From the inventors of the Travelmate, the original car seat stroller, Go-Go Babyz brings a new, innovative version with The Mini Travelmate. The Mini Travelmate easily attaches to most toddler and convertible car seats quickly turning your car seat into an airport stroller, continuing to make traveling with your child and car seats a breeze. The Mini Travelmate, Go-Go Babyz is a simple, lightweight and compact design that comes fully assembled. Its well thought design provides added safety and stability with the widest wheel base available, increased leverage and balance with wheel placement, and easy car seat attachment with the ratcheting buckle system. Now you can easily travel with your kids, car seats, and all their gear through the airport. The latest version comes with longer, 5.5 inch fold down base to accommodate the larger car seats on the market. Simply fold down the base, set your car seat on the base and attach the ratcheting strap, tighten, secure, and off you go with child in tow. NOTE that it is easier to install without child in the car seat, face down so the Mini Travelmate can be as closely aligned as possible for optimum stability and performance.

Main features

  • No assembly required, the Mini Travelmate comes fully assembled and ready to use out of the box so all you have to do is attach your toddler car seat with a single strap and you have a compact travel stroller to make your travels a breeze
  • The Mini Travelmate is a compact and lightweight stroller weighing in at only 3.5 pounds providing a stroller that is not bulky or cumbersome and awkward to travel with, it is easy to bring on any trip long or short.
  • The Mini Travelmate’s one-hand maneuverability feature makes it very easy to use and navigate a busy airport with your child and all their gear, the razor wheels provide a soft, smooth and quiet ride with exceptional turning ability
  • The Mini Travelmate is compatible with most toddler and convertible car seats on the market and the quick-release ratcheting strap makes it easy to attach and remove to your car seat in a matter of seconds so you can quickly be on your way
  • The Mini Travelmate can accommodate children up to 44lbs and a combined total weight of child and car seat of 84lbs providing more options for the large seats on the market

Verified reviews


Works great; smells bad

This product is fully functional and does everything it’s supposed to will and easily. But the rubber on the wheels has an overpowering smell. Even now, months after purchase, you have to roll down the windows in the car if you’ve brought it along.

Sheree Elkmont, AL

and I’m glad I did

I purchased this for a cross country trip I was taking with my 2 year old and 4 month old, by myself. Initially, I wanted to purchase one of those attachments that hook the car seat onto your carry on luggage. But I was concerned it would be a hassle getting on and off through security and may not be completely safe. I decided on this, and I’m glad I did.First, the bad:The smell. Oh my, it stinks. I took it out off the box and the weird chemical smell is so overwhelming, it stunk up my whole upstairs. I recommend airing it out, outside preferably, for several days prior to using it. This is the only reason I took off a star.The seat is attached to the product with a ratcheting strap. It’s very similar to the mechanism that straps your feet into a snowboard, so I thought this would be easy yup use. But the release is a little wonky and can be a bit of a pain. This can be especially frustrating when you’re trying to contain two young children in a busy airport. It’s not a big deal, just a bit annoying.The pros:This product does what it is intended to do. I tried this with my Chicco keyfit, Graco Argos 70 and a Safety 1st guest 65 sport and it worked well with all of them. The seats were secure and I was confident that my daughter was safe. I will say it’s a good idea to tuck the latches in so you don’t run the risk of running over them, which could cause the seat to topple. The handle is a typical telescoping handle, like most carry ons. Initially, I thought might be flimsy, but as I used it, It was obvious that it was strong.Since my daughter was used to being in her car seat, she happily stayed in while waiting for our planes. I was able to easily walk the terminal with her, without having to chase her down, like I have on previous trips.This product was a necessity for getting through the airport with 2 little kids and all their gear.

Meagan Victor, NY

Works with Chicco Nexfit

Attaches quickly and easily to Chicco Nexfit car seat, which we brought on a trip to Hawaii. It was great to have because my husband and I had to juggle 2 suitcases, a squirmy 10 month old, stroller, and 2 backpacks at the same time. The Chicco Nextfit is on the heavier side for car seats (25lb), and doesn’t have great "handles" for transporting it, so this product made our traverse from airplane gate, to shuttle, to baggage claim, to shuttle, to car rental site so much easier. The only unfortunately thing was having to take it off to put the car seat into the red Gate Check bag because the car seat wouldn’t fit in the bag with it attached. No fault of the product, just FYI.

Faith Welch, TX

great carrier

I have a Maxi Cosi, which is on the big side and although I had to push it slightly off center (because of a loop in the car seat’s plastic at the base made for the top safety strap to clip into) it was still secure and a smooth ride for my son. We did a hand check at security because our carseat wouldn’t’ve fit on the belt, but I’m sure the carrier would’ve fit alone. SUPER easy to get the carseat on and off, even with the adjustment I had to make to the positioning. I would definitely suggest buying this one and saving the extra $20-$30 for a bigger more sturdy looking one. Its just fine for the trip through the airport! AND there IS a pretty potent smell to the wheels upon opening. I left it outside for a few days prior to the trip and I could still smell it when I put my son in it at the airport. About a month later, sitting in the garage, and it’s better.

Janet Eden, ID

Great for traveling with a toddler, must have for airport travel!

We have the Diono Radian RXT convertible car seat and this worked great with it. After reading other reviews about various other products being flimsy and not holding up, this one did. It feels very durable and the car seat fit snug on the device. I had concerns about her being so low to the ground and other busy travels not seeing her, but it was just the opposite. Everybody looked and commented what a neat idea. My kid had fun rolling around on it and we were able to prop it up safely (with our other luggage) during layovers so she could recline and take a nap. This way we were able to take our own car seat and she knew she wouldn’t be able to get up and walk around the plane. Highly recommend!

Nadia Mc Clellanville, SC

Received it defective!

Purchased this item for travel through the airport on Amazon Warehouse deal. When it arrived, one of the wheels did not spin… it was stuck. We returned it. Not sure if it was used thus defective… in any case, did not chance ordering this item again.

Ivy Willow City, TX

Like that wonky shopping cart that everyone hates

I had high hopes for this based on the positive reviews, but I was very disappointed. Perhaps I just got a defective unit, but what I got was not a quality product.Pros:
• Our car seat (Evenflow Triumph 65) attached easily and securely
• Fairly light and very compactCons:
• The rubber on the wheels is not uniform thickness. The result is that when it is rolling, the car seat wobbles. When I inspected the wheels, the variation in thickness was clearly visible.
• The 2 wheels on the right side of the cart spun freely, but the 2 on the other side took quite a bit of effort to turn.
• As soon as I opened the box, it smelled HORRIBLE. It had a very strong, unpleasant smell.

Eve Snoqualmie, WA