Gerber Graduates BPA Free 2 Pack Fun Grips Soft Starter Spill Proof Cup 2 Handle, 6 Ounce, Vertical, Colors May Vary

Gerber Graduates BPA Free 2 Pack Fun Grips Soft Starter Spill Proof Cup 2 Handle, 6 Ounce, Vertical, Colors May Vary

Gerber BPA Free 2Pk 2 Handle Cups are Baby’s first sippy-cups! The extra-soft spout helps ease baby’s transition from breast or bottle to cup. Soft grip handles make this cup easy to hold. Top-rack dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Soft-grip handles make cup easy to hold
  • Interchangeable lid and patented valve fit other fun grips spill-proof cups
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: blue cup with blue lid, pink cup with orange hard spout, teal cup with green hard spout

Verified reviews


Love these cups

These were the styles of cups that were around 9 years ago when I had my first baby, and I loved them due to the size, soft spout, and handles…so I looked them up with it was time for baby #3 to start using a cup! Glad I found them here. Although when I ordered the two pack of them, I only received one. But Amazon was wonderful in helping with the issue, as always!

Helga Wallkill, NY

Don’t buy any other sippy cup!

Daughter uses these, first without the stopper to learn how to use the cup and then with the stopper to prevent spills. Seriously, just buy this cup and save some money.

Delores Amma, WV

One of the better ones

This sippy cup is one of the better one. Easy to clean. Easy to hold. Does not spill. Does not tip. Don’t have to line up the handles the spout.

Sadie Kanarraville, UT

was great at first, now not so great.

My son did really well with these cups and I liked them a lot. They don’t spill, thats my favorite part about them. I dislike that they are extremely difficult to take apart. And now that we’ve been using them a while, I CANNOT get the lid on the right way so that the mouthpiece is centered between the handles. You’re thinking, just twist the handles. You can’t, the handles only go on the cup one way. I have no idea how these things became mis-aligned, but its irritating. I prefer the other gerber cups, the ones with the handles attached to the lid.

Olivia Rufus, OR

not a good starter cup

I purchased these along with several other types of sippy cups because a friend told me it would take a while to find one that he would like. The name is a little misleading…I thought “soft” meant the spout would be squishy…more like a bottle, but it’s really quite rigid. I will reserve complete judgement of these cups because I figure I’ll give them another go when he’s a little older, but definitely not a good cup to start out with. If you’re looking for a good first sippy, my son really likes the NUK Learner cup with the silicone spout. We used the NUK bottles so this was an almost seamless transition. Infact they use the same bottle and just add handles and a differnt shaped nipple. Highly recommend those!

Karla Eastlake, MI

Best Soft Sippy by Comparison

After two boys, I have spent way too much money on sippy cups. My second son didn’t take immediately to this product. So I bought every other soft sippy option. They either wouldn’t suck, they dripped, or they wouldn’t allow air in so I was constantly squeezing the tips to release the pressure. After all this I tried this one again. By that time he had figured how to suck to draw fluid. As opposed to waiting for the bottle to drip and trigger sucking.My first son chewed on everything. He left his marks on the spout but was not able to chew through it.Another reviewer mentioned the spout not lining up correctly. I think it was a defective product. I have had mine for three years and they line up fine. Now that they are a bit old they have started to move a little past the center line but not to the point of being an issue.One down side – if you have a child that likes to turn it upside down and bang it onto your coffee table it will drip. Not sure if this is a common problem or we are just the lucky ones.My recommendation is to ween your child on to this sippy from bottles. Be persistent. It is really the best one out there. I just wish it was a bit bigger.

Lizzie Cypress, IL