cleaning isn’t easy

The cap has grooves that no cleaning tool can reach, so I have to use a toothpick to get anything out of the small areas and then try to soak it in hot water so anything remaining doesn’t carry bacteria. Otherwise, this is a good size that my 18 month old can hold in one hand. It was a little hard for her to suck anything out past the spill saver piece so we eventually removed it and just kept an eye on her until she learned not to spill. Fits in the cup holder on the standard high chair.

Marcia Amana, IA

Hard to get last bit of milk out

These are sturdy sippy cups, but with the way they are designed, it’s impossible for my toddlers to get the last bit of milk out.

Cleo Boone, CO

Different from description

I ordered these because the description says "SOFT SPOUT easy on gums and teeth" – however these are NOT soft. These are your standard hard spout sippy cups. These are similar style to other sippy cups I have owned for the older kids so I know I will like them. Just wish the description was correct.

Josephine Collbran, CO

Simple, no nonsense sippy cup. No leaks so far!

These are great, simple sippy cups. They don’t leak and are easy to clean. Some other sippy cups are overcomplicated and leak anyway. These are cheap yet much better.

Willie Salem, KY

No leaks!

Finally switched my 14-month-old to these (after using the NUK silicone spouts with regular bottles to ease transition) and I LOVE them! Did a lot of research on which sippy cups to get and these do not disappoint. I can throw one in my purse without worrying–NO LEAKS! It does take some determination for my kid to get the liquid out, but she eventually figured it out and now has no trouble. Same goes for grasping. Just took a day or two. Did I mention no leaks?? Highly recommended!!

Greta Sandia, TX

Good cups

These cups are good. Baby learned to drink out of them at about 9-10 months. It does take a pretty strong suck to get the water out when the guard is on, but baby does it fine. My only complaint about using them with a younger baby is that the baby has a hard time holding them high enough to tip them up. A cup with handles would probably be easier for a young baby.

Ophelia Stewartsville, MO

These Really Don’t Leak!

Gerber Fun Grips are my favorite, they are easy to clean and they really are spill proof. I use this size for water and juice and the bigger ones for milk.

Marissa Bentonia, MS

Great Cups

These cups are leak proof and easy for our toddlers to hold. The size is appropriate as well.We’re pleased with this purchase.

Emilie Royal Center, IN

Good cups

My 11 month old seems to like these cups. I’m hoping that the hard spout will be a good transition to a straw in the near future. They are a good size for small hands and shaped in a way that makes it easy for little ones to hold. I haven’t noticed any spills, but we really only use this at the table, so there hasn’t been much opportunity. My child prefers cups without handles and this has been a good option for us. The valve isn’t so tight that she can’t get water out either (which, is a problem we encountered with a few other cups).

Rosella Tampa, FL

Great leak free cups

I love these cups! The size is great (slightly smaller than the normal sippy cups) – the size is especially nice for taking on a trip or just throwing in the diaper bag so water is available. Plus, they do not leak, which is a must for us! We definitely like them.

Shari Dana, NC

Great cups

Cups don’t leak (unless your child shakes it up and down really fast and hard or pounds it on the table to intentionally get liquid out…) and are easy for child to drink from.

Wilma New Haven, MI

Our favorite sippy Cup.

I dont think any sippy cups is 100% leak proof, but this comes close. A few drops leak out every now and then, but these are great quality and my son loves them.

Milagros Golden, IL

So far so good

Just remember to use the white insert and so far so good with leaks. Without the insert, oh what a mess.

Barbra Geff, IL

Doesn’t leak

My daughter loves to do everything she can to make her sippy cups leak and make a huge mess. After I opened these to test them out, the first thing she did was turn it over and start shaking it….and NO LEAKS. Hallelujah!

Roxanne Lenox, MA

They really don’t leak!

These are the only cups we’ve found that don’t leak. They’re easy to clean, easy for our toddler to hold, and the flow is fast enough for him without being TOO fast. Friends of ours with kids have marveled at the way he can drop his cup on the floor (ok, let’s be honest, THROW his cup on the floor), and it doesn’t leak. I don’t remember exactly when we got these, but it’s been several months at least and so far there is no degradation of the valve, just some staining from purple grape juice, but that’s to be expected. These are the only cups our kiddo uses now.

Violet Saint John, WA

Favorite Cups

These truly are leak-proof cups, and are a great supplement to our current larger Gerber Graduate cups. I like that they have a more narrow base and easily fit into cup holders, unlike their larger counterparts. Great sippy cups, and a favorite in this family!

Terry Arlington, CO

Five Stars

Great cups. The only ones I’ve found that truly don’t leak. Easy to clean and assemble.

Araceli Bloomington, WI


The cups work great for the babies trying to use a cup for the first time. They are easy to hold and clean and the covers stay on tightly without any droppage.

Lea Snow Lake, AR

Spill proof cup

Delivered as promised. Nice looking cup and indeed spill proof!!! Will not break if kids through away.Only given 3 stars because inside lid and the white ‘clip’ is hard to clean

Ana Somerville, VA

Great size, deceptively large

These cups are much bigger than they look – we can put an entire 8.25 oz Enfagrow drink in here. Also, since the base is smaller, it fits in all traditional cup holders. I buy only Gerber Graduates/NUK for Gerber Grads cups now since all the lids and parts are interchangeable. That really comes in handy! We’ve never had a leak issue as long as you place the white guard in securely enough. Sometimes my daughter bangs them hard enough to knock it out, but that’s an easy fix.

Elaine Marquette, KS

Awesome sippys

Love these sippys. They’re easy to clean, easy to sip from, and they don’t leak. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Joy Hartford, KY

Does the job

This cup hasn’t spilled on us, is easy to clean, is easy for my 17-month-old to grip, and fits easily in cup holders. Would certainly buy again.

Hilary Spencer, VA

Good Cup but too small!

I wish these cups were 9 or 10 ounces, 7 ounces is neither here nor there. Also, the plastic feels a little cheap – they are holding up fine but it makes me nervous that chemicals might leach out when warmed.

Lillian Colgate, WI

Gets the job done, but not easily

It’s a sippy. This isn’t rocket science. The only thing I don’t like about these are the lack of an air-intake. My son will drink from this but every 4-5 sips i have to pull it out of his mouth (which he is NOT a fan of) to let air back into the sippy so he doesn’t break a blood vessel in his mouth from sucking so hard. I would recommend finding a sippy with more than just the holes on the mouthpiece to save the headache.

Josefa Oregon House, CA