GloMate Color-Changing Cuddle-n-Carry Night Light / Play Light

GloMate Color-Changing Cuddle-n-Carry Night Light / Play Light

Mobi’s GloMate is a huggable portable light that changes colors for playtime, nighttime or traveltime. It’s BPA-free, safety tested, certified and made of impact-resistant plastic with an easy-to-clean surface. The GloMate automatically turns on when removed from the charging station or in the event of a power outage. The built-in battery is good for up to a 10 hour charge.

Main features

  • Safe to touch LED technology gives off no heat
  • Blue, green, red or rainbow modes
  • 15-minute dim-to-off mode helps children fall sleep easier
  • Easy to clean soft-touch surface
  • Safe and durable – impact resistant plastic
  • Kid-friendly auto-on for grab-n-go action
  • Auto-on during power outage
  • BPA and Lead Free…Safety Tested and Certified
  • Glows for up to 10 hours per charge

Verified reviews


Great concept, didn’t last long

We received this night light as a gift shortly after our son was born. It was a really wonderful light. I loved the portability and the long battery life. It was ideal for travel. I loved that the colored lights were bright enough to change a diaper in the middle of the night but not so bright to keep us from sleeping.After 9 months of use, it just stopped working one day. No signs of wear, it was never dropped, no contact with water (or drool). No idea what happened.I was ready to replace it with the same light when I read more consumer reviews that complained theirs stopped working after just a couple of months. We were lucky to get to 9 months with ours.We replaced ours with a similar style light (Kinderglo) and it’s been wonderful ever since, over two years now.

Carey Mercer, WI

Great… while it works

I’ve had this nightlight for a few months only, with very gentle use. I use it as a night light in my infant’s room, and it provided just the perfect amount of light for feeding, changing, etc. He loved the changing colors, so it was a great distraction during fussy diaper changes without being too bright. I used to leave the unit on the charger during the day, but then I noticed that the plastic was getting discolored from the small “charging” light burning through the day (maybe?). So I kept it off the charger unless it needed to charge. Once the green, fully-charged light shone, I removed it from its base. And then, out of nowhere, it stopped working. I removed it from its base one day and the unit just would not come on. Thankfully it’s a fairly inexpensive item, so I don’t feel like I was swindled. But I still would not recommend anyone buy this.

Myrtle Methuen, MA

Didn’t work straight out of the box

Super bummed it was broken on arrival. Didn’t have the option to replace, just send back so I did and bought the twilight turtle instead for my 2 year old afraid of the dark.

Angeline Kempton, PA

Great concept-however needs tweeked

I have had this for a year and just opened it. I got it on sale (when they were 25$). It was so cute and my son loved it…however…This isnt a nightlight, its a sunlight! I would read to this thing it is so bright. my son even said “mommy turn it off its too bright”. Wish the company would fix the BLUE ONLY on the dimming auto shutoff. The red, pink & green are soft enough, BUT you cannot dim them automatically so if you want it to turn off by itself you have to use the crazy bright blue (its like a blue LED).Wish it had a 30m auto off as well. 15 isnt enough and 1hr is too long. Just need it until my son falls asleeep. Yes it is cool to the touch, but we have never left it on more than 10m at a time because its just too bright. it makes more light than my maglight flashlight.I am going to get one of the other brands for his nightlight and put this one in the bathroom for when he goes at night. I think this is what it was actually designed for and not a ‘nightlight’Overall it does what it says it does, which is why I gave it 4 stars.UPDATE 11/13/13-Sadly I had to reduce the stars, as other reviews said…Great while it lasts! My son ONLY used his probably 3 months max before it stopped coming on when you pick it up, and the blue is gone. FYI- he didnt use it every night, so in that 3 months probably 30-40x. So fumbling in the dark to click the tiny button to make it work is not efficient, and no help to a toddler going to the bathroom or getting scared. If I was able to return I would, now I am just donating it to a womens & childrens shelter. Might be a fun toy for a child.We decided no nightlight was needed as he has his turtle stars and if he gets scared in the night he just taps it to come on, which is fine. Just wish this had continued to work as he loved it to take to the bathroom.

Carmela Smithfield, UT

Great Multi purpose night light

A friend recommended this light for the middle of the night changings and nursing. Today our daughter is one year. We frequently hand the light to our squirmy toddler during diaper changes to gain 6 seconds to cinch her diaper. I’m sad to see that reviews of the quality of this light are so low. We sometimes have to place ours on the base a couple times to get the sensors to line up, but it’s been a great light. I would recommend it, if the quality of the one selling today is the same as it was a year ago.

Lillie Brookfield, NY

Great portable light

So this has served a couple of different purposes already!One – We used it at the hospital. With the nurses coming in and out through the night this made it easier without having to turn on the room lights and check on the baby.Two – Our child is sleeping in the bassinet /play pen for the first few weeks in our room. Its great to throw it into the corner of the play pen and check up on him without having to turn on the lights.Other intended uses- We plan to use this for traveling too. its small enough to take anywhere. I think its more permanent home will be by the changing pad to change him at night.Pro’s- Great battery life so far. Lasts a full night.- Like the different colors. Except maybe the red but green and blue are nice.- Cool to the touch.Cons- I wish the timer feature could be changed. Then again I haven’t looked back at the instructions to see if that is possible

Michelle Willis Wharf, VA

Loved it when it was working…

My daughter is three months, and we had been using this as a nightlight. Last week it just stopped working. It was great for late night feedings and diaper changes. She was just starting to become mesmerized by the changing colors when it stopped working. Too bad, I really liked it.

Margret Wysox, PA


This is the best night light ever. My son loves his "blue man". The fact that it charges during the day and then can be taken of the charger and used in bed with him was the selling factor. He uses it every night and has been a great help. We have used A LOT of night lights, but this one is the best by far. It has a setting so that it can stay on all night as well. My kids find that they don’t like to wake up in the middle of the night and have it be dark, so this has worked great. It also changes colors. (my daughter has one as well) So she puts hers on different colors.

Jayne Burgaw, NC

It’s works

I have the original tykelight for my 5 year old and he loves his and still uses it. I don’t like the charging base and I would like to see a bigger button on the bottom much like the first tykelight. I have to search for the button on this and it makes it more difficult, as I use this for night time feedings and changing with a baby. I do like that it has more than one color and the rainbow option.

Sallie Durkee, OR

Nursing light

I was looking for a light to use in my bedroom while i nursed my baby. This light works well, it stays charged for a long time and the 15 minute light setting is perfect, I love that it turns off automatically. It is just the right brightness with the soft blue light it doens’t sting our eyes. I’m sure that my son will use this long into his childhood, it’s fun and has multiple settings.

Berta Fort Necessity, LA

Essential Nursery Item

I love this nightlight. It recharges (a major plus) and provides just the right amount of light for those night time feedings and diaper changes. I also like that it turns off after 15 minutes.

Carolina Grifton, NC