Gerber Large 3 in 1 Ribbon Bag, Pink

Gerber Large 3 in 1 Ribbon Bag, Pink

Gerber 3 in 1 Ribbon Bag. Features include; three elastic bottle holders, light lining and easy to find items, large back slit pocket with easy closure, changer and lining easily wipes clean, adjustable shoulder strap, convenient handles, multiple inside and outside pockets for extra storage, bag opens easy and wide. Bag consists of contrast binding, grosgrain ribbon, and ric-rac detail. Gerber has been caring for babies for over 80 years. That is why we are the name mothers trust when it comes to their babies.

Main features

  • Multiple inside and out pockets, includes changer and wipe case
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and convenient handles
  • Nylon 3 elastic bottle holders and large back slit pocke
  • For extra storage bag opens easy and wide

Verified reviews


Wonderful bag

I bought this for my daughter and her baby. She loaded it up and still had room leftover. The pockets are roomy and they make it easy to organize all the necessary items. I plan to purchase another of these bags for my other daughter.

Lily Hallsville, OH

Love it!

When I had my first daughter my friend bought me this personalized diaper bag. I absolutely loved it, but could never get everything I needed in it. Especially when I went to the airport. When I got pregnant with my second child I KNEW I needed something bigger since I would have 2 kids under 2 and my oldest hasn’t started potty training. This bag is great, it holds several different outfits for both my girls, about 10 diapers in both newborn & size 4 plus formula, bottles, sippys & a blanket. I’ve snagged it on the door & a nail and it hasn’t ripped or torn anywhere.

Shelby Blue Ridge Summit, PA


Unless you have multiples or plan on carrying half your nursery with you wherever you go, this diaper bag is more in line with a duffel bag an adult would use for sports equipment! It is HUGE! They list the measurements and someone listed all of the stuff you can stash in it, but until you actually SEE the bag itself you don’t know how massive it is. It’s also kind of ugly, really. The design looks cute in the picture, but it’s BROWN, not black. It looked really cheesy when I got it, and it went RIGHT back. Definitely too big for a diaper bag!

Melisa Davidson, OK

Great bag

Works very well. Has lots of handy pockets for storing things, as well as the big space for diapers. I use this for my cloth diapers. Great bag.

Chasity Revloc, PA

Great Product

I bought this product about 6 weeks ago and it has worked great! It is extremely cute! It is functional and I love all of the features. Bottom line I would purchase again.

Sasha Nogal, NM

Not enough pockets to organize

This bag is okay for a weekend bag, and that’s all we really use it for. If we go visit parents for the weekend, we pack extra clothes and things in it, but as far as an every day bag, I definitely would never use this for that. There are very few pockets, and they are small. It comes with a really cheap wipe case that won’t stay shut. I guess its a get what you pay for type bag, as it is pretty inexpensive. I bought this specifically to be a weekend bag, so it works for my purposes, but I wanted to mention that its certainly not a good every day bag at all. Spend more on a decent bag for that.

Jeanie Hornbeck, LA

poor quality

This bag is made of very thin plastic which looks very poor quality. It is quite small too. I am planning to return it as soon as possible.

Adelaide Pelican Lake, WI

Thought would be bigger from reviews

The previous reviews made it seem like the bag was super big but I think it is just the right size. It is a very nice bag considering the price, love the color scheme. The pockets seem very nicely organized. I like that there are side pockets, a back and front pocket as well. There is also a divider space inside the main compartment. Also comes with plastic wipes case and changer! Very good value. I can fit a lot in this bag, using it as my hospital bag in preparation for the birth.

Mia Chico, CA

We bought 1 in blue and pink!

This diaper bag is pretty roomy and has held up great so far. And not for a bad price! I would recommend these!

Miriam Gibsland, LA

Very bad seams

I’m a customer of Gerber Bag since one year ago and I’ve bougth about 12 bags, I sell this in my country. The desing is very good but in the seams of the borders the thread doesn’t take enough fabric and it unstitchs very soon. I cann’t return them for the seller because it’s very expensive for me, living out USA. Some times my rating was 5 stars because I tought could be one bad bag, bat now with three, I think the manufacturer doesn’t have a good quality control. I hope to continue buying this bag, because my customers like it.

Lana Fosters, AL


I liked it.. until a week later. It gets dirty super duper fast. It looks pretty worn and used. I haven’t used it since (9 months ago) 🙁

Carol Springfield, GA

cute bag!

This bag is great for the price! Although my baby hasn’t came yet the bag is even better than I pictured it would be! Every bag I looked at when I was at Target was at least $30 and wasn’t as cute or roomy.

Catherine Jarratt, VA

Very spacious, lots of pockets. good value!

It has pockets everywhere. Light weight, very cute. The wet wipe case is a bonus but it will be easier to separate each wipe when you load the case because it is just a regular case.

Alta Crumpler, NC