Ginsey Dora Folding Travel Potty Seat

Ginsey Dora Folding Travel Potty Seat

Dora Folding Travel Potty Seat ‘Bubbles’

Main features

  • plastic
  • Dora The Explorer
  • Soft, comfortable and durable
  • Easy to clean, fold, pack and go
  • Fits regular toilets
  • 24 months to 5 years

Verified reviews


Not as flimsy as people claim.

I was hesitant to get my daughter the Winnie the Pooh version of this potty seat because of all the reviews saying how flimsy it is, and how it shifts around, and how it pinches, but my daughter loves hers. She’s 40 lbs and it doesn’t bend, or slip around when placed on the toilet as per the directions. I can see how the directions could be beyond some people’s comprehension. I mean it’s not like there’s pictures on the box that show EXACTLY how to use it or anything. 🙂

Camille Shakopee, MN

not the best, but it works

This seat does work for traveling, and my daughter likes Dora, but it is very unstable and makes me worried. I have to keep a close proximity to keep my daughter stable, and you need to make sure that you snap it open properly before your child sits or there is danger of pinching. The plastic just slides very easily on almost all porcelain bowls so that it is hard to keep the seat where it will be supported correctly. It is really only useful as a resort in public restroom with a large diameter toilet that can’t be straddled by a small bottom.

Rocio Milford, ME

literally better than nothing

i suppose this seat is better than layering tons of toilet paper on a toilet bowl. this folding seat may be appealing to little ones because it comes decorated with familiar characters (e.g., sesame street, dora, etc). but there is nothing to hold it in place on a toilet seat. my twins can’t relax enough to ‘go’ while sitting on it because the hinges are flimsy so the seat feels like it’s about to give way under them. they’re small (27lb) 2yos, so i can’t imagine what would happen if they weighed more. save your money and get a more stable travel potty seat!

Carolyn Lemoore, CA

Perfect travel potty seat

We are potty training our 3rd child so we have tried our share of potty seats. This is by far our favorite travel potty seat. It folds small enough I can tuck it into my large purse. We have never had any problems with this seat. We even purchased a 2nd one to keep in the car. Tip: Make sure you lock it all the way open before placing it on the potty to avoid any problems (pinching childs bottom or unstable surface others have complained about). It seems sturdy and fits all potty’s well – but I would never leave my child unattended on it. Overall a great purchase!

Kerri Alberta, VA

Pee all over her clothes

These folding seats are horrible! At first I thought it was the greatest thing until I found the actual greatest thing! While this does fold nice and small, the open front is a joke. My daughter sprayed out constantly on her clothing! Public toilets are open front too, so there was NOTHING to stop the pee. It was just a hassle having to change her clothes all the time. The only thing I could do to stop her from peeing out was to hold her legs straight out and lean her forward. Really? As if potty training wasn’t difficult enough! There were also several times that it pinched her little hiney when she sat down because of the hinges in the middle of the seat! This made her afraid of it which we all know is a VERY BAD THING.I found a different potty which I actually bought to keep in the car. Now I use that one instead of this folding seat for my second child. The Kalencom Potette plus potty is WAY BETTER. It has no hinges on the seat so it never pinches, and it has a built in guard to keep them from peeing on their clothes. While it is slightly larger, I would much rather carry that one around since it is so much easier to use and comfy for my child. It comes with a bag that you can keep flushible wipes and training pants in as well. Get that one!

Goldie Harriman, NY

Potty Training

My daughter loves this potty seat and it has really helped with out training. It folds up so we can take it everywhere we go.

Margot Snowmass, CO