Gerber Graduates Fun Pack Utensils, 8-Piece Set

Gerber Graduates Fun Pack Utensils, 8-Piece Set

The Gerber Graduates Fun Pack Utensils is a great first set of silverware for your little one! The rounded fork tines are designed for extra safety and the small bowl fits easily into your baby’s mouth. The easy-grip handles are sized just right for little hands to help promote safe, independent eating every bite of the way! This set includes (4) forks and (4) spoons in assorted bright colors and is designed for children 9-months and older. Dishwasher safe and BPA-free. The NUK family of brands designs safe and fun products that encourage your baby’s development. NUK is committed to nurturing your children’s healthy transitions from birth to toddler and has worked for over 50 years to design high quality, innovative products that are scientifically proven to support safe and healthy development. Visit for all your baby and toddler needs.

Main features

  • Easy-grip handles sized just right for little hands
  • Rounded fork tines for extra safety
  • Small bowl fits easily into baby’s mouth
  • Includes (4) forks, (4) spoons
  • Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free

Verified reviews


Works Great for Little Hands

I think these utensils are great for babies and toddlers just learning to self feed. My son is 16 months old and has been using these utensils for the past 7 months. He has gotten very good at feeding himself with both the spoon and the fork. Now that he grasps the concept of spearing food with the fork I will be looking for another fork for him that will make it easier for him to do so. I do think this is a great beginner set though and have been very happy. I would highly recommend!

Mayra Little Falls, MN

Smaller than expected

A lot smaller than expected but they’ll work for now. I’ll order the Take N Toss ones again next time because their size is better for my son.

May Soda Springs, CA

Great for graduating babies to solids

Some think theses are too small, but for a mom of a small sized little one who transitioned from finger foods to spoons and now needs to start working with forks, these are great! I love that they are small since all the other ‘toddler’ forks and spoons have actually been wider than my little ones mouth. Just remember, like it says in the product description, these are great for babies, but not designed for older toddlers – like all the Gerber Graduates product line. If your kid’s starting solid foods young, or just has a small mouth, these are worth the price. It is also nice the the fork is really a spork and the tines are rather blunt, rounded, and close enough together they aren’t likely to be poking hazards. Also, I like that the grips are the same as on the NUK sippy cups – it was very easy for my little one to know how to hold these and what kind of grip to use.

Lavonne Valdez, NM

They work

They weren’t as good as I had hoped. Meaning the forks were blunt and smaller than expected. My 1 year old son didn’t really care about that…

Dena Bolt, WV

1 year old loves them!

Perfect for my 1 year old to hold and learn how to feed himself! Also perfect for when I feed him too!

Britney Palm Desert, CA

Love them

Perfect for little fingers to grasp. Fork tines are "sharp" enough to spear food items, yet not poke my daughter’s mouth.

Brandy Wilmot, NH

kind of small

These are fine, they get the job done, but they’re kind of small. I prefer the longer handled spoons and forks for feeding baby. I suppose when she starts using them on her own these will be ok.

Colette White Plains, NC

A hit with my toddler

My 14 month old loves these forks. Easy to use. Short enough that he can maneuver them easily. Have now purchased them twice.

Jaime Huntersville, NC

Smaller than Nuby Fun Feeding Spoons & Forks with the wavy handles

The utensils are smaller than the Nuby Fun Feeding Spoons & Forks with the wavy handles. I liked that they were smaller because my 12 month old son could handle the bites better than the wavy handled spoons, but I was expecting them to be the same size. The bigger wavy handles are good for when he is trying to feed himself, because he will get more in the spoon, as the spoon is deeper. But I think these utensils will do just fine. They seem to be good quality and durable enough. The plastic is not as thick as the wavy spoons, but it does not need to be.

Nelda Nebo, NC

easily bent

cheaply made and not ideal for chidlren who are going to be self-feeding since they are easily bent/broken and not much fits on the surface

Ursula Grandfalls, TX

Should be bigger

These spoons are cute, but I was disappointed by how small they are. My daughter’s infant spoons hold more food than these do. Not good for a toddler learning to keep food on a utensil!

Julia Reedy, WV

Probably wouldn’t buy again

These utensils are smaller than I expected, and not as good quality. They are pretty cheap plastic. Nice colors though. I wouldn’t buy them again.

Louise Gordon, TX

Perfect size for self-feeding and parent feeding

These are the perfect size for little hands… my 11 month old baby girl likes to try to feed herself and these are much better than the two other types of spoons we tried. The bowl in the spoon is a little deep, but nice because it can hold a decent amount of food… and not spill the runny Stage-1 foods.

Marylou Clarksburg, NJ

10mo old LOVES these!

My 10 month old has loved these the past few months. They are very easy for her to hold and get into her mouth. They are lightweight yet sturdy. I highly recommend these.

Marci Angeles, PR

great quality

great quality toddler set of plasticware. the spoons are nice and deep as well. the forks arent really needed but nice to have

Susan Tulsa, OK

This set is great for first time self feeders!

I searched for a fork that would be safe and yet easy for my son to use as a started set when feeding himself. This works great! The spoons hold a nice amount and the forks allow for ‘poking’ yet the prongs are small enough that he doesn’t injure himself.

Aileen Merizo, GU

A lifesaver for a little mouth

I’ve been trying to find utensils for my 14 month old for months so she could start feeding herself. Everything I’ve tried has a bowl in the spoon that is way to big for her to get the food off or even put in her mouth much at all (we didn’t even bother with forks yet)! It’s been very frustrating for us both. I didn’t think my daughter was particularly small, so I don’t know what everyone else does. But then I stumbled across these. Hallelujah! They are perfect for her! She is actually using the fork more than anything (since she’s mostly in table food now). And she is so happy to be able to eat like a big girl!Bottom line, as another reviewer said, if your little one’s mouth is on the small side these are great. I’d say an absolute must!

Kathie Dillsburg, PA

Nice, but small.

Good for babies, but a bit small for toddlers. My 2 year olds like the spoons, although they are a bit small. We don’t use the forks much because of how small they are. But would be great for a 1 year old.

Muriel Corbin, VA

Three Stars

To small

Samantha Sheridan, CA

Very good design, good size, good quality!

They are the perfect size for my son to use (The OXO spoon I got for him earlier would be too long for him). He loves to hold these himself. The fork is excellent design, perfect for him to stab on things in his learning process. Sometimes he would chew on the end piece and it worked like a teether, a bonus function.

Avis Brookpark, OH

Great concept

These are a great start for teaching kids to use regular silverware. We found the forks to be a little on the worthless side, but they did force our son to take his time and focus on trying to pick up food with it. The best part was it didn’t hurt like regular silver wear when he stabbed us with it.

Meagan Woodburn, OR

Great starter set

My daughter started using these when she was about 10 months old and they were perfect for learning. By the time she hit 16 months, they were not very practical for her anymore and they are much too small for the foods she is eating now (like Chex cereal; only one square will fit on the spoon and still hangs over). The spork design was also VERY smart. When she couldn’t poke, she could scoop. Like I said, great starter set but trying to find an upgrade now as they just don’t do the trick for her anymore.

Tracie West Stewartstown, NH