Gerber Training Pants 18 Month 6 Pair Girl

Gerber Training Pants 18 Month 6 Pair Girl


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Im potty training my 4th of 5 children, and I’ve used Gerber training pants with all of them. These are the only way I will potty train. It’s easy for the child to feel when they’ve had an accident, unlike with pull ups. These underwear are very soft and comfortable for a child. We have always had our child continue to wear them as underwear until they grow out of them. After all, as much as toddlers fall down,some extra padding always helps. I’ve been able to potty train all my children between 20 months and 2nd birthday using these training pants. I just plan a few days of wearing nothing but the undies and socks, and drinking a lot and going to the potty a lot!

Vicky Falmouth, MA

Expensive !

I had no choice to buy these online. It is hard to find in stores. My 18 month old granddaughter needed this size.

Susie Reinbeck, IA

Good for small toddlers

So happy to have found training pants that fit my petite 20 month old. They are cute and well made.

Ashleigh Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Love these

We have tried several kinds of panties, these are by far the best. When she was first potty training and would have accidents and these panties would absorb a good bit of it. In combination with cotton pants we never had to clean up the floor. She also finds them comfortable and never gets wedgies from these.

Jeanie Milford, VA

Great for a petite toddler

My daughter is VERY petite (she wears 12 month bottoms at age 24 months). Because she began insisting on potty training, I searched everywhere for 12 month training pants, but couldn’t find them. These were the only 18-month ones I could find. They work really well. They are still a bit big on her, but they stay up and she can get them off and on. Love them! I bought two sets. 🙂

Genevieve Duchesne, UT