Gerber Tote Diaper Bag, Brown

Gerber Tote Diaper Bag, Brown

A great diaper bag for everything you need. Large front insulated pocket. Changer and lining easily wipes clean.

Main features

  • Three elastic bottle holders
  • Reinforced footed bottom
  • Multiple inside and outside pockets
  • Large shoulder straps for easy access

Verified reviews


Great bag

I have used this diaper bag for 4 months now and I really like it. I like that it is a little taller and not quite as wide as the others, but my favorite thing about it is that it has lots of pockets. It has two pockets in the front and one zipper pocket behind that. Then it has a loop and hook pocket before and after the main compartment. The main compartment itself also has two pockets on one side and a zipper pocket on the other. It ended up being a little bigger then I thought it would be but it is the perfect size for me and my baby.

Kristie Sunnyvale, CA

Great Diaper Bag

I loved all the compartments! Easy to fit alot of stuff in! Probably will buy again! stuff tons of stuff in this bag and only had to carry one bag!:)

Alexandria Lowell, MI

Nice bag

Nice bag, good price. Not as comfortable as i thought it would be, but it did the job while we used it.

Casey Wilsey, KS

Decent bag, fulfills its purpose

I like the roominess of this bag and it’s comfortable to carry. I also like the wide opening at the top, making it very easy to rummage through and find things. It’s a plain, attractive bag that doesn’t scream “diaper bag” or look pretentious, like you’re trying to impress your fellow tar-jay shoppers with your fancy designer bag. I carried this on to the plane on a recent trip and it fit perfectly under the seat. One complaint is that the stitching that attaches the inner pockets to the lining of the bag started to unravel after just a couple weeks of using this bag. I wasn’t trying to cram the pockets too full or anything–just using one pocket for holding a couple diapers and one for a bottle. Speaking of bottles, the elastic loops in the outer zip pocket that are supposed to be for holding bottles are too small for standard, 9-oz. bottles. Also, that outer pocket isn’t roomy enough to hold bottles if the main compartment of the diaper bag is even close to full. So I just throw bottles inside the main compartment or an inner pocket and that works fine. Overall, this is a good value for a functional, medium-sized bag.

Patricia Reedley, CA

Efficient but small

I received this diaper bag as a gift so that my husband wouldn’t have to carry my girly bag. I love all of the separate compartments and the four elastic bands to hold bottles.My only complaint is that this bag is kind of small. If I pack everything I want into it, it is bulging! (What I’m trying to fit is 2 bottles, a burp cloth, a receiving blanket or two, changing pad, 4 diapers, small wipes case, pacifier, paci wipes, and a change of baby clothes.)Overall, I guess it works ok for my hubby if he’s just going out for a minute, but I won’t be using this one often.

Cleo Balko, OK