Gerber Graduates BPA Free 2 Pack Sip and Smile Spill Proof Cup, 7 Ounce, Blue/Green

Gerber Graduates BPA Free 2 Pack Sip and Smile Spill Proof Cup, 7 Ounce, Blue/Green

When your baby is ready to start using a cup, choose the Sip & Smile® 2-Handle Soft Spout 7oz Cup. It comes in lots of fun colors and designs. What’s more, it’s spill-proof, leak-proof and break-proof. And the extra-soft spout is gentle on your baby’s sensitive teeth and gums.

Main features

  • Spill-proof and break-proof
  • Extra-soft spout is gentle on sensitive teeth and gums
  • Easy-grip handles designed to encourage thumb and finger coordination

Verified reviews


No more inverted nipples….

My son takes a bottle to bed (and before anyone starts commenting on how bad it is for his teeth… I know, I know, I’m a bad bad mother – call CPS).The trouble we’ve had recently with regular baby bottles is that he pushes the nipple inside the bottle, then cries because he can’t get the milk out… alright… so he’s not too bright! :o)I found these today and I’m in heaven. The spout is soft and rubbery, so he can chew on it, if he so chooses, but best of all, he can’t invert the nipple into the bottle! YAY!!!!!!

Ivy Oceanville, NJ

Not For Us!

I don’t know that it’s the design, I have tried to find a sippy cup my 11 month old would use… and this was the 4th one I’ve tried. He won’t use these either. Functionally I think they are fine, and the pictures are cute.. but it didn’t work out for us.

Claudine Ellenburg Center, NY

confused about the great reviews…

I bought these sippy cups based on the great reviews, but I’m disappointed. Yes, they don’t leak, but my daughter (2 yrs old) has a hard time sucking the milk/juice from them, like the spill proof seal is a little too tight. And even when she does get the milk out, there is always about a half inch left that she can’t get out because the spill proof insert sticks out too much and doesn’t allow the milk to funnel down… even when I tried to drink from it to see why she was struggling with getting that last bit out, I couldn’t. Bad design… wasteful and it frustrates my daughter because she can see more in the cup but can’t get it out.

Gayla Roca, NE

It’s OK

They’re not wonderful, but they do work as expected and required. Valves were easy to get in and out, DD didn’t seem to have a problem holding them. They are a hard spout so will show marks where they get chewed, but that’s expected also. I am trying to stay off the plastics though, even the BPA-free ones, so I’ll be sticking w/ the Klean Kanteens in the future.

Yolanda Parks, AZ

The only sippy my son will take!

I’ve tried a few different kinds of sippy cups, and this is the only kind my 9 month old son will drink from. He really likes the soft spout. Others we’ve tried claim to have a soft spout, but they don’t compare to this one. These cups are money well spent!

Irene East Barre, VT

Ordered many of these but…

Kept getting girl colors! That’s really sad since I liked them. We switched to nuk instead of these because they worked better.

Becky Sapulpa, OK

Kids Still Love Them A Year Later!

Our kids (now 2+ y/o) have been using these sippys for well over a year, with no need to replace them an no complaints. We only use sippys for water, so I can’t attest to whether the valves are hard to clean if you use juice or milk in them. The only time spills are a problem is when a kid deliberately turns the cup upside-down and shakes vigorously. Even then, it usually isn’t more than a few drops.

Marjorie Copper Hill, VA

Great cups

Happy they are BPA free. Good for an older baby… a bit tough for my 7 month old… he prefers the ones with handles.

Maria Seal Rock, OR

Perfect leak-proof sippy line

The Gerber/Nuk cups are the best sippy cups on the market.They DO NOT leak. Ever.Do yourself a favor and get rid of the rest of your cabinet full and rely on these.They have cups for every stage. Both of my breastfed children both took to cups at 6-7 months for water, the cups with to handles and a softer spout. We then progressed up the stages to real cups, all along the way other moms asking what kind of cups we had… Gerber/Nuk! 🙂

Kristy Antes Fort, PA

good under surveilance

they come with a plug inside so they don’t leak, but my little guy couldn’t get water out when that was inserted. since about 9 months he has done great drinking out of it with the plug removed, but then it spills a lot when he shakes it around and plays with it. perfect when i’m able to watch him and be sure it’s upright, but a minor disaster when he has control in his car seat or stroller.

Lashonda Smith River, CA

Good cups don’t leak

It’s hard to find cups that can withstand a toddler. These do pretty well. They don’t leak like some of the others do.

Alma Vernon, IN

Good product wrong color

I really like this product. The size is just right for my twins who are 14 months. They can throw these cups on the floor which is hardwood and only a few drops come out. My only issue like many others have said is that I specifically ordered blu/green and received pink/green instead.

Virginia Moulton, AL