Gerber Graduates Fun Grips Hard Spout Sippy Cup in Assorted Boy Colors, 10-Ounce, 4 count

Gerber Graduates Fun Grips Hard Spout Sippy Cup in Assorted Boy Colors, 10-Ounce, 4 count

The Gerber Graduates Fun Grips Hard Spout Cup continues your baby’s path toward independent drinking. Its bite-resistant spout is designed to help your toddler drink independently. The cup features Seal Zone technology, a unique closing system that ensures its 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, and break-proof, guaranteed. The hourglass shape also prevents tipping. Plus, you never have to worry about cup mix-ups with the personalization area for your little one’s name! Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, this cup is BPA-free, made in the USA and designed for children 12-months and older. The cup comes in a pack of (4) with assorted boy colors. All Gerber Graduates cups help support healthy motor skill development to foster happy, healthy kids every sip of the way! The NUK family of brands designs safe and fun products that encourage your baby’s development. NUK is committed to nurturing your children’s healthy transitions from birth to toddler and has worked for over 50 years to design high quality, innovative products that are scientifically proven to support safe and healthy development. Visit for all your baby and toddler needs.

Main features

  • Bite resistant spout helps toddler drink independently
  • Seal Zone(TM) Technology – 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, break-proof, guaranteed
  • Personalization area for child’s name
  • Hourglass shape prevents tipping
  • Dishwasher-safe, BPA-free; Comes in 2 – 2 per pack with assorted boy colors.

Verified reviews


Can’t use yet

I can’t really judge these yet. My little guy is breast fed and hasn’t had a bottle since he was 4 months old (9 currently) and has forgotten how to use them. I think if he were bottle fed he would understand how to suck the liquid out. It required a bit of force to get it past the leak proof seal. I was hoping this would work for his trip to his Nana’s. Guess it is back to the drawing board. Maybe he can use these when he is older. They do seem to keep it from spilling.

Janelle Willow Springs, IL

Child not quite ready for these

My kiddo can’t use these. With the spill proof seal, he can’t suck anything out. With the seal removed, too much comes out at once. Perhaps if he wasn’t a breastfed baby, they would work better. They are sturdy and brightly colored. Maybe when he is older, he will be able to use them.

Mercedes Shanks, WV


My children, are ages 4 and 5. they are still prone to spills and knock-overs. I can’t stand juice boxes, because they spill all over, and are not ECONOMICAL. These toddler cups, come with a simple plastic pressure nozzle, and the lid and cup. meaning, less yucky, moldy, uncleanable parts. ( all been there right).The price is spot on. I use them in my children’ lunch bags, I freeze 4 oz of juice at night ( in the sippy cup), then fill with juice in the AM. TADA! NO NEED for freezer bags, ice blocks, or all the other dohickeys to keep beverages cold.I love being able to buy NAME brand juices on sale for 2 bucks, and have a week supply of juice for the kids for school. I use two of them per child. And send them to school.Also great for travel in the car, as they are truly SPILL proof, and hold enough liquid for a child.Great for day trips to the parks, saves on having to buy drinks all day for the kids. I freeze, full cups entirely and them off to the park for a full day of COLD drinks.I suggest buying 2 sets, four, for people with more than 1 child.This is a must buy, on a "mom-must-have" list.

Alissa Bryce Canyon, UT

My favorite kids cups

After going through several varieties of sippy cups, I’ve decided I like these the best. They truly are pretty non-spillable, not hard to clean, and cheap enough that I can buy replacements when they get a little tired (or chewed by the dog).

Lashonda Edgar, WI

Best sippy cups and Made in the USA!

I bought two 4-count packages of these cups, because they are absolutely the best sippy cups we have found. We’ve used the NUK brand for 3 years with my oldest grandson and give them a thumbs-up. Six went to my daughter’s house and 2 stayed at Nanny’s! These absolutely do not leak and are easy for little kids to hold on to. Also, with a wider bottom they don’t tip over easily.

Billie Saint Olaf, IA

A big improvement

We had some smaller sippy cups that always seemed to leak. These ones come with arrows to line up so you know when it’s sealed. They are a larger size, so I don’t have to fill them up as often as my boy drinks very quickly. A good value for the money.

Gay Rome, IN

Love these

I have 2 of the smaller ones and love them. Perfect for our daughter. She was nursing only (no bottle) until 1 and then we started her with these and she had no problem adjusting.

Pamela Washington, NE

the base of the cup is huge

Cup is fine. Spill proof mechanism works great. Its easy to take apart with only one piece when its time to wash. Would have given it 5 stars but the base is seriously huge…it won’t fit in the space for a cup on the high chair tray, it won’t fit in the stroller cup holder, it won’t fit in the car seat cup holder, I’ll never take it in the diaper bag. Go with the same brand but a straight sided cup….seriously.

Amanda Buffalo Gap, SD

wide bottom cup

Good solid construction… my son throws it down a lot. Doesn’t leek and won’t even if he chews on the spout. My only complaint is it doesn’t fit in cup holders; car, carseat, or stroller.

Lupe Cyclone, WV

Yes, yes, yes! These are great!

After going through almost every sippy cup for our 1 year old twins, we finally found two that work really well. The NUK Active cup and these NUK Gerber Graduates. Neither leak and both can hold 10oz. We use the Active Cup for milk and these Graduates for juice and water. I love them, but more importantly, the twins love them! All are easy to clean and easy to hold for tiny hands.

Nichole Horseshoe Bend, ID

These sippy cups work fantastically!

These sippy cups are easy to clean, and they do not leak at all. I love that they are dishwasher safe and and practically unbreakable. I have bought more of these kinds of cups and would highly recommend them for any parent with toddlers. My kids love them!

Jade Ansonville, NC

These are my favorite

I buy these things every couple months. They disappear into other families collections because they are so resilient and functional. Easy to grip and stay closed when dropped.. or tossed across the room. I’ll buy more some day soon.

Tanisha Belmont, LA

My favorite sippy cups–no leaks!

I love these sippy cups! As long as the valve inside the lid is in place, these cups will not leak.

Karina Leslie, MO


These are the only sippy cups my son cannot break or make leak. If you have a baby that is super rough you need these cups.

Eugenia Huddy, KY


I am very happy with these sippy cups. There is no spilling in most of the situations. If my kid really wants to get some water or milk out of the cup he manages to do it but under normal circumstances they hold pretty well.

Vickie Dover, MA

I have tried 4 different cups – and this one wins!

I have 2 year old twins that love to drop their sippy cups onto the floor. And if the cups are not on the floor with a puddle around them, then they are upside down in their laps. None have broken during their numerous drops, but this is how I find out which ones leak.Here are the cups I have used: I have used ZoLi (fine for a while but are now leaking through the threading and sometimes out of the straw). Munchkins – which leaked. The Nuk/Gerber Graduates with the handles that extend and connect to the bottom (they are fine, don’t leak, but only hold 6 ounces and are more expensive). And the Nuk/Gerber with the ‘soft spout’ and handle that comes half way down (they were awesome when my kids were younger and needed a handle, but they started to bite and tear off the spout of the soft cover).Here is why I am loving these cups so far:- They don’t leak- The plug that keeps the contents from pouring out has the right amount of ‘pluggy-ness’ (how is that for a new word!) Just the right amount of suction allows the contents to come out.- If I put something thicker (like a shake) I remove the plug and the contents drain easily- They can be upside down, side ways, dropped, and did I mention, they don’t leak!Cons:- It is hard to get the last portion of liquid off the bottom of the cup – so I always add in a little extra milk/water knowing that there will be a bit left overI have been using them for over a year – and put them in the top rack of the dishwasher – and they have held up! No problems and no issues!!! Love them!

Courtney Cherry Creek, NY

These are the best!!

I don’t even bother with other brands of sippy cups anymore. These are simply the best. They just don’t leak…unless my toddler continuously drops them and the stopper pops out, but once it’s back in, it has a great seal.

Lorrie Cave In Rock, IL

love these cups

i have come to the conclusion that Nuk just makes an excellent product. i love their binkies, and these sippy cups are great. they are easy to clean, don’t leak at all, and are the perfect size for a toddler/pre-schooler.

Susie Lakeside, OR

No leaks

Best low-cost sippies. We use these for daycare since they tend to get lost in the shuffle and it doesn’t hurt so much to replace them. Best of all, they don’t leak and they are easy to clean. My favorite low-cost cups. A little hard to drink from though because of the valve for my toddler, but I can’t complain for the price.

Lorena Topeka, IN

No Leaks!

You can shake these upside down! No leaks. Perfect.They are really nice to drink out of (Yes, I tried it), and they are a great price 🙂

Henrietta Newport Beach, CA


These do leak a little when tipped over, but I love that they are hard spouts as my kids chew through the others. These have held up well. However I didn’t pay as much for them as they are being sold now. I would like to purchase more but will not pay the higher price for them, or any sippy cups. Hoping they go down soon though! They’ve held up well and aren’t too hard for my kids to suck out of. They seem to work great.

Casandra Carbondale, PA

Didn’t like the shape

I dind’t like the shape of these. Our lo dind’t either. I tried many sippy cups and out favorites were the Playtex with the straws, using the munchkin replaceable straws in order o hit the bottom of the cup (just shave off the end with a knife). The hard nozzle gets worn away from biting more than the rubber ones. Gerber Graduates were great too. We used those for mil since they were spill/drip proof and we used the Playtex straw ones for water since they do leak a little. They are not hard to put together like some reviewers say.

Brooke Bloomsburg, PA

love these

ive tried other more expensive sippy cups and these were the best to me. My son has thrown them and dropped them and they still work. I have had no issues with spills since i line it up like the directions say and it seems easy enough for him to sip from

Annette Fountain, MI

Great Sippy Cups

My sons loves these cups and so do I. I like that he can not make it leak. We have 12 of these and use them for everything from his milk to water. It is also very easy to clean. Only one part inside to take apart.

Kristy Webb, AL

Best sippies, don’t leak, clean easily, durable.

Love these & I’ve tried several. Durable, they don’t leak, clean easily. Finally bought the 4 pack and will keep buying these.

Lana Apulia Station, NY

durable and doesn’t leak

Definitely stick with the 12 month recommendation, the flow of the cup is definitely not for beginners, but in general they are very durable and good quality and don’t drip when my son bangs them upside down.

Marla Brooklyn, WI

Good hard spout cups!

My daughter chewed up all our soft spout cups so I was looking for a cheaper hard spout sippy to try. These are perfect. The lids work with our other NUK cups and I pull out the no spill part because it’s just easier to drink from for my 2 year old.I will buy these again when I need to add more cups to our collection. They were the best price, and I was concerned that would mean they were lower quality, but I haven’t had any issues with them!

Queen Grandy, MN

Not a great start but managed.

We bought these to ween our son off the bottle and begin teaching drinking from a cup. Before giving it to my son I tried to suck from the spout and man did I have to use a lot of pressure to get a few drinks out of this thing. I gave it to my soon anyway and just as I thought he hated it because nothing was coming out, especially since his sucking isn’t as strong as an adult. Well tried to move the little white anti drip thing around and see how to fix the sippy but in the end that damn anti drip thing ended up being the problem. Took it out and now we use these cups without it and they work fine. That said, the cups are not full anti drip since obviously the stopper has been taken out but at least my son can get a drink and begin to learn not to turn cups upside down. When the cup IS turned upside down the drip isn’t a rush so it’s manageable. Hope this helps. All in all, I love that I don’t have to clean a lot of little parts and it was an upgrade (in my opinion) from the "tommy tippee 1st sips" sippy cups.

Teri Bartelso, IL

Great cups

These work great. Haven’t had any issues with leakage on them. I like how easy they are to clean too.

Kathie Old Town, ME


I have 2 1/2 YO twins and an older child so I have been through my share of sippy cups. I have to say these are the best. They do not leak at all. My children do not have a hard time getting the liquid out.Only tip is to buy a nipple brush to clean the removable valve and the inside of the spout. If not cleaned properly milk will curdle in there. I had to enforce this to my Nanny and household several times as the twins health are at stake.Like other reviews my only gripe is the base is too large to fit in most cup holders (their stroller and my cup holders in my car). To combat this issue I attach these straps I bought a while back and attach them so the cups do not fall in commute.Other than that these are great!

Alice Pleasantville, NY