Gerber Training Pants 3 Pack, Size 2T, Girl 2009

Gerber Training Pants 3 Pack, Size 2T, Girl 2009

When it’s time to potty train, our training pants will make your toddler feel like a “big kid” while keeping his clothes dry. Center and side panels made of 100% combed cotton. Interlining made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester white batting. Expanded leg openings for ease of pulling up and down. Elastic waistband for a perfect fit. Available in an adorable print, solid, and white in 18 months, 24 months, and 3T.

Main features

  • When it’s time to potty train, our training pants will make your toddler feel like a “big kid” while keeping her clothes dry
  • Center and side panels made of 100% combed cotton
  • Interlining made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester white batting
  • Elastic waistband for a perfect fit, with expanded leg openings for ease of pulling up and down
  • Available in an adorable print, solid and white in 18 months, 24 months and 3t

Verified reviews


Just OK

I almost bought the patty potty pants but decide to try these first since they seemed to be half the price. They DEFINITLEY do not hold a decent size amount of urine! Even with cotton, snug fitting pants over top, my daughter has still managed to leak through. The “quilted” liner in these is probably about twice as thick as the rest of the material on the underwear. They seem to hold up good in the wash. I would suggest getting some plastic diaper covers to use with them…or maybe using two pairs at once. I bought some plastic diaper covers to use with them just yesterday, we’ll have to see how that works out.

Nanette Mccammon, ID

Good for training pants, but then we were on to bigger and better

These were the first training pants I bought for my daughter. They really do make accidents easier to clean up. These undies absorb quite a bit. She was about 18 months when she first started wearing them and I purchased a 2T. I thought these actually ran a bit large, or should I say were large by the end of the day. They stretched during the day and were really huge by the end of the day. Probably not a big deal w/ baggier clothes, but my daughter likes to wear leggings and they really got bulky by the end of the day. Once she was potty trained we switched to regular panties and they seem to fit much better under clothes.

Myra Merkel, TX

cloth training pants

These are very soft and are a great fit. My daughter loves them! They run a bit small but thats good for leaks. Not as padded as I would of liked.

Yvette Rodney, IA

works great at keeping the pee from going on the floor

these are great adsorbant underwear. my kid still doesn’t get the concept to not pee in them, but at least pee isn’t streaming all over the floor when she’s wearing them. my girl is 2 1/2 and wasn’t sure which size would fit her best. i got a package in 2T and 3T. The 3T’s fit better. She doesn’t care for the plain white ones. These would be better if they were all cute girly prints (in my daughter’s opinion) 🙂

Kari Attapulgus, GA

Great at holding back the mess

I’m potty training my daughter and we’re going straight from pull-ups to underwear. Cold turkey. Yep. Well anyway these are great at holding pee and poop without soaking the floor or things “falling out.” While containing messes, it doesn’t absorb the mess like a pull-up so my daughter very much knows when she’s soiled herself. If you’re going to try the same method of potty training I recommend you spend a little extra money and buy the Gerber training pants. They’re awesome!

Meagan Eight Mile, AL

What we needed

The price is great, came quickly, and was more of a selection than the ones at the local stores. Thick enough to help with training, cleans up well, and my daughter likes them!

Jessica Mulberry, KS

Best fit for my small toddler, can’t find anywhere in stores!!

The price isn’t the greatest, but these have fit the best on my little toddler, for probably the last year. The thicker ‘trainers’ are easier for her to pull up as they don’t get as twisted up. Plus they aren’t low cut or large leg opening. I wish I had bought more, but seeing as shes 2.5, I’m hoping that shes growing better into the 2/3. She can wear both sizes, but the 18m are the much better fit, less bagging, stay up on her waist better. I just wish that they weren’t so hard to find ANY 18m training panties. I bought about 3-4 (18m – 2/3 size) different brands, and these are the bet fitting, and pro (and con) they don’t have any plastic liner.

Lynda South Woodstock, CT

Good product for the cost. Most of these sell for $20 on ebay!

I bought these for my 2yr old and they have been really good. My son is petite so I was glad to find Gerber still selling these in 18mos! I could not find them in-store at Wal-Mart or Target, so I was glad Amazon had them. My son likes the printed ones the best and can easily pull them down to sit on the potty and pull them up when he’s done. I don’t have to help.

Alexandria Bulverde, TX

Perfect for potty training!

I didn’t want to use pullups because they are too much like a diaper, so I thought these were great since they have padding in case my son didn’t make it to the toilet quick enough but he can still feel he had an accident. They are soft, easy for kids to pull on and off and my son loves them. A potty training must!

Katrina Keytesville, MO

Nice trainers

These aren’t quite as thick as Potty Patty undies, which, depending on your needs, may be a plus or minus. Since no training pants hold very much pee, I think these are just fine; and they are cute; and they are soft and fit well. A very nice classic training pant.

Ethel Fredericktown, OH

Very soft and useful

These are great and very soft for my 22 month old. They hold a very small amount of pee but that is why we got them. We don’t want to use pull ups since they are just like diapers and my daughter loves to wear these.

Pat Willis Wharf, VA

Great for potty training!

These were great for potty training. The pull-up diapers are so good at wicking wetness away from children’s skin that I don’t think kids even recognize when they are wet. This underwear permits children to pee and to feel the cold, wet uncomfortableness of having an accident – they want to use the toilet. They are triple layer so if they dribble a bit, there is no soaking through onto clothes. This is helpful especially when kids are too interested in what they are doing to go to the bathroom.

Patti Austin, AR

Love the thickness in the middle

Great for potty training a toddler! The thick middle helps absord pee and (runny) poops instead of thinner undies that would leave the floors a mess.

Georgette Clawson, MI

Thicker than Underpants, but Not Enough to Absorb Much

The Gerber training pants are great for kids who are on the cusp of being potty trained, but who need just a little thicker underpants so they don’t totally soak their pants should they have a trickle. I emphasize the word here – trickle. These are not diapers, these are not super absorbent, and yes, if your kid should happen to let loose #2, it’s going to be heck to clean up.That said, I had my kids use these in conjunction with pull on rubber covers so that they could experience the feeling of "wet" and understand that wet really isn’t fun. This helped with the transition from diapers to regular underpants, and I discovered that the kids, upon feeling that uncomfortable wet feeling, transitioned out very quickly.All in all, these are good to use, but will require rubber/plastic covers to work without leaking all over the place (and even with covers, they will still leak). That aside, these are good thicker underpants.

Jessie Springdale, WA

very useful

we used these training underwear for my daughter during potty training when she was three. The crotch area has a thicker cloth, so when she had an accident it soaked up a lot (but not all). I do wish it would have stopped all leakage, but I guess that’s what the plastic training underwear is for…? However, these were a good alternative, and very comfortable. I will buy this again for the next time.

Jewel Ridgecrest, CA

Best Training Pants

These are the best training pants for my son. They feel wet when he pees in them and don’t hold much, which has been great for him to understand that he can’t just go in them as he can in a diaper. My son is 23~24 lb and the 18 months size has been perfect. These don’t shrink – I wash them with my baby’s diapers in hot water and they still fit great.

Deirdre Phoenix, NY

These Work Great!

When our daughter started potty training, we bought these undies to help with the process. They have been fabulous! They are thick enough to contain a normal accident–at least that was our experience–and they are soft and good quality. I almost hate to put regular undies on our daughter anymore because these are so comfy for her. They wash up well, too. I highly recommended these undies for potty training duty–they get the job done!

Mariana Duson, LA

Don’t Bother

I don’t recommend these at all. If you’re looking for a washable trainer, spend the extra $ on something that works and get some from Little Beetles or Imse Vimse. These are no more absorbent than a pair of regular cotton underwear.

Sheena Saint Charles, ID

Sizing chart

18 mo = 24-28 lbs or 30-32 in; 2T = 28-32 lbs or 32-34 in; 3T = 32-35 lbs or 34-38 in. Our daughter is 26 lb, 35 in and she fits in the 18 mo size just fine. Her derriere would be described as petite though since she is slender. Btw, did I mention that both mom and daughter love these panties?

Sofia Coolspring, PA