Ginsey Dora Potty Reward Stickers

Ginsey Dora Potty Reward Stickers

31735 Features: -Training rewards kit.-18 piece set.-Keep dry.-Perfect to motivate and reward. Includes: -Includes 70 stickers, a progress chart and a potty training completion certificate.

Main features

  • Chart & Stickers easy to use, instant reward.
  • Useful in Potty Training, gives a real sense of achievement.
  • Chart keeps track of progress, easy to read.
  • Rewards for:Sat on Potty; Used Potty, Flushed Potty, Washed Hands.

Verified reviews


Wish there were more charts

I wish there was another chart or more stickers but I put this in my daughters Easter basket. She loved it….I just wish we could have kept going!

Margery Fredericktown, MO

Very cute

We haven’t had a chance to use these yet- But they are very cute. A little bit smaller than I hoped for but it comes with lots of cute reward stickers.

Brenda Elwood, IA

Best Potty Book and Chart

Very cute book and stickers. My daughter loves it. The stickers can be peeled off of the chart and used again, which helps when potty training lasts longer than expected ( : We bought several potty books and charts and this is my and my daughter’s favorite.

Stacey Depue, IL

Five Stars

Great rewards system for when she does go potty

Bernadette Minotola, NJ

Make Your Own

I bought this when I decided to start potty training my daughter who loves Dora. I ended up just making my own. There wasn’t a lot of space for stickers. The card was filled up really quickly. This costs almost $7. For less than $5, I made my own that lasted a lot longer than a few days.

Meagan Broadway, OH