Gerber Graduates Lil’ Trainer Tableware Set in Assorted Colors, 3-Piece Set

Gerber Graduates Lil’ Trainer Tableware Set in Assorted Colors, 3-Piece Set

The Gerber Graduates Lil’ Trainer Tableware Set is ideal for kids who are learning to self-feed with a curved training rim and suction-cup base to prevent spills. The training rim is removable and converts into a big kid’s plate when your little one is ready to make the change. The curved design of the plate also makes it simple for kids to scoop up food onto their spoons. The fork and spoon has soft, easy-to-grasp handles sized just right for little hands, durable stainless steel tips, while the fork tines have been rounded out for extra safety. This set includes (1) fork, (1) spoon and (1) plate that come in assorted colors, either pink and purple or blue and green. The Gerber Graduates Lil’ Trainer Tableware Set is dishwasher safe, BPA-free and designed for children 12-months and older. The NUK family of brands designs safe and fun products that encourage your baby’s development. NUK is committed to nurturing your children’s healthy transitions from birth to toddler and has worked for over 50 years to design high quality, innovative products that are scientifically proven to support safe and healthy development. Visit for all your baby and toddler needs.

Main features

  • Ideal for little ones learning to feed with curved rim to help scoop food
  • Suction cups help prevent spills
  • Includes (1) fork, (1) spoon and (1) plate
  • Assorted pack comes in either blue and green or pink and purple
  • Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free

Verified reviews


Doesn’t stay put.

The suction doesn’t stick to anything. My son barely touches the plate and it starts sliding. The lip would work well, IF the plate would stay suctioned in one spot, but it doesn’t. It is also very difficult to assemble the suction part to the plate. So you need to assemble the plate before placing food on it, and then be very careful that you don’t dislodge the suction base. And once you get everything in place perfectly, your baby will promptly and easily lift the plate from their tray anyways!It’s called “Lil Trainer” because its never to early to start training your baby to become a savvy consumer!!! This product is a disappointment. 😛

Katina Thornburg, IA

poorly designed

Worst possible suction bowl/plate out there for your money.Munchkin Three Stay Put Suction Bowl 3-Packis much better. I don’t expect any suction bowl to stick on if a determined toddler wants to pull it off and fling it. All I am looking for is the stay put feature to help them eat if they actually want to eat offof a plate or bowl. This does not fit the bill since the suction base keeps coming off with the gentlest nudge. The suction base is next to impossible to slip back on to the bowl, the suction base is not dishwasher or m/w safe. So you do have to take it off all the time for wash up. Even the space agey lip around the bowl keeps coming off with a nudge of their fork or spoon while they are eating providing distraction and taking away from mealtime. looks cute and guess I have a usable spoon and fork out of this deal…

Debbie Hallam, NE

Improved design nice

I ordered 3 of these because my toddler still likes using these and soon I will have another self-feeding toddler. The old design had many complaints by other reviewers (pieces don’t stay together or are difficult to put back together) but I just wanted to let others know that the white piece on the bottom of the plate is now STUCK ON the plate so it does not come apart. Now, I purchased 3 more thinking that the pieces would come apart as I only use the top 2 pieces anyway before, so the bottom piece stuck on was a surprise to me. At first I was not pleasantly surprised, but now that my son has used it a few times with the plate sucked on to his place mat I’m happy that it comes stuck on. The top piece is still challenging to put back onto the plate, but with practice it’s not so bad!My only “problem” is that Amazon does not allow us to pick the colour. I have 2 sons, and of the 3 I ordered, I got 2 pink sets!

Diana Stanville, KY

Works ok, love the fork and spoon

I think I purchased a newer model, as mine only has two pieces-the plate with suction, and the ring guard, not tons of pieces as another reviewer mentioned. The ring is pointless, I wish the walls of the plate were just higher. I love the fork and spoon though, the fork has those blunt points on the edges, but still has poking power in the center. The suction cup does not work very well. I would not purchase again, though I would purchase the fork and spoon separately.

Florence Williamston, MI

Utensils nice, plates comes apart too easily

This would be such a superior product if the plate didn’t come in three pieces. The suction base is really a pain to put on, especially if you’ve already filled the plate with food and can’t flip the plate over. The suction also worked pretty well in the beginning but stopped working after some use (I only hand wash this so it couldn’t be warped). The rim is way too easy to get off and my son figured out how to do it pretty quickly. I do really like the spoon and the rubberized, thick handles because it’s easy for him to use. The fork, although safe, isn’t that functional since it’s nearly impossible to stab pieces of food unless they are really billowy and thick. This would probably be a good set for a very young toddler learning to eat on his/her own for the very first time but doesn’t really work well in the long run (my son grew out of it in a few weeks.

Lawanda Guyton, GA

What a Hassle!

I bought this set because of the curved lip on the bowl, which I thought would help my 19-month-old toddler better manage getting food on his spoon. It works okay for that, although along one side, the lip sticks out so far that he actually gets his utensil caught on it and ends up moving the bowl all over the place. The utensils are also quite large/wide – not a good thing for toddlers who are not the most precise when putting things in their mouth. As another reviewer indicated, the suction cup bottom is detachable – an awful idea. I am looking for ease and simplicity, not more parts to keep track of. I bought theBoon Toddler Catch Bowl with Spill Catcherbowl at the same time, and far prefer it because the suction is stable and it is all one, nearly seamless, piece.

Isabella Tarboro, NC

Nice plate, but suction base doesn’t work

I rated this 3 stars because, well it is “just ok.” The plate has pros and cons, that in my opinion, balance each other out and thus leaving me with just an ok plate. The best feature of this plate is the curved training rim. It does indeed make it easier to get food on the spoon, as well as making it easier for my child to pick up those slippery foods with his hands. I like the fork and spoon that come with the plate simply because of the wide, round handles; they’re much easier for my son to grip than some of the other spoons. The fork has rounded tips, which is a plus, but it doesn’t take any thing away from the effectiveness of the fork; it is still rather easy to pick up food with. The biggest problem with this plate is the suction cup base and had Gerber left off the suction and only advertised as a training plate I would have given it five stars. No matter what I try, I cannot get the suction to work but for a few seconds.Overall, the plate and rim are nice and the utensils are great for small hands, but the suction feature of the plate (in my opinion) is useless.

Whitney Bronx, NY

Suction doesn’t work but I like the set anyway

The suction on this plate has never worked but I gave up on that right away since most suction bowls/plates don’t work very well in my experience. I still like this set because the plate is a lightweight plastic that won’t break if it’s thrown on the ground and the included utencils are very nice and work well. Beware though…the plastic is very porous and if spaghetti or anything with marinara sauce penetrates the utencil handles for any extended period of time, they will stain and become permanently discolored. Our fork’s handle is now green instead of blue due to marinara staining. I don’t care but some people might.

Dora Burt, NY

Perfect plate for scooping

Our plate doesn’t suction well to the porous plastic tray on the high chair, either, but we still love it. My son will use his hands to eat unless he has this plat to help move the food onto the fork or spoon. I didn’t realize at first how helpful this would be, but now we have to buy another one because we use this one all the time.

Ma Lynchburg, VA

suction isn’t very strong, “silverware” is super cheap

Got this primarily for the suction plate since my 12 year old has decided that picking his plate up and letting the contents slide into his lap is great fun. When it arrived I was disappointed that the spoon was all jaggedy at the end, where it’s supposed to connect w/ baby’s mouth so definitely not using that. Both spoon and fork seem awfully cheap and clumsy-big but that’s not why I bought the set. I really wanted the suction plate and this one kinda works alright I guess. Took my baby about 2 minutes to figure out how to lift the tab and un-suction it, twice, but I’m not sure if he’s really figured it out or if he got lucky (twice). The lip on the bowl is actually what kept everything from sliding into his lap, earning this product a whopping 2 stars. I have nothing to compare it with since this is my first baby and first purchase of this sort, but I’m not terribly impressed.

Carrie Joplin, MO