Go Mama Go Designs 24 Pack Wonder Bumpers, Blue/Chocolate

Go Mama Go Designs 24 Pack Wonder Bumpers, Blue/Chocolate

The safer bumper 24 pack, fits all cribs; zipper close (fall below mattress) on individual crib rails; increases air flow compared to conventional bumpers;vertical padding protects babies’ heads and bodies as they learn to sit, stand and crawl; easy to install and clean; reversible mix and match options. Cotton flannel on design side; super soft minky on the solid side; each bumper is 6″ wide; designed to zip together to accommodate any lager size crib slat: each bumper is 24″ long, but can easily compress to accommodate shorter rails.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Reversible mix and match options
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Fits all cribs

Verified reviews


Has kept baby from getting hurt in the crib

Under the advice of my pediatrician and various websites, we did not attach traditional bumpers to our baby’s crib (saftey hazard due to suffocation, older babies use them to climb out of cribs). Unfortunately, we noticed that he moves around a lot in his sleep and we were afriad that he would hurt himself. Thank goodness we found these – no sooner did we attach them, when he started to rotate around the crib as he settled himself as he slept during the night. Without these there would have been more crying, bumps on the head, hands and feet, and more of a need for myself or my husband to move him back to a more central position.The bumpers zip on easily and are reversible to coordinate with different nusery decor. They are easy to wash, just remove the foam inside (just as easy as removing pillow covers from your pillows), wash them and then reinsert the foam (also relatively simple). They have held up well to multiple washings.

Emma Centerville, MA

Love bumpers, although pricey

I love these bumpers, they were easy to install and look great. I feel very confident they are safe. The best part is, there is no way for baby to crawl up on them when she gets older. They are pretty expensive, though. Ouch! And I had to buy a second pack of 24, since I needed more to cover the rest of the crib. I think this was a genius invention.

Graciela Riverdale, ND


Although these are pricy, they are worth their weight in gold! Love the colors, ease of use and safety was the main issue. Recommend to anyone!

Brooke Louann, AR

Very expensive, but well worth it.

I wish I knew about these before I wasted my money on the mesh breathable bumpers. Unlike the mesh bumpers, these provide a nice cushion when my daughter falls and smacks her head on the railing. Since we’ve installed these she’s gone from crying whenever she fell to not crying at all. The only thing I would change is how large the zipper handle is, but she hasn’t discovered it yet (she’s 8 months) so it isn’t a problem.

Beverley Lenorah, TX

Still better then no bumpers but needs improvement.

The bumpers don’t stay in place on the slats and slide down. The package was inconsistent with some fitting more snug then others and 1 of the bumpers was actually dirty as if they sent me one that was used.

Carmela Tolstoy, SD

great idea!!

I used to have a bumper-free crib as per my doctor’s instructions, but my baby (at 2 months!) kept moving herself up to the bars and would hit her head!These wonder bumpers were the perfect solution to keep my baby safe from sids and from head injuries!havent washed the product yet but so far it looks great! pretty easy to put on – wish the zippers were a little more hidden (I just turned the bumpers so the zippers faced the wall.

Bobby Beattyville, KY

Love these bumpers!

I purchased Wonder Bumpers after hearing the dangers a standard bumper can bring. After researching and coming across this product I knew they were just what I needed. They do exactly what I need. My daughter sleeps in the corner of the crib and these are so plush and soft that she stays like that the whole night. And of course they allow both her and I to breathe easy by allowing air to circulate through out the crib. If you want the best for your baby I definitely recommend these!!

Fran Wamsutter, WY

High price for high quality..worth it in the end.

I struggled with spending so much for bumpers, but once my one year started trying to stand unassisted and walk… in the crib, this product was a must. She has fallen, just hours after I put them on the rails, and luckily she bounces right back up without a cry to try standing alone again. They fit great, with still space in between the rails to see her. Super plush. She can still pull up on them to stand without them bunching. They attach to each other which aloud me to hide an outlet behing on of her cribe rails… great plus. Should have bought these months ago. Would buy again in a heart beat.

Maryanne Ludlow, CA


My son is wild in his crib, and this was the perfect idea for the his crib. They are cute, easy to assemble and no fuss and nothing sticks out! They are soft as a baby’s bottom.

Tamra Macedonia, OH

Great product!

This is a great product! Forget about the regular bumpers. I bought this when my daughter turned 9 month old. She was already standing and I didn’t want her to "climb" the bumper. These are very cushony and soft so they protect your baby’s face from any bumps. Easy to install.

Gabriela Jonesboro, ME