Gerber Graduates Tossables BPA Free 3 Pack Disposable Cups, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Gerber Graduates Tossables BPA Free 3 Pack Disposable Cups, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

These cute cups are designed for busy moms! Whether you choose to wash or toss, these cups would be a great addition to your collection!

Main features

  • For wash or toss convenience
  • For busy, on-the-go moms
  • Available in cute designs

Verified reviews


Very cute but not too spill proof

I bought these for my twins first birthday jungle party. They were perfect favors for the theme. I am a little disappointed that the lids are not very secure. Otherwise, a good item for the price.

Eunice Duncan, MS

Very good cups!

Pros:-Sturdy plastic (a bit sturdier than take and toss cups)-Hard plastic tops means kids can’t chew the spout and deform it-Nice size-Cute design-Fully interchangeable with each other-Easy to wash without extra pieces, machine washableCons:-Can be hard to catch the threads right to screw the top on-Even when the top is screwed on correctly, a drop or a good squeeze can pop the top and the milk goes everywhere-Leaks, doesn’t have a spout-cover like some other brands, so don’t throw one in your bagOverall: would recommend for home use, perhaps at the dinner table.

Lourdes Knowlesville, NY

Perfect for older babies and toddlers!

I feel like I have purchased every sippy cup on the market! These are great cups to prevent major spills. They provide a semi-steady flow of liquid through the spout. I wash them by hand and in the dishwasher all the time. I think we have had these for at least a year and they are still perfectly usable, they look brand new. They are actually pretty sturdy cups. The faces on top are very cute and my son loves drinking from them. I baby sit my friend’s toddlers sometimes and they always want to use these cups. Just make sure you screw the lid on properly or the lid will pop off or cause a steady leak! The leak has only happened twice when I was in a hurry to close it or wasn’t paying much attention to putting the lid on. I will be purchasing another set! I definitely recommend these cups for older kids.

Imelda Senoia, GA


Very nice. Kiddos love the animal prints. The added twisting action keeps the lids in place better, but they will still pop off if thrown or dropped from a height. They are sturdy and hold up well in the dishwasher.

Colleen North Egremont, MA

drippty drip

I bought these cups for my daughter when she was just starting to use cups and they dripped like crazy. They often ended up sideways or upside down and the water just ran out the lid – free flowing. I threw them all away. If you have a child that always places their cups upright this would be a good cup but I found I was do a lot of extra cleaning.

Reva Adamstown, PA

lid comes off easily & spills everywhere if you’re not careful

I wanted no valve sippy cups for my almost two year old, so no prob with some leaks from the spout here and there. But the screw on lid does not consistently thread correctly, meaning it leaks and sometimes comes off entirely, spilling entire cups of liquid. No thank you. For no valve cups I much prefer the Nutria BPA free sippy cups with the click on lid or the good ol’ Tupperware sippy cups. We’ve had these for about 6 months & they’ve held up otherwise in the dish washer etc etc, but use them now only as back ups.

Annmarie Clairfield, TN