Gerber Plastic Pants, 18 Months, Fits 24-28 lbs.

Gerber Plastic Pants, 18 Months, Fits 24-28 lbs.

Gerber Pullon Plastic Pants – The least expensive way to cover cloth diapers. Also used over training pants and over disposable diapers. If your looking for an inexpensive substitute to diaper covers for your baby and are willing to diaper using diaper pins or plastic diaper fasteners, these plastic pants will do the job. Made of 100% chlorine free PEVA they are soft and flexible for baby’s comfort and won’t irritate sensitive skin. The elastic in the legs and waist is covered by a soft and comfortable nylon.

Main features

  • 2 packs of 2 per order, 2 pairs total
  • Inexpensive and Easy To Use
  • White Only
  • Hard to Find In Retail Stores
  • Available Sizes 0-3M, 3-6M, 6-9M, 12M, 18M, 2T, 3T

Verified reviews



My son just used pull-ups like diapers and was not having potty success, he was almost 3. My mother told me how she used rubber pants to potty train us. I could not find them in stores but did here. 3 days after switching to these with the training underwear he was potty-trained completely. After two weeks with no accidents we stopped using them and he was able to get “big boy” underwear at Target. He has now been potty-trained for 3 months.

Monica Easley, SC

More trouble than it’s worth

Unfortunately my daughter had difficulty getting them on and off easily because of the snug elastic. Better for use at nap time when accidents aren’t happening frequently. A good back up pant. I prefer the gerber cotton training pants. She can use the potty on her own at preschool with those.

Angie Canton, OH

0-3 size is too large for all newborns

We used these with the Gerber prefolds, and snappis, and tried to use them on our newborn. These are very large considering they are supposed to start from “0” months. Our baby was 7 pounds, and is 9 now, which is a normal size for “0” months, but they are still swimming on her. The legs don’t fit at all, so there is nothing to prevent leaks. Perhaps it is because she is taller and thinner? If you are buying them for a larger new baby, they many work, but sizing is a key to consider. Perhaps Gerber makes a premie size that isn’t offered here? If so, that would be better for the very beginning. If this is the smallest size, it isn’t small enough for all babies. I realize you buy these for price, but if you’re looking for something for a 6-10 pound baby with thinner legs, another type of cover that is adjustable will allow for different sizes of baby without leaking, and might be worth paying more since it might actually work. We were able to avoid leaks with the Thirsties Duo wraps.

Rebekah Columbus Junction, IA

Perfect for swimming

I bought theses to put over my baby’s diapers when he swims. Even though he was 4 months old, the 0 to 3 month size was still huge on him and the water leaked through anyway. I’m sure they would have worked much better I’d they fit him better.

Gail Ordway, CO

Make sure it is right size and covers all the diaper beneath

Anyone reviewing this product saying they don’t work is not using them correctly. They are a dream, and if you have the RIGHT SIZE and make sure they COVER THE CLOTH completely, they will not leak. It obviously takes more time in changing, but saving us hundreds, maybe thousands. We still use disposable in the wee hours of the morning and when we travel, but other than that…After a disposable diaper blow out or two, we have started to use these over disposables when she is in her fine sunday dress!

Beverley Garland, NC

Not good for road trips.

I got this (from another vendor) for my newly potty trained 2.5 year old for a long road trip we were taking with the hopes that she could wear them over her big girl undies to protect the car seat in the event of a toileting accident. Unfortunately, she was so sweaty underneath this plastic liner that her undies were drenched in sweat anyway. Poor thing would pull up her undies after stopping at a rest stop and be completely confused why she was wet. Ended up taking them off half-way through the treck and changing her into a pair of dry undies.These may be better when the child is walking/moving around, but when trapped in a carseat for an extended period of time they are just much too hot.

Sally Prudenville, MI

No leaks!

These covers are nice to have as back up if you cloth diaper. I prefer the velcro or snap covers over these, but I will say that my son as never had a leak in these covers. They are a little noisy and do leave some marks on my son’s legs, but he never seemed to be bothered or uncomfortable. I agree with others that you should wash these by hand to help them last. All in all, they are great for the price.

Lidia Mount Clemens, MI

Ridiculously large

Bought these for my daughter for potty training, over training pants. She’s 30 lbs and the 2t are HUGE. I think I could wear them. I put her shorts over them and she complained that the bunching at the waist was “ouchy.” She cried for a bit, and even after settling down she walked funny – clearly the bunching was annoying her. they’re also very noisy. I like that they’re PEVA, but I don’t know if they’re going to work out. I know people say to buy small, but she has Beyonce thighs so I’m not sure that’s viable. The elastic legs and waist aren’t large – just too much material all around.

Evangeline Moose, WY

Well Plastic Pants are Plastic Pants

I am not sure how to say it, but we needed plastic pants and they worked. Just make sure all of the cotton training pants or diapers are tucked inside or you will need to change clothes along with training pants or diapers. They do make a very distinctive sound my daughter is not fond of, but they did the job.

Helene Reagan, TN

Some flaws

While these are liquid resistant and fit well, they melt is accidentally put into a dryer. The nylon version is superior for this main reason.

Jerri Lafayette, MN

Useful but rip

These are very thin and don’t stand up to use. These ripped easily which sucked. But they do do a good job of keeping the mess contained which is their function. My child is 48lbs and these fit much like a bloomer on him

Jeannie Gary, IN

dont waste your money

wasnt crazy about the product the plastic was making my sun sweat. i would of proferred the inside be cotton.

Guadalupe Kenilworth, NJ

They are okay

Lasted about a month and started falling apart. They are not breathable and can cause diaper rashes for sensitive skin. If you are looking into cloth diapers spend the extra and try a PUL cover.

Kimberly Guttenberg, IA

Too big

For a skinny baby, these are way too large. The elastic didn’t come close to being tight to her leg, so it would’ve leaked anyway, thus defeating the purpose. We returned these.

Josephine Cannelburg, IN

Better than I expected

I bought these and some velcro diaper covers and expected to prefer the velcro covers but to my surprise these are far surperior- and cheaper. I would recommend these to anyone using cloth diapers!

Melisa Rembrandt, IA

Watch your sizing

18 months fit my average sized 2 year old perfectly. Great for potty training with big boy underwear. They are holding up fine in the washing machine. I am not putting them in the dryer.

Lynette Lockney, WV

These run huge. Order smaller size

These run very big. Get a much smaller size than you would normally get. My son was almost 3 when I ordered them and the size three are way to big. Could not even use them

Lora North Branch, NY

just okay

contains but leaves marks on my baby’s legs. They also don’t last very long, because after a while they tear.

Justine Corona, NY

OK for potty training

I bought these to put over my son’s “big boy” underwear when we go out, to help with messy accidents. If you are going to use these for the same purpose, you need to buy TWO sizes smaller. These are made big to fit over cloth diapers. Knowing that will allow you to buy the right size!

Sonja Chualar, CA

Really baggy

I bought these to put over panties so I wouldn’t have to worry during outings, but so that the toddler would be able to feel like she was wearing panties. They are so bubbly and loud that they just wouldn’t work under clothing. I think they were designed more for over bulky cloth diapers than to protect with panties. I liked the idea but it didn’t work for us.

Ebony Ames, IA


The pants are great to protect against leaks.However, the sizing is way off! I ordered the Gerber training pants in the same size (2) and they fit perfectly. The plastic pants are huge in a size 2.I would not purchase these again.

Abigail Whitesboro, TX


My son is 18 months old and weighs 30lbs and I went by what the weight said for the 3T and they are HUGE. I am just gonna keep them, maybe he can wear them when he gets a little older. I don’t think it would be worth the hassle of sending them back.

Latoya Throckmorton, TX

Love ’em

We used these covers for potty training over training underwear and they’ve been fantastic. They are sturdier than the Baby R Us version. Haven’t had to replace them yet, can’t say the same about the BRU version! Loving Gerber.

Sharron Mayer, MN

Good pants but…

These training pants work – but they were HUGE on my child and she is 36 lbs. Legs holes and waist fit, but they were so bunchy around her. Seemed a little too big.

Angelita Floyd Dale, SC

too large and too noisy

The plastic pants does the job OK, but the vinyl is of low quality – very noisy.If u had to get plastic pants I would recommend Dappi instead. They also run large but the material is very soft and silky unlike Gerber’s.

Anna Kurthwood, LA


I purchased the 24 to 28 pounds and they swim on my son, who is approaching 30 pounds. However, they still seal well and do the job, so I’m happy.

Paulette Geneva, IL

Great, durable

These are great. Potty training starting at 18m. These seemed huge in comparison with the 2T size training pants, so we definitely have to stick with the smaller size for a while. They clean easily and air dry relatively quickly (overnight). Buy lots, you will need them!

Freida Lecontes Mills, PA

Best Plastic Pants

These are the best plastic pants I have ever purchased! Not sure why but these have held together through washing and drying. No holes or rips in them at this point.I have purchased many Gerber “training pants” at the stores but they always fall apart very quickly. I would even hand wash them and hang them to dry and still have them rip. Not so with these!

Audra Mitchell, GA