Gerber Graduates Rest Easy Spoons in Assorted Colors, 5-count

Gerber Graduates Rest Easy Spoons in Assorted Colors, 5-count

The Gerber Graduates Rest Easy Spoons help you say goodbye to messy tables. Rest Easy Spoons are designed to never rest on the table, helping to keep germs off the spoon, and the mess off your table. The soft tip and spatula bowl help to wipe food from baby’s mouth. The long handles are great for getting the last few scoops from a deep jar! This set includes (5) spoons in assorted colors and is designed for children 4-months of age and older. Dishwasher safe and BPA-free. The NUK family of brands designs safe and fun products that encourage your baby’s development. NUK is committed to nurturing your children’s healthy transitions from birth to toddler and has worked for over 50 years to design high quality, innovative products that are scientifically proven to support safe and healthy development. Visit for all your baby and toddler needs.

Main features

  • Thermoplastic Elastomers, Polypropylene
  • Imported
  • Built-in support keeps spoon off table
  • Super soft tip gentle on teeth and gums
  • Spatula bowl helps wipe food from baby’s mouth
  • Includes (5) spoons in assorted colors
  • Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free

Verified reviews


Love them!

My baby loves these spoons, would definitely recommend these! Love the flat tip, makes it easier to clean around babies mouth to shovel food back in.

Casey Ferrum, VA

Great spoons

I loved the idea that these spoons wouldn’t get schmutz on the table if I had to put them down while feeding my baby. They’re OK at that — but the bump usually has food on it from being scraped against the side of the jar, so that’s not too effective. However, my baby loves holding these spoons, and she won’t put them too far into her mouth because of the bump. There’s also enough bowl to the spoon to hold some quantity but not so much that she has trouble getting the food off the spoon and into her mouth. Of all the varieties we’ve tried (about 4 or 5), these are our favorite.

Mattie Monroe, SD

Tip is too soft for mixing food

The tip of the spoons is little too soft. I was trying to use that spoon to mix the rice cereal with formula, but take me little longer.

Patsy Harleton, TX

These spoons just aren’t for me and my baby

I bought these spoons originally at the suggestion of my daycare provider; however, I never really cared for these spoons. Although they work well enough, I wish I had gotten different spoons for my daughter.These are the issues that I have with these spoons:The bowl of the spoon is too long. My eight-month old now insists on taking the spoon from me to feed herself. But since the spoon is too long, she has difficulty getting it into her mouth, and if she does get it in she gags on it because it goes too far back into her mouth.The little bump to keep food off the table is worthless. I always manage to get food on the bump, so I never want to put the spoon down, as I would get food on the table.I really don’t need a flat-edged spoon to help get food from around my baby’s mouth. So this is another wasted feature.I do like the material of the spoon, and they are easy to clean, but since I had to go out and buy new spoons, these were just kind of a waste of my money.

Allie Burns, CO

Like how it rests on the table without touching the spoon part to the table

I like how it rests on the table without touching the spoon part to the table. Cute colors too. Highly recommend.

Michael Winona, OH

Love these spoons!

The scoop part is narrow enough to fit comfortably in a small mouth, and because the edge is flat, you can scrape any escaped food off their face pretty cleanly. Dishwasher safe.The only negative is the blue spoon is now a little green after using it for squash, even after repeated washings.

Cheryl Odenville, AL

Good Spoons

They have a lot of useful features. The baby likes them and the different colors keep her entertained I think.

Hester Devault, PA

Surprisingly Awesome

There is something about the way the scoop is shaped that makes feeding a baby incredibly efficient. My LO really like chewing on them too!Fine spoons. I would buy them for a friend.

Magdalena Deer Island, OR

great spoon!

I bought these thinking that the "rest easy" part was the best part, but honestly we realized we don’t sit the spoon down that much. What we have loved is the softness/flexibility of the spoon and the flat sides. They’re great for scraping the excess food off of our son’s face.

James Trosky, MN

like a spatula

These are the best baby spoons that we have. They work great at wiping food off of the babies face while feeding them. We only use these now.

Deidra Webster, KY

What more could u want?!

These spoons are awesome. The spatula end of the spoon is such a good idea and really does come in handy for scraping the baby’s food.The support is also great because it keeps the mouth part from touching surfaces that wouldn’t be great for baby to consume. All in all, don’t listen to some of the other reviewers who gave these spoons a bad review, buy them and you’ll be as impressed as I am!

Ramona Santa Claus, IN


We started using these when our baby girl was about 5 months. She loves them. You can get more food in the spoon than some of the other more "flat" spoons. The nubs on the bottom help her with learning to grip the spoon as well. These wash up amazing. We do hand wash them though, seems like they smell like Cascade when we put them in the washer due to the rubbery material. But overall we love them!

Maribel Coulee Dam, WA

I love these spoons.

Thier great spoons. Super easy to clean babys mouth and they’re very soft but still hold thier shape. Great spoons the only thing I wish is that they came in exclusively boy or girl colors. Mine came in a mixture and boy and girl colors.

Leanne Duncan, OK

Very good spoons

Like these spoons a lot. I use them with my 8mo old son since he was 6 months. They are very soft and I like that you can put them down on the table w/o the end of the spoon touching the table. They tend to discolor a little in the dishwasher and stain a little when I use veggies that stain (like carrots) but I don’t care. Bought a second set a few weeks later

Violet Bremerton, WA

Good stuff

First i thought this would be cheap and not really good. But turned to be better then OXO brand.. which cracked in couple of month.

Brigitte Kenvir, KY

These spoons rock!

These spoons rock with spoon rest and soft tips. The squarish edges also allow more food to stay in my 10 month olds mouth.

Christi Crane, MO

love these

Best baby spoons. You can’t tell from looking at them but the spoon part is soft flexible silicone so it’s easy on baby’s gums.

Aileen Canal Point, FL

Not Flexible Enough

I was given these baby spoons as a gift & purchased the classic Gerber Soft Bite Spoons myself. After using both types extensively, I much prefer the soft bite spoons. On these rest easy spoons, they are slightly flexible but not as much as I would like, I do not use the resting on the table or high chair function, & when my daughter bites down on them I feel like it hurts her gums based on the face she makes! I like the Gerber Soft abide Spoons or the Munchkin 100% Silicone Spoons.

Kristina Bruce Crossing, MI

that’s ok

The design of the spoon is very good .But it’s a little coloration when I use this to scoop fruit paste.

Karin Pueblo, CO

Great Baby spoon

Great for baby. Holds enough food to fill her mouth with over filling. Doesn’t spill easily. Handle is a good length for easy manuevering around curious hands. soft flexible tip gentle on baby’s gentle lips and gums.

Ilene Hillsboro, TX


Durable spoons. Hold up well in the dish washer. Easy to feed little ones. I would recommend this product to friends/family.

Shawn Long Lake, NY

Nice soft tip

I was looking for a spoon for when we started solids. Baby teething so she liked to chew or bite on the spoons. These are great because it’s all one piece (no place for food to get stuck) and soft and flexible enough so when baby bites down it doesn’t hurt her gums.

Jocelyn Gorham, NY

Favorite Spoons!

These are our favorite spoons, and we’ve tried about 5 different types of spoons – they make it easy to scoop food out of jars, easy for my son to eat out of, and easy to clean some of the food that inevitably makes it onto his face.

Robert North Powder, OR

Good spoons!

these are easy spoons for mom and baby to use. The colors were a little off from what i expected – -the red looked more pink than anything.

Lorie Maylene, AL

Spatula tip is GENIUS!

These are the greatest spoons for a new eater. My son is 6-months and beginning solids. The spatula tip is wonderful for cleaning up food around his mouth after each bite. I also like the shallow depth of the spoon, most spoons are too curved for new eaters- they don’t know how to form their lips yet! These are wonderful spoons and help make feeding him enjoyable!!

Nelda Warsaw, MN

Mini Shovels

These are great spoons – so great we don’t even use bibs anymore when our 6-month old eats. Of course I’m not one of those Mom’s who feel you need to put the entire jar of baby food onto one spoonful and shove into baby’s mouth – nope we take dainty little bites and enjoy the meal. The flat end is great to "clean up" anything that happens to spill back onto her lips and the built-in spoon rest is great. I bought 2 packs!

Kerri Durant, IA

Love these spoons!

We love these spoons! They have a perfect shape and design and was up great in the top shelf of the dishwasher. Be careful putting them into liquids that are hot as it causes discoloration. (Oops!) Other than that no complaints!

Kendra Wolfeboro Falls, NH

Great spoons!

Good price, good quality and so smart to use. They cleans up the mess around your litle babys mouth in no time!

Kirsten Palmer, IL

Great design

I like the squared-off design of these spoons. It does make getting food off babies face much easier. As other reviewers have pointed out, the spoon rest on the bottom does tend to get food on it. It isn’t as useful as the spoon’s designers intended, but all baby spoons end up with food on the handle so I don’t think that’s a flaw.

Gladys South Berwick, ME

the best spoon

after trying a lot of spoons I find this the best because of the shape of the spoon the food doesn’t spill

Jeanette Pittsfield, PA