Girl Stripes baby leg warmers 4 pack for babies, toddlers & children

Girl Stripes baby leg warmers 4 pack for babies, toddlers & children


Main features

  • juDanzy brand formerly known as My Little Legs
  • Great for easy diaper changes
  • 12 inches long
  • Suitable for ages 3 months to age 6
  • hot pink and white stripe, Blueberry Delight, Retro Stripe and Tutti Fruity Stripe

Verified reviews


Great for Price

I am using these on a 4 month old 16#, 23″ baby so we do not have to take off pants or shorts when changing her diaper. I do not think that they would work for a six year old but they fit my baby and I can see them fitting for a while longer. They are not binding. Her socks leave more marks on her than these and they do not slip and they stay in place. We have washed them a few times and they are holding up nicely. I plan on buying more of these leggings especially for winter until she gets potty trained. Plus they are $5.00 each. Can’t find anything cheaper than that. I wish they had more colors/designs.

Rochelle Green Village, NJ

Great Value, Adorable!

Fit great on my 8month old chucker legs. Good value for 4 since most other leg warmers will cost you 10 bucks a pop.

Vilma Lodi, NJ

Super Cute

These leg warmers were a great buy. The colors are vibrant and they hold up well in the wash. I really them and they look great on my little one.

Shelley Bronte, TX

Super cute!!

These leg warmers are adorable and great quality. The colors are exactly as pictured! My daughter loves them!! we bought them for her dance classes. Highly recommended!

Haley Maben, WV

Love Them!

These are really nicely made, seem really sturdy, and are just too darn cute. Once fall hits here again we’ll be picking up some more from Baby Legs!

June Flagler, CO

They work well but they are a little tight

These are great for my kid because her pants always ride up and her socks always fall off lol.The only downside is they are a tad tight so I have to constantly stretch them out for my daughter to wear. I guess she has big legs cause it doesnt’ seem to be an issue for others. But that’s ok. I still like it, but that’s one chance you have to take with these one size fits all type of products.The colors and stripes are cute and even though they don’t always match, it still works pretty well. Kinda like a blast to the past lol.

Letitia Hampton, GA

So cute!

These are adorable and such a great thing for diaper changes in cold weather – no more fussing about being cold! BUT, they’re rather tight. My daughter is only 2 months, and they leave marks on her thighs already. So, I don’t know how long they’ll be good for (they do seem to stretch a lot though), but for now they’re great and worth the price!

Cornelia Oakfield, WI

Great colors!

I love the concept of leg warmers because I don’t have to put pants on our baby over her onesie. It’s a great deal for a pack of four, the colors are fun and lively, and they fit our daughter fairly well. I would be concerned if the baby wearing these have thicker thighs, because our daughter is even on the thin side and the leg warmers still leave an indentation at the thickest part of her legs. It’s not bad, but they do leave a mark. You can probably circumvent around this issue by just pulling it up enough to above the knees.The material is stretchy and doesn’t roll down or slide off. The colors add a nice touch to plain onesies.

Myrtle Sacaton, AZ


I got these for my 6 mo old and they are adorable! She’ll be able to wear them for a long time as you can just scrunch them up or down as needed.

Eileen Waverly, VA

Really cute but…

If anyone could tell me how to get my 14 month old to keep these on, I would really love them! They are well made, soft and super cute….just maybe not so practical for my girl 🙂

Tabatha Puckett, MS


Lo wore all winter months with just onesie. Made changing diaper easy and kept legs warm. Rec’d many compliments and they match almost every colored onesie.

Virgie Payneville, KY

Super cute and good quality leg warmers

My little one loves these (used them on her from 2 months and they were a bit big but worked). She is still wearing them with tons of room at 6 months.

Elvia Jamestown, RI


I bought these for my 2 1/2 year old daughter to put under her pants for the winter and to be able to change her diaper easily at home. very cute

Betty Garrison, NY

Great value and great for crawlers.

I love these leg warmers. They serve two purposes: They keep the legs toasty AND if you have a crawler, they are great knee pads! They do not leave Love these. My daughter aged 3yo and 10 months share these.

Mariana Buckland, AK

Its Okay, but doesn’t fit well

The patterns are super cute, but this definitely couldn’t fit a 4 year old like the description says. In fact, this was pretty snug on my daughter who is in the 20th percentile in both height and weight at 6 months old, so I find it very hard to believe that this could fit a 4 year old comfortably.

Reyna Sugarloaf, CA