Ginsey Toilet Tank Potty Hook

Ginsey Toilet Tank Potty Hook

Hmmm…so where do you store that potty seat when it’s not in use? On this handy potty hook! It hangs from the toilet tank, keeping the potty seat accessible, but out of the way. Hook fits all toilet tanks and most potty seats. Great clutter-buster! Hook measures 4″L x 1 1/8″W x 2 1/4″H Polypropylene; wash with soap and water

Main features

  • Brand: Ginsey, Easy to clean, Eliminates clutter
  • Universal size, Holds most potty seats
  • Keep the potty clean and off the floor when not in use
  • Package contents: One (1) Ginsey Potty Hook
  • Uses: Use to hang and hooks your potty seats

Verified reviews


This is awesome

Keeps things clean and the potty off the floor. What a great invention! My daughter loves to hang her potty up after she’s done!

Rochelle Garden Valley, CA

Gets the Job Done!

These potty hooks work really good for holding up the potty seats and keeping them off the floor. However I would not buy them off of Amazon. I found them at my local Kmart for more than 2x cheaper. I bought 2, one for our upstairs bathroom and one for down. However, my 3 year old son (2 years old at the time of potty training) had a hard time getting them on by himself which meant I had to be with him all the time to get it on and off the hook. Also you had to make sure the seat was wiped down otherwise pee would drip all over the floor. It stayed put though and didn’t move around but make sure you have enough room between your toilet and the wall otherwise the seat may not fit.

Lillian New Hartford, NY

Gets the job done.

A little pricey for what you get. I wish the hook part would of been a little wider, the potty seat doesn’t sit on it as well as I would of liked. Great idea though.

Callie Hyndman, PA

Keep potty seat off of the floor.

I had an insert potty seat that went on the toilet. I had no place to put it and people kept tripping over it. This eliminated that issue.

Matilda New Hampton, MO

Odd fit

This fits okay on our toilet (pretty standard toilet). The seat only will hook on if the soft part is facing in, so it ends up looking extra ugly in the bathroom. It also doesn’t fit on the "hidden" corner side of the toilet, so its right there when you open the door. It took a bit getting used to, but after a day or two, we are good with it.

Selina Slaterville Springs, NY