Gerber Graduates Kiddy Cutlery Forks in Neutral Colors, 3-count

Gerber Graduates Kiddy Cutlery Forks in Neutral Colors, 3-count

The Gerber Graduates Kiddy Cutlery Fork Set will help you teach your little one to feed himself or herself with ease. The Kiddy Cutlery Fork Set includes (3) forks with soft, comfort-grip handles that are designed for a toddler’s small hands. The rest easy support helps keeps germs off the utensils and mess off the table! Durable, stainless steel tips. Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. These forks come in neutral colors and are designed for children 18-months of age and older. The NUK family of brands designs safe and fun products that encourage your baby’s development. NUK is committed to nurturing your children’s healthy transitions from birth to toddler and has worked for over 50 years to design high quality, innovative products that are scientifically proven to support safe and healthy development. Visit for all your baby and toddler needs.

Main features

  • Rest Easy support keeps germs off utensils and mess off table
  • Durable stainless steel tips
  • Soft handles sized just right for toddler hands
  • Includes (3) forks in gender neutral colors
  • Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free

Verified reviews


Great forks

I love that these forks work well. They are easy to hold and seem to stab food well. I have all of the cutlery pieces and love them all.

Hillary Humarock, MA

Very good

Pros:Easy size handle to hold for a toddlerHave held up through numerous dishwasher cycles over 2 yearsCons:None

Stefanie Windham, NY

Great for toddlers

These are the only forks my almost 2 year old uses regularly. They are the perfect size for his finger & to pick up food.

Janine Durango, IA

Fork is just sharp enough to stab food.

The handle is long enough but a tad too long for my 15 month old but we like it all the same. He just holds it a little further up. Fork is not to sharp but just enough to get food onto it.

Tori Humble, TX

Favorite of my grandchildren

These are the grandkids favorite forks. I wanted a toddler fork that would actually pick up food, I don’t think that is too much to ask. The grandchildren (14 months, 2 yrs., and 3 1/2 yrs.) can all use these forks easily and choose them more often than any other in the drawer. The handles are easy for even the 14 month old to hold but they are not "baby" forks. I have now ordered the spoons as well.

Savannah Oologah, OK


Glad I found these! Its so hard to find just forks for toddlers. These are not as "dull" as regular toddler forks so my child has an easier time stabbing his food. I ordered 2 packs and got the green and blue for both. Was terrified I was going to get pink for my boy. Just wish they would let you pick the color.

Gabrielle Newport, VT


My son will only use metal utensils, since that is what the rest of family uses. These are great. Easy to grip, dishwasher safe, not too sharp, and fun colors.

Nicole Kellogg, IA

Perfect Toddler Forks

Great size, perfect amount to have on hand for one child. We finally got these when my son was 18 months, would have been nice to have when he was 12 months old.I like that the forks can stick into food without being too sharp and pointy that they make me worried to have in the hands of my little guy. We’ve been using daily for a couple months now and they’re still in great shape. I like that they’re dishwasher safe although we end up hand washing them because we use them so often.I also appreciate the gender neutral color. They aren’t the prettiest green I’ve ever seen but at least it’s not going to be weird when I have my infant daughter use them eventually.

Adrian Pinehurst, MA

Great toddler forks

Good size, tines are not too sharp. I like that they came 3 to a pack because one is always in the wash and one is always under the couch or lost in the toy bin or something.

Summer Judith Gap, MT

Perfect size for little hands

My son loves to try to use these by himself. They have a good grip and are the right size for him (he’s been trying since about 15 months). They wash well and have been great so far!

Alisa Marvell, AR

Great Fork Set for Toddler

My son has been using a fork for several months, but we previously used a plastic fork. He was getting more advanced with using the fork to pierce objects, which was nearly impossible with the plastic forks, so we got him these. I am very impressed with the forks. They are still shorter than a salad fork, so very easy for my almost two year old to manipulate. The handles are grippy, so he can hold on to them and they don’t slide off the table/tray easily. Additionally, the metal part is functional, but not so sharp that I worry about him stabbing himself.

Malinda New Middletown, IN

My daughter loves these

My 16 month really likes these utensils – she wants to use the grown up ones, but her hands just can’t quite handle the length to manipulate and they are too thin for her to grasp. These are thicker and shorter in the handle while being soft so her little hands can learn to manipulate as she learns to feed herself. They are dishwasher safe and that makes them practically perfect.

Sydney Little River, SC


These are a great size and feel for our toddler. She generally uses adult spoons, but the adult forks are too big – the handle and tines are too long, and the tines are too wide. These forks fix all of that and she uses them at almost every meal.

Kendra Burbank, WA

Five Stars

Easy to grasp, but very similar to regular forks.

Jami Fifty Six, AR

Perfect for little hands.

These are fantastic. My son can grip them really well and he is now using utensils like a pro. Would definately purchase again.

Paula Reinbeck, IA

just what we needed

I got these as my son struggled with stabbing his food with a plastic fork. These are well constructed and fit in his hands.

Nikki Rapelje, MT

Good size and durable

Perfect size for toddler hands. They can be cleaned in the dishwasher. What more could you ask for in kids forks ?

Earnestine Watkins Glen, NY

Quality, easy to use forks.

These are the only baby/toddler forks I use. They poke food easy but are not sharp. Other forks are too round on the ends and are difficult to use because baby has to keep trying and pushing hard to get food to stay on.

Rosalie Hinsdale, MA

She Loves These

Our daughter is one and loves to use her utensils to eat. She specifically loves to use forks to stab her food to eat it. The handle is perfect for her little hands and I’ve washed these about 4 times now and they hold up in the dishwasher very well. The only thing that I wish were different is that the metal part is very thin. It’s more like a utensil you’d use on a camping trip than at the dinner table. That being said my daughter doesn’t care about that at all. She just loves being a big girl with her fork. I’ll probably be buying a few more here soon.

Annie Pittsburg, CA

Big girl forks!

My daughter thought it was fun that she could "poke" her food. She is used to just using a spoon or her hands. So now we have upgraded to these. I love the fat rubbery handles. They work great in her small hands.

Hattie Trinidad, CA

Works great

Easy for the toddler to hold. Prongs are not sharp enough to injure hands or fingers but work well enough to stab soft foods like fruit pieces, well cooked meats, etc. I do wish Amazon offered the option of choosing your color.

Muriel Mount Sherman, KY

good grip and shape

My 15 month old likes this fork set. Handle texture makes them slip resistant. They are a good size. Tips are pointy enough without being dangerous.

Juanita Rugby, TN


These are great forks, big enough for my toddler’s hands and easy to wash. Price is also awesome. I have several sets of these and love them.

Margot Belleview, FL

Easy to use

My 17 month old son loves these forks and has no trouble using them. He’s able to easily pierce food with the prongs, but they are not pointy enough to hurt him. Just perfect.

Thelma Bellwood, PA

My 1.5 year old son uses them occasonally

I like it because my son can hold it to his mouth…he loses his patience if he couldn’t get things on and rather using his more efficient hands. I think it might just take time. He sometimes can pick tofu up so I guess it’s not too bad. 🙂 I do trust him with this product (on high chair) but I still pay my full attention when he’s holding it.

Dorothea Glyndon, MD

Durable and easy to hold

Our toddler loves these Gerber forks. They are easy for her to hold, and the shallow shape of the fork end makes it easy for her to scoop up food as well as to stick it, so this works like a combination spoon and fork. The forks are big enough to get a good-sized bite but not too big to fit in her mouth. We’ve washed these forks in the dishwasher countless times with the other metal utensils, and they still look pristine with no wear to the plastic, no fading of the color, and no separation of the fork from the handle.

Billie Minneota, MN


These work wonderfully for my daughter and are just the right length for her to begin her self-feeding journey. I wish I would’ve seen the color options earlier, lol, but they are pretty gender neutral regardless. 🙂

Reyna Tijeras, NM

Great Fork for Little Hands

I bought these forks for my 17 month old as a step up from the nuk gerber graduates plastic forks he used previously. These forks are great! He loves being able to easily spear his food. I’m especially glad because he’s becoming particular about having clean hands and now that he can spear his food easily there are less tantrums about dirty hands! He has no issues with holding onto these forks, even when his hands do get messy. I think these forks are a great way to transition towards our adult forks.

Kaitlyn Minersville, PA

Great Forks For Toddlers!

I use these with my 16 month old who is learning to use utensils. They make it easy for her to poke and pickup food with ease. The larger handle size makes it easier for her to hold than a thin adult fork and I don’t really worry about her poking her eye with these since the handle is short and the tips are blunt. My 3.5 year old used these often when he was her age and he still will use one every once in a while because they still work well for him. They are a great transitioning utensil for teaching kids how to use a regular fork – especially for the price.

Cassie Haines, AK

Develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination and toddler’s LOVE them!

I found these forks and even though they say 18 months and up I bought them for him at 13 months. Wow what a difference these forks make! He was almost instantly able to get foods onto the fork himself and he was so delighted to be able to independently feed himself with a fork.The handles are perfect for little hands to confidently grip. The tines are metal and thin enough to be sturdy but still able to pierce food without being sharp. As long as you are sitting with your child while he is eating I would highly recommend these forks to younger eaters.Whenever we eat at a restaurant or with any family or friends everyone raves at how well my son eats with a fork at only 18 months. Several of my friends have commented that their two year olds don’t control a fork as well as my son, and honestly it is true. I really just give credit to these forks! They have helped his fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Also, he is more likely to try new foods because it gives him a chance to use his fork.

Debora Muldoon, TX