Gerber Graduates BPA Free 2 Pack Fun Grips Soft Starter Spill Proof Cup 2 Handle, 6 Ounce, Horizontal, Colors May Vary

Gerber Graduates BPA Free 2 Pack Fun Grips Soft Starter Spill Proof Cup 2 Handle, 6 Ounce, Horizontal, Colors May Vary

Graduates fun grips soft starter spill proof cup has an extra soft spout that helps ease transition from breast or bottle to baby’s first cup sippy cup.

Main features

  • Soft grip handles make cup easy to hold
  • Interchangeable lid and patented valve fit other fun grips spill proof cups
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: blue cup with blue lid, pink cup with orange hard spout, teal cup with green hard spout

Verified reviews


Horrible, horrible cups

I have no idea how so many people can like these crappy, cheaply made cuts. The handles and bottom of the cup spin around and around the cup itself, so my daughter can never get a steady grip on it. The plastic itself is thin and seems cheap. I found something better at WalMart, and I loath that place.

Carol Rogers, ND

Works great as an old school training cup!

Before you spend much time reading this review, you should know that my goals for this training cup are most likely different from yours. I wanted an old school training cup for my baby so I could remove the valve, fill it with 1-2 ounces of water, and let her start to get used to how water flows from a cup without having to suck. If you are curious about how this cup works for that purpose and/or why the heck I would do this, read on. . .We have been using the cup without the valve for about a week now, and I am really happy with it. I am actually a little surprised at how little water it loses considering the spill proof valve is gone. It has a circular opening behind the spout, and that seems to inhibit the flow of water anyway. My baby is learning to tip it to her mouth to drink, but of course, she also likes to bang it against her high chair, fling it across the room, hold it upside-down, etc. Because of the way it is engineered, it loses a few drops – but not nearly as much water as I would have expected. It pours into her mouth when you hold it at just the right angle, and it stops when it isn’t just right. I help her get sips from it while she’s learning, and I find it really easy to work with.I am doing this at the suggestion of a child development specialist who said that it’s helpful in getting a child to learn how to use a real cup later. That said, I know it may not be a great idea for everyone. It works for us because I have the time to work with her, I don’t mind the tiny bit of spillage, and I only give her water. (Even if the cup leaked, it wouldn’t get sticky.)Best of luck! I hope you find your happy cup!

Rosanne Titonka, IA

Nice Handles

The handles are great for little hands. The size is also great! So many cups are too big for little hands or small portions of milk. My daughter has enjoyed the cups through a number of developmental stages.

Muriel Belle Chasse, LA

Best Sippy Cup!

My son received one of these cups when he had to be admitted to the hospital, and we love it! Never leaks or spills except with very extreme shaking or throwing and easy to clean.

Beth Westfield, NY

Durable, stylish and functional

These handy little sippy cups are perfect for getting your little used to drinking from a cup. Easy to hold, swivel handles give her grip and maneuverability. No spill, no mess, no cheesy cartoon characters. Love ’em!

Desiree Santa Cruz, NM

I liked it but my son didn’t

I bought a couple of these sippy cups when I was trying to transition my son from bottles. I thought it was good quality and cute but my son didn’t like the hard spout and never took to it.

Deidre Palm Desert, CA

Easy to clean, no spout to replace, easy to use, no spills

I found this cup 2 dollars cheaper in my local grocery store. The body is a thin plastic which is a little thinner cheap looking compared to the Nuk EZ cup spout sippy my kids really like. But the EZ cup has so many parts to clean and needs to be tightened from inside to prevent leaks and need to replace the spout every now and then.This one is easy to clean with only 1 valve inside and no leaks and easy flow. My 16 month old likes it.It says 7M+ and up but I think it’s more for 1 year old above.

Marie Lompoc, CA

Hard to get liquid out.

My daughter had a hard time transitioning to sippy cups. We started with another brand that had a hard plastic spout and there was nothing we could do to get her to even try to sip out of that cup. Then we tried these ones and she was slightly more accepting of these, but still took a LONG time for her to finally be willing to sip from these. All the parts are dishwasher safe.There are two small complaints, hence the loss of one star:1) The little part that you put into the spout (under the lid) collects gross things from the dishwasher because of the way it’s made, so we always have to rinse it carefully after it comes out of the dishwasher.2) It’s a lot harder to get the liquid out of this cup than a normal bottle nipple, so it was difficult for our baby to transition over.——–UPDATE———Now that she is comfortable with these cups, we are quite happy with them, and complaint 2 is no longer valid. Complaint 1 is still valid. We don’t put this little insert in the dishwasher anymore, we just make sure to clean them really well after every use under running water.

Simone Sidney Center, NY

good product

Is spill proof, easy to put together and take apart, easy to hold for a child, doesn’t stink of plastic. Wish it was easier to clean around the valve and on the inside of the top of cover, but so far I haven’t found a single sippy cut that was easy to clean.

Lola Honey Grove, PA

I’m About To Order Some More

I happened to buy a couple of these from CVS when my daughter graduated off the bottle. When I wanted more, I couldn’t find them in stores. But, I found them on Amazon.I like the size. My daughter can hold and drink out of them easily, but they hold enough for her pre-meal milks. I like that they’re BPA-free. The lids are tightenable enough to keep her from taking them off once someone taught her how to unscrew them (thanks, Dad). They have the spill-proof valve that activates by sucking or biting.But the thing that I like best about them is the size of the spout. When I went back to buy more, I searched and searched for these because I found that every other kind being sold in stores had bigger spouts. Between these bigger spouts & the suck-activated valve, my daughter might as well have been drinking out of a bottle again.

Terrie Snow, OK

Little on the small side

Perfect for grip. Handles spin around the cup, so the spout is easily in the right place. Definitely no spill. Holds very little.

Lolita Judith Gap, MT

Works well

These are exactly what I was hoping for. My daughter is 6 months old and she can use them to an extent. She can spill a little here and there but they are mostly spill proof. Sometimes she chews on the mouth piece and then shakes it around so a bit of moisture will leak out. The angle is pretty awful but that’s just the style of sippy cups for the most part, just watch for your little one getting in air at different angles.

Hattie Emory, VA

Good but not great for previously breastfeed babies

Good cup, doesn’t leak and is easy to clean. The flow when sucking on this one is heavy so I had a problem with it when trying to teach my son how to use. He was exclusively breastfeed and was used to working hard when sucking to get his milk, so when he started using this cup, he would get way too much liquid and would start to choke. We had more success with the playtex insulated cups since the flow is less. Now that he’s used to using a sippy cup, this isn’t an issue anymore.

Danielle Rancho Cordova, CA

Nice variety

I was looking for reasonably priced and quality spill proof cups as I start up my daycare business and I feel that I found exactly what I was looking for in this product. My cups arrived in a pack of blue and teal & another in pink and teal, a nice color selection. The cups arrived on time and in perfect condition. I LOVE Amazon for all of these reasons, they never disappoint!

Deana Peyton, CO

So far so good

Just remember to use the insert. Without that, they will leak. As long as you use them correctly, they are good.

Sherry Winburne, PA

Teaching baby to drink

This cup has very easy to grip handles. And NO LEAKS! for little learners :)The soft rubberized spout is also easy on littlegums and teeth.

Leila Rocky Point, NY

Love these cups

I love these cups as they have the soft spout and are a good size for my baby to hold himself. Some cups leave a lot of liquid left in the cup that the child cannot get to, but this is minimal. Love them

Rebecca Live Oak, FL

Good first cup

Easy for my baby to grab. After taking the white piece out of the lid, he was able to easily suck water out (however, this will allow liquid to leak out). Once he’s mastered drinking from it, I’ll replace the white piece.

Reba Amalia, NM

Grew mold

This cup worked fairly well until I noticed a slight black spot inside one of the crevices on the lid.I found that with the valve on, it was pretty hard to get fluid out, so my baby was actually using it valve-less, which defeats the whole spill-proof part of things, but it worked fairly well. The nipple part of it is fairly soft, which my baby prefers to the hard ones.Even without the valve part, one of the small crevices eventually grew a black spot. Now, this sippy cup was cleaned daily, and occasionally steam sterilized as well. Tried to scrape off the black spot, but couldn’t, so this sippy is now just a toy. I would have appreciated a simpler top. The cup portion was really easy to clean. For the price though, one can go through a few of these cups though.

Tia Ravenna, MI

Great sippy

This is a great sippy cup. After trying several sippy cups, I found this one worked great for my breastfed baby. It is easy to clean and does not leak. The only time it leaks is when my daughter bangs in on the floor upside down. Giving it four stars only because I wish I could have chosen the colors. I received two boyish colors with my order.

Kelly Hamersville, OH

Great cup

Can withstand many drops from the high hair. Got these after my baby started chewing through the silicone spouts. The inside spill proof piece has only fallen out once through all the beatings. All parts wash well by hand or in the dishwasher.

Dorothea Sardis, OH

Hard to keep clean

Like other reviews have noted it is hard to keep these clean. My son only drinks water out of these yet somehow black gunk accumulates under the top in the drinking spout and in the white piece that fits in the spout. Having to scrub and use a toothpick to get the gunk out every few days isn’t parent friendly. Who has time for that!?!But they work well for my son. He had no problem figuring out how to drink out of it (his first sippy cup) and the double handles worked great for his chubby uncoordinated little hands. We still use them and have 3 and I rotate them out every day and spend the time cleaning them but we got him a cup with a straw that is easier to clean and I prefer to use that one.

Helene Eudora, AR

No Leaking!

My son is only 5.5 months but is practicing with these cups. They don’t leak and have a semi-soft spout (not a silicone spout). Baby seems to know how to use and chews the spout often (teething). Just wish the cup had markings indicating the number of ounces.Oh, and yay because I got boy colors! First time that has happened!

Samantha Huachuca City, AZ

not the best

I have been using these cups for the last 2 years, but we have to replace them every 4-5 month.The part the children suck on builds mold on the inside which is impossible to properly clean at some point. the nooks and crannies are too tiny to get into and the material doesn’t easily let go of dirt.Otherwise we like them. they dont leak and work well.

Olga Anamoose, ND

Good cup

These seem like good cups. We have not had issues with them leaking or spilling, even if they are turned on their side. The colors are nice and the cups seem to work well. However, some children have strong preferences when it comes to sippy cups so a lot of it is trial & error of finding one that will work for your family.

Myrtle Bella Vista, AR

Good cups

I have been searching for the perfect sippy cup. This one isn’t it, but it’s close.Pros:StrongGood sealReplacment valves availableDoesn’t leak (yet) they are still pretty new so we’ll see how they hold upEasy for babies to useEasy for me to put together!Nozzle is softer for new teethCons:Can be a little difficult to clean. The area on the inside of the cup where the nozzle leads up there are areas on each side that can accumulate gunk so keep on eye on that. Also the holes can be problematic to clean if this cup is left on the high chair without rinsing it out and something like sweet potatoe was mashed into the holes while drinking. Just inspect them before putting them back to use inside and out. The area around the base can accumulate gunk as well.It would be nice if there were some sort of measurement area on the side so that you could see the number of ounces or ML were being consumed.

Lynnette Kent, OH


These sippy cups are very cute however only use water in them because anything else will leave residue and become moldy. Cute color

Tonia Freelandville, IN

Worst sippy cups ever

I too am baffled by the number of good reviews. The main problem is that the handle and the base spin so they are very difficult to open, especially if your child tends to handle the cup itself and it becomes slippery. Additionally, since the handles turn , they are not aligned with the spout, which means that the child can be holding the handles and the spout can be facing an entirely different way. My child was not able to figure out that she needed to hold a handle with one hand, then twist the cup to line up the spout in line with the handle, then drink. It’s such a bizarre feature to have that spinning and it only makes things difficult. Like many, I have tried virtually every cup on the market and these, hands down, are the worst.

Amy Milburn, OK

Not a huge fan

These sometimes sprayed my daughter when the suction got caught (or something happened??) I know some people that like them but I wasn’t a huge fan.

Edwina Blue Mound, KS

Great cup

I love Gerber Graduates sippy cups. This is the perfect transition from bottle to larger sippy cup. I never have leaks from these and my boys took to them right away. The value piece fits all the Gerber Graduates sippy cups so you don’t have to find parts to all different types of cups if you have more than one child.

Joni Smithboro, IL