Girl Newborn Bibs 3 Pack in Lilac / Pale Pink / Fuchsia

Girl Newborn Bibs 3 Pack in Lilac / Pale Pink / Fuchsia

SB-GPAK-BBLT-T Features: -Girl Newborn Bibs 3 Pack in Lilac / Pale Pink / Fuchsia. -Cotton toweling front, waterproof nylon and polyester backing. -Stain resistant. -Snuggle neck stops leakages. Product Type: -Bib Multi-Packs. Generic Dimensions: -Overall dimension: 4” – 6” H x 9” W x 0.1” D. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -0.5 Pounds.

Main features

  • Soft and absorbant velour towelling
  • Water Resistant Backing
  • Easy Snap-on and adjustable for varying neck size
  • PVC and Lead Free
  • Stain Resistant

Verified reviews


Nice drool control bib

As a new parent, I have been desperately seeking a proper bib that keeps my baby dry around the neck. These little bibs are great for drool and do help trap fluids but they don’t work for feeding, since they still don’t cover all of the neck. The colors are cute but I wish the snap was on the side not the back because it seems a bit uncomfortable for babies little neck if they fall asleep with the bib on.

Deann Gainesville, GA

Seem great!

Thick and you can feel the absorbency. Small length is perfect for newborns and neckline looks very comfortable and able to catch milk spills. Haven’t tried them out as baby isn’t here yet, but they seem good to go.

Lolita Carbondale, KS

First rate Bibs< i have many of them!

Really great bibs! If I could give them 10 stars I would. I discovered this brand of bibs three years ago when I had my son and have just purchased a set of these shorter dribble bibs for my new daughter who is now 10 weeks old. They really are worth the money. You don’t need heaps as you can wash them and pop them through the dryer. They really don’t stain, honest! They dry very quickly and come out looking like new. Some of the darker colours, such as the navy, do fade a little over time but not enough to worry about them looking tatty. The “snuggle necks” protect your little ones clothes from getting those horrible yellow milk/dribble rings and stop them getting all wet and soggy. Both my babies are spit up bubs and these along with the Tommy Tippee milk feeding bibs are my staples. I also used these when weaning as the snuggle necks really do stop fluids from getting around the top of their necks, essentially when your baby is wielding a sippy/cup! Wonderful product, well worth the bucks!

Effie Silver City, MS

Scratchy material, too big for a newborn.

Scratchy material, too big for a newborn. Two size adjustment buttons on the back but still too wide for just a drool bib.I really don’t like the way they feel. Will keep for older feeding bib use later on.

Roberta Lawndale, NC

A Must buy!

i love these bibs for my 3mo. She is teething and is constantly drooling. These are great for her to wear all day and still be cute. I’m not a fan of bulky bibs. These have snaps for 2 sizes. so, I can still use these as drooling bibs as she grows. These are great quality!

Sheryl Greenwich, OH