Gerber Prefold Birdseye Organic Diaper, White, 5 Pack

Gerber Prefold Birdseye Organic Diaper, White, 5 Pack

Gerber Organic 5 Pack Birdseye prefold diapers are made of a lightweight fabric that is soft and quick drying. Made of 100% organic cotton fibers, natually grown and naturally soft. Prefolded panels make it easier for mom to use. Great for giving as a gift.

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • Made of 100% organic cotton fibers
  • Easy care: machine wash and dry
  • Great item for gift giving

Verified reviews



Fabric is soft and thick. Good to use for spit up and burping. Haven’t tried as a diaper, but nice organic fabric if you’re concerned about that for other baby uses.

Adriana Lowry, MN

My favorite

I have used these through 2 babies with reflux as burp clothes. They have been washed hundreds of times and hold up great.

Celia Lafox, IL

Stick with the originals

I ordered two packs of these for my second baby as I used them constantly with my first. What I didn’t realize was the difference between the regular ones and these “Birdseye Organic” ones. These are thinner and rougher than the original. I promptly returned the package that I had not already opened and washed so I could get the original diapers. I would not recommend this particular version, but having white cloth diapers is a must for any mom.

Shelia Columbiaville, MI

For Burp Cloths

With my first we had some flannel homemade burp cloths, we had some prefold diapers (one that actually could be cloth diapers) as burp cloths, and we has some of the tiny carter’s ones — these were/are my favorite! They are soft enough, big, and very flexible.I also cloth diaper, and while I didn’t attempt to use these as diapers, I don’t think they are actually meant to be used as diapers. There are much better prefolds & flats for the “original diaper style” are super easy diapers like GroVia and Bum Genius I’d recommend trying first.Good Luck!

Della Glen Rose, TX

I would not recommed these.

The price point is awful for what you get. It challenges products from the high quality diaper companies. I purchased these to turn in to burp cloths as I figured the cloth diapers I purchased to use as actual diapers would be too thick. These were so thin, funny shape, stain easily, etc. I would have went in a completely different direction looking back.

Lorena Del Rio, TX