Gerber Graduates Soft-Bite Infant Spoons,Assorted Colors, 6-count

Gerber Graduates Soft-Bite Infant Spoons,Assorted Colors, 6-count

The Gerber Graduates Soft-Bite Infant Spoons are the perfect solution for feeding your baby! Soft-Bite Infant Spoons have soft, silicone tips that are gentle on your baby’s teeth and gums. The durable stainless steel handle are curved and longer for extra comfort. Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. This set includes (6) spoons in assorted colors and is designed for children 4-months of age and older. The NUK family of brands designs safe and fun products that encourage your baby’s development. NUK is committed to nurturing your children’s healthy transitions from birth to toddler and has worked for over 50 years to design high quality, innovative products that are scientifically proven to support safe and healthy development. Visit for all your baby and toddler needs.

Main features

  • Soft, silicone tip gentle on teeth and gums
  • Longer, curved handle makes feeding baby easier and more comfortable
  • Durable stainless steel handles
  • Includes (6) spoons in assorted colors
  • Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free

Verified reviews


Terrible for baby’s first food, Munchin is better

I used these spoons for my son’s first “solid” foods. Because the first foods are more liquid than solid, these spoons were so shallow they hardly held anything on it before it hit the baby’s mouth.These won’t last as long because they hold less food per spoonful than other deeper spoons.The lip is SO soft and rounded that when you use the spoon to catch dribble on the baby’s chin/face, it actually just smears it or pushes it around rather than scooping it back up.(Buy the multicolored Munchkin spoons which are just as soft, will wipe food off the baby’s face better, and hold more, thus lasting longer for when your child starts eating more volume and chunkier foods)

Nanette Wild Rose, WI

They’re Spoons. What more can I say?

Dishwasher Safe, Baby likes them…. soft tip for babies teething. 4-8 months babies is probably the ideal time to use these. We’ve graduated from these into bigger spoons. 10 months old.

Maryanne Spencerville, IN

Waste of money

I got these spoons because it was traditional. All babies seem to start with these types of spoons. Yes they were a good size for her mouth, and when she was just starting to eat solids @ 5 1/2 mos and was biting down I thought it was protecting her gums. The spoon well was so shallow that food just ran off it and she didn’t get much with each bite. The handle was also short and uncomfortable for me to hold. It just didn’t sit right in my hand. I quickly switched (within a week) to the Munchkin brand and was 10 times happier with those ones. Her gums were fine and boy does she bite down, and they are BPA free and safer for her to play with now that she tries to take it from me. And the comfort for my feeding her is so much better with the long plastic ones over these short metal rubber ones. I think these weren’t necessary and a waste of money since I only used them for about a week, but I got them because being a first time mom, I thought that’s what all babies started out with.

Ora Union Dale, PA

These are the best spoons

I am a mom of 3, my youngest is 7 months old. These are the best spoons for starting solids. A lot of spoons have too deep of a bowl, and it is hard to get it into baby’s mouth when they are learning to eat, they can’t get the food out of the bowl. These are a little more flat, so my kids could always get the food off easier. It is also narrower than some, so it fits in their little bitty mouths. They wash well, and have done fine in the dishwasher (utensil basket.) Love them.

Kitty Fennville, MI

Not the way to go

As far as quality goes these are fine but they just aren’t an easy product to use compared to other brands out there. They are too short so they aren’t that comfortable for parents to use. Also due to the length they are also messy because you have to dip into the jar or bowl and you tend to get the food halfway up the spoon. They are also very shallow making it difficult to feed those runny first foods that babies need. Go with Nuby they are great!

Jenifer Douglas, MI

Nice spoons for baby

Got these and a couple of different kinds for my daughter when she was beginning to eat solids. These were by far my favorite for feeding her things like oatmeals, rice cereals, sticky-type foods, that they eat so much of in the beginning! The silicone tip is soft and they are affordable, so if you loose one (or a couple), it doesn’t break the bank to replace them!

Frieda Hardenville, MO

Made in China, not in USA

Besides the mislabeling on the website (which I reported), these are pretty great for first solid foods. They are soft silicone tips that are gentle on the gums and new teeth, and though they don’t hold a lot, it makes it easier for the baby to learn how to deal with food. (A bigger spoon would likely get pushed out more immediately).

Nelly Chapman, NE

Good spoons for baby

These were the first spoons we used for our 4 month old. Soft tipped and dishwasher safe. Overall a good product for a baby who is just starting baby food.Edit: As I mentioned, these spoons are great for new eaters. However, as they get better at eating, these spoons will not do as they don’t hold nearly enough food. These are probably good for ~1-2 months while starting baby food, but after a while, your baby will get frustrated that she is not getting bigger bites.

Isabel Mcville, ND

Wish I’d tried Munchkin

Though I had already decided on Munchkin soft tip spoons due to the high ratings and low cost, Grandma bought us these and I figured we’d might as well use them. I don’t complain too much, especially since they were free to us, but I do wish I had stuck with my plans and traded these in for Munchkin.Pros:Goes easily into babies mouth (as in food comes off smoothly and quickly)Seem to get just the right amount of food for babies first solidsBaby “helps” easily, thanks to the long skinny handleCons:They don’t seem to clean well. One had just as much avocado coming out of the dishwasher as it did going in.Bent! We were eating pears and one of them bent with hardly any effortBaby “helps” easily, thanks to the long skinny handle (I know, it’s cute and terrible all at the same time)They aren’t shallow at all. I’d imagine once I need to start using “larger” spoonfuls these won’t hold much.Ironically, that last con means I’ll have to upgrade to toddler spoons sooner than I’d hoped (or go buy the Munchkin ones anyway), and while doing the research on toddler spoons, it does seem like NUK has the best ones to offer. In the end, I wish I’d had Munchkin for baby (6 months to 12) and NUK for toddler (12+). I’ll probably just throw these out once he “graduates” because I can’t imagine they’ll hold up well for a second child.

Bettie Stockton, CA

Good size for beginners!

I use these spoons daily and never use my other ones- Nuby brand. I originally liked the price for the amount, and then after using them this is the only spoon I use. My son just started eating solids, and what makes the spoon best for him is how shallow the spoon is. My other spoons were too deep and when you put the spoon with food into the baby’s mouth, he was unable to get the food off of the spoon. These work really well and are a nice small size for travelling as well.

Gussie Clyde, NY

Not as good as I thought

These spoons are definetely on many people’s lists. They seem to be the traditional baby spoons for starting them on solid food. The size is perfect and the plastic is good on their gums. Nevertheless, once I left a couple of spoons on the dirty plates and a couple of hours later I noticed that they both absorbed the colour of the leftover food. The white spoon was yellow (stained with mango) and the yellow spoon was green (stained with zuccini). This made me feel that the plastic is probably not good quality and will probably absorb all kinds of bacteria if they absorb the juices of leftovers. I’d be careful and would probably go for regular plastic spoons, since these can’t be sterilized in the microwave because of the metal.

Sheri Marion, IA

Great Spoons

If you are looking for spoons for your beginning to solid feed baby then these spoons are for you and here is why. The rubber ending is better and safer for babies mouth and the metal end is great for holding and not losing grip. These spoons are a life saver and have not became discolored yet.

Savannah Warrensville, NC

They’re too shallow. And they look rather cheap for Gerber.

I realize that the spoons are for babies but you can really take just a drop of food out of the can.. if to take into account that it;;s not easy to make the baby wish open his mouth,, it will take ages to feed him. The silicone is of nice bright colors, but the metal looks so cheap, though it’s washed pretty well in dishwasher.. Actually- they just cost their money. Good for their price.

Charity Kennebunkport, ME

Nice starter spoons

These are the perfect spoons for when you are just starting purees because they are 1) soft and don’t hurt baby’s gums and 2) are very shallow. The deeper spoons work well later on, but at first babies can’t get the food out of the groove on some of the deeper ones.

Elena Belle Haven, VA

small, but nice

A very petite spoon, but the ‘rubberized’ covering is nice for little mouths. Handle is slender, and easy for them to hold, but also long enough for mom to hold to feed.

Pamala Huntingburg, IN

Perfect for my infant son!

I got a two pack spoon at a local buybuybaby store and absolutely loved it that I wanted to buy more. I was thrilled to find six pack for so cheap on amazon! I have tommee tipee plastic spoons that I got from my baby shower and I hate using them, doesn’t feel like a proper spoon. Love how they are more like “silverware,” I hate how so many baby spoons are all plastic. The size is perfect for my little guy. The only downfall is that you can’t choose color combination. when these arrived I got the pink, purple ones, the one that shows on the pic for my baby boy. Not a big deal but would’ve like to have chosen different colors.

Gayle Schley, VA

EXCELLENT Product For First Time Eaters

I used these spoons when my daughters were babies and now I use them for my grandchildren! These, in my honest opinion, are THE BEST spoons on the market for babies graduating to eating more solid-type foods. The rubber spoon part makes feeding feel more secure in that there is no metal against their teeth. The length of the spoons are perfect and they are just an overall good fit. I would recommend these spoons to every young mother and grandmother and to those who provide childcare because they are very well constructed and made to last! As a matter of fact, I still have ONE spoon from when my daughters were babies and my oldest is now 27! I used it for her, my second daughter, and have even used it for my grandchildren! GREAT Product from a GREAT company!

Judi Radersburg, MT

Gerber Graduates BPA Free 6 Pack Soft Bite Infant Spoon, Colors May Vary

•Soft, silicone tip gentle on teeth and gums•Long, slim handles makes feeding baby easier•Dishwasher-safe•BPA-FREE•Available in 2pk and 6pk; For 4m+

Ramona Louviers, CO

best spoons!

We love these spoons! They are soft so they don’t hurt baby’s mouth, shallow so it’s easy to get food off (at this age you swipe the food off in their mouth, they don’t use their lip to dig it out), and last a long time. Ours didn’t have any funny taste. We tried the Munchkin spoons as recommended in other reviews, but the bowl is WAY too deep- there’s no way a beginning eater can clean it out, and it’s really wide making any attempt to use their lips very difficult. Stick with these!

Juana Kingshill, VI

Favorite spoons

I only bought these spoons for my son because on my daughter I used the munchkin spoons and hated them. These spoons are very soft and hold a good amount of food too. They don’t rust or discolor when I wash them either.

Aimee Pierce City, MO

great supplement for grannies

by the time your grandchildren are visiting you, all those "baby forks and spoons" from your own children have been either tossed or lost, and that "ceremonial silver spoon" is not one you want to use for a little one. These spoons are perfect. Great price point, dishwasher safe (if you choose) – soft bowl and edges designed not to hurt baby. And several in a pack! So you won’t have to go digging for the one baby spoon you want – unless you have someone who only wants a particular color – which little babies are not usually so interested in – well worth the price

Sandy Nerstrand, MN

Perfect for first solids

These spoons are the perfect size and shape for beginning eaters. I had tried two other kinds first, and they just generally are too big or too deep. These are fairly flat, the tip is small, and the coating is comfortable for babies just getting started.

Irene Deltaville, VA

Perfect Little Spoons!

I bought these spoons for feeding my 4 month old. I bought these along withTake & Toss Infant Spoons – 16pk. The take and toss spoons are very hard plastic and not good at all for starting a baby on solids, it is very hard on the gums. The gerber spoon are soo perfect. They are small for my sons little mouth and very soft. He can chew on the spoon with no problems. Very sturdy spoons and great handles for parents on hold.

Roslyn Deming, WA

Great little spoons

Great little spoons, very comfortable to hold and feed baby from. I like the length of the spoon handles and how comfortable and soft the spoon tip is.

Angela Ridgefield, CT

great for starting solids

I got these for my daughter to start on baby food. I like the plastic coating on the spoon to protect her gums. And the spoon is just right for her little mouth. Of course it is important that it is bpa free as well.

Arlene Wilder, TN

Good spoons

I like that they aren’t color changing — I can’t imagine getting the spoons to change colors includes using a safe substance to put in my baby’s mouth.

Edythe Green Spring, WV

Ideally Good, but not well balanced and the spoon is shallow

I purchased this because it’s BPA free, but was a bit disappointed with the shallowness of the spoon and the unbalanced hold. The handle is metal and thin, so it’s not easy to hold on to (baby swats the spoon out of my hand easily); and you can’t grab much of the food with the spoon. Unfortunately they’re just sitting in a drawer.

Lessie Guasti, CA

Good spoons

These are good spoons – small enough to tuck into a travel pack – I prefer the long handled, all plastic spoons – but these work and the small size is nice when you need them to tuck into bags.

Annie Harlem Springs, OH

Great for an infant!

These spoons are perfect for an infant just learning to eat. The rubber is soft for her to bite and the size is perfect for their little portions.

Lilia Wall, TX

They’ll work in a pinch.

I’m really not fond of these and prefer the cheap Dollar Tree tossable spoon much better. The food tends to fall off the sides of the spoon because of the design. There is no ‘bowl’ for the spoon to house any food on it. Try something else.

Willie Brimhall, NM