Gerber Organic Birdseye Prefold Cloth Diaper, 5 Count

Gerber Organic Birdseye Prefold Cloth Diaper, 5 Count

Gerber Organic Birdseye prefold diapers are made of a lightweight fabric that is soft and quick drying. Made of 100% organic cotton fibers, natually grown and naturally soft. Prefolded panels make it easier for mom to use. 5 pack white assortment. Great for giving as a gift.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Made of 100% organic cotton fibers
  • Natually grown and naturally soft
  • Machine wash and dry

Verified reviews


Total must have item for baby

I buy these as burp rags and they are by far the best out there. They are extremely soft and get a nice bubbly texture to them, and get softer and softer with each wash. There are no thick seamed edges or hard corners. They fit perfectly over the shoulder, fold up small to go anywhere, and are very soft to use on baby.I dont cloth diaper, so for me I think these would actually do better marketed as burp cloths. I think for actual diapers they might be thin and the weave too loose. However the softness would also make them more stretchy as a result, allowing for a snug yet comfortable fit if you were to use them as diapers.My last bunch of these are still going strong and have been washed probably a thousand times and used for just about any household task. Now with a new baby on the way I have purchased three more fresh packs. You will truly get your moneys worth on these, no matter what you use them for.

Callie Gapville, KY

Best burp cloths ever

I know these aren’t technically burp cloths, but that’s what I use them for. They are great – soft, absorbant, and the perfect size. I used them almost exclusively with my now 2-year-old, and she ended up loving them so much, she calls them her "blankies", and needs one to sleep with. I’m using them again with my newborn, and even turned my sister on to them when she had her son back in May. These are way better than the non-organic ones.

Patti Ashley, MI

Best burp cloths

We do cloth diaper our children, but I wouldn’t use these for that purpose since they’re nowhere near as thick/absorbent as Chinese Prefolds. However, they are the best burp cloths! They may not be cute/fancy, but they can catch a whole lot of spit up quickly and it absorbs immediately into the fabric – keeping it off clothes/furniture! I wish I had saved my money from buying cute/patterned burp cloths. These are the way to go, and you can use them for cleaning rags when baby is older!

Ethel Waldo, FL


These are the perfect size, quality, and softness to use as burp cloths or under baby when necessary. They wash really well, too, and are getting softer and softer. Definitely buy the organic ones, they are the best quality.

Melinda Cairo, OH

So useful

I use them as burp cloths, not as diapers. They are soft and very absorbent. I am happy to see that the quality has not changed since I received my first pack three years ago.

Johanna Nilwood, IL

Using as burp cloths…just ok

I had read reviews that these were great burp cloths and now that my son is 2 months old I feel I’ve used them enough to comment. While they certainly do a good job of absorbing spit up and are soft, they just aren’t big enough. I happen to also have the Aden & Anais burp cloths and those are fantastic because they curve around the upper part of your shoulder/chest, which is wear the spit up happens. With these cloths I always end up having spit up going down the front of my shirt. So, while a good idea in concept (and certainly cheaper than the A&A ones) I’ll pay more money to not be covered in puke every time. 🙂

Claudette Taylor, ND

These are excellent burp cloths and general rag options

These are excellent burp cloths and general rag options. We still use them to try our daughter’s little bum at one year. Good purchase.

Rosalie Feesburg, OH


BEWARE! The first few times you wash these suckers they’ll lint everywhere. They were so bad I trashed them. Unfortunate purchase. Also, the quality was quite poor – far less dense than our diaper service diapers, with tattering edges. Avoid.

Rita Five Points, AL

Best burp cloths ever!

After reading other users’ Amazon reviews, I bought these as burp cloths. They are fantastic! So soft after a washing and the perfect size to catch any spit-up or to wipe up milky mouths.

Marcella Sycamore, GA

Must have for drool and spit-up messes

These are great burp, drool, and spit-up clothes. Very absorbent and handy to have in the car, diaper bag and spread about the house. I did not use them as diapers..personally they seem a bit too thin but my son is a super soaker champ.

Sheena Tyngsboro, MA

Love it.

I love these- we have ordered multiple packs over the years (just to add to the stash- not because anything was ever going wrong with the older ones)- they shrink over the first few washes but get softer and softer.

Penny Trenton, KY

Incredibly useful!!

We LOVE these prefold cloth diapers! We use them mainly for burp cloths and they are the best. We’ve bought two extra packages since receiving our original one, because they are so handy.

Arlene Loretto, KY

Good burp cloths

Simple and exactly what you need for you and your baby. Softer with more washes. I would recommend for sure.

Milagros Geneva, IN

good quality

good quality cloths. we use them to wipe drool and milk that leaked from the bottle. they are thin and absorbing.

Hattie Calion, AR