Gerber Graduates Insulated Sports Tumbler 3-Pack

Gerber Graduates Insulated Sports Tumbler 3-Pack

Continue your baby’s path toward independent drinking with the Hard Spout Cup. The cup features a unique bite-resistant spout that is shaped specifically to continue the transition of baby from bottle or nipple to cup. And, the cup features Seal Zone® Technology, a unique closing system that ensures the cup is 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, and break-proof, guaranteed. All Gerber® Graduates® cups help support healthy motor skill development to foster happy, healthy kids every sip of the way!

Main features

  • Unique spout shape continues transition from bottle to regular cup
  • Bite resistant spout
  • Seal Zone(TM) Technology – 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, break-proof, guaranteed
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Great designs that Mom & baby will love

Verified reviews



We have about 20 of these. Easy to clean. We removed the inside plastic so it is not spill proof, but at least it is easy for him to suck water from.

Cynthia Annona, TX

My favorite bigger toddler cup.

These cups are great as the last transition from "sippy cup" to "real cup." The valve is the least leaky of any brand I’ve encountered. The shape is more like a real cup. And the insulation does keep the drink cold.

Roxie Dexter, MN

Cute cups, easy to clean, no leaks

These cups are a cute design (my son, almost 2, loves them!) and are a good value. They are easy to clean and don’t leak, unless the valve inside the cup gets loose…which can happen when it gets thrown around a lot. The insulation works well at keeping drinks cold without any condensation. Only minor complaint; they are a bit small..I wish they were a few more ounces so they could last longer between refills. Otherwise, I definitely recommend these.

Debora Fort Morgan, CO

Great transition cups

I decided to ditch the other sippy cups for these because they are more like a cup. I like the fact that they are spill proof but didn’t want the sippy spout that the other cups had. (not good for their teeth) So ditched everything and got only these. I have boys and like the sports theme as well.

Glenda Pampa, TX

Perfect for our toddler son

These are more like drinking from a cup so its a nice transition for my toddler away from the spouts. The sports design are an added bonus, we gave him these for his birthday (2nd) and he was more excited about his cups than any of the toys he got!

Angelica East Stroudsburg, PA

Good, at first…

These cups are great and my son loves them but after a few rounds in the dishwasher they always get water between the layers and fall apart within 6 months. I’ve had three different sets and the end result is always the same. I’m sure they would be fine if hand washed but I don’t know a single mother who wants to spend that time washing dishes…

Vivian Douglassville, TX

Traps milk in the spout and leaks

This cup is mostly leak proof. The spout traps milk after drinking each time and then that milk spills or leaks out. The insulation is great. It keeps drinks cool for a while. I have yet to find a cup for milk that doesn’t have this problem so we are just dealing with it.

Kerry North Amherst, MA

As perfect as it gets!

Like a lot of moms, it feels like I’ve tried every type of sippy cup on the planet. My son is almost 2 1/2 years old and I wanted to get away from the regular hard spout sippy cups. We now use regular cups for him at every meals but still needed some type of sippy cup for on the go. I love the rim like lid on this and it was very easy for him to transition from this to a regular cup. The best part is that they really, truly don’t leak or spill. We’ve used them every day for about 4 months and they still are in perfect condition.

Tonya Orlinda, TN

Does break pretty easily

I have purchased 8 of these cups. Half have lost the insulation plastic shell. These were the only no spout no spill cups so they will be used even if broken

Kathi Redmon, IL

The best cups weve had so far

This cups are wonderful they dont leak and when my son throws it it doesnt crack or anything. If some people are having leaking problems you have to twist the top on right and make sure the tab inside the cup is facing the inside or the lid wont be tight and it will leak. Love these cups just dont love the price lol.

Alejandra Milford, UT