Go Mama Go Designs 38 Pack Wonder Bumpers, Pink/Chocolate

Go Mama Go Designs 38 Pack Wonder Bumpers, Pink/Chocolate

The safer bumper 38 pack, fits all cribs; zipper close (fall below mattress) on individual crib rails; increases air flow compared to conventional bumpers; vertical padding protects babies’ heads and bodies as they learn to sit, stand and crawl; easy to install and clean; reversible mix and match options. Cotton flannel on design side; super soft minky on the solid side; each bumper is 6″ wide; designed to zip together to accommodate any lager size crib slat: each bumper is 24″ long, but can easily compress to accommodate shorter rails.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Reversible mix and match options
  • Easily compress to accommodate shorter rails
  • Safer bumper 38 pack
  • bumpers are 24″ in length and 6″ wide and are compatible on any standard crib aside of the stokke cribs

Verified reviews


Works but has a few problems

We bought these because our baby was constantly hitting her head against the crib slats while trying to pull up into a standing position. Our pediatrician recommended individual bumpers because the usual crib bumpers are considered a suffocation hazard. We were a bit taken aback by the exorbitant price but were happy with the appearance and the padding these provided.However laundering these bumpers is a huge hassle. They are designed to zip up along the slats and consist of a padded insert inside a fleece lining with a velcroed opening at the narrow end to remove or adjust the insert, which always gets gnarled up during laundry. This is not the easiest process and my fingers and wrists are still scratched up from the velcro in the opening. If one of the long sides also had a partially opening next to the zipper, laundering and putting the bumpers back into shape would be much easier.The other problem we’ve had with these is that all 38 bumpers are the same width. Because of this, we had to zip two bumpers together in order to fit the four angled corner slats that are wider – so now we are short 4 bumpers and of course invariably our little one ends up whacking her head on the unbumpered slats. Just about every crib I have seen or know of has wider corner slats with sharp edges that could do with padding – if four of the bumpers in this set were made twice as wide, then each set would fully cover most standard cribs instead of coming up short. Alternatively they should provide these in a set of 42 or have individual bumpers for purchase to allow parents to customize the set based on their crib design.All in all, the bumpers do a good job of padding the crib slats and looking pretty but for the price it would be nice if the design were more laundry-friendly and allowed one to cover the entire crib.

Francis Sheboygan, WI

Has prevented many a painful bump

I got these for a 6-7 month old who was learning to stand and cruise (and therefore fall, ouch).Although I couldn’t put these all the way around, and left short one side wholly without (or else the mattress would not come out any more), this has so far prevented a lot of painful bumps on the head, and also seems to help keep limbs from sticking dangerously out between crib slats. And they do prevent gnawing on the wood.I also left off a couple along the main long side, to serve as "windows" to the outside.They work so well the crib occupant may not learn caution in moving around! Also, I am not totally convinced it’s okay to press the face up against these, so I’m glad to have waited til the occupant was more responsive to airflow issues, and also have installed a breathing monitor (under-mattress dual-pad sensor system) as well.If there is one annoying factor, it’s that they really are annoying to wash, as others have noted. Not only did the foam escape from the covers, but the zipper clacking caused me visions of flaking appliance enamel (luckily has not happened yet). I wound up washing half a dozen at a time, with lots of old towels as padding. Washing/drying did help get rid of the "newly manufactured" smell.

Tessa Jeffersonville, GA


Reversible for gender, easy to apply and safe for the baby. I would recommend these to anyone! Great appearance and safe!

Gail Jay, ME

Recommended to stop bumps and tears

These bumpers are expensive, but certainly more practical than traditional bumpers or mesh bumpers. I wish I’d purchased these in the beginning. They are worth every penny to stop a bump or fall from causing pain and tears.My little one only plays in her crib, and doesn’t sleep there so I can’t comment on nighttime function.I would recommend these bumpers over the other bumpers styles available.

Nelly Glen Flora, TX

Love them, love them, love them

I bought these when my daughter was 2 months old and would get her arm or foot stuck between the slats of her iron crib. She was also rolling and moving about on her back and would sometimes hit her head against the metal, wake up, and there would go 2 hours of my life just trying to get her to go back to sleep again. These wonder bumpers solved the problem instantly, and now, 7 months later, they’re still doing their job. My daughter is quite the mover now and likes to party in her crib when she should be sleeping. Via the monitor in her room, we have actually witnessed her doing trust falls in her crib (i.e., holding on the top rail, letting go, and squealing with glee as she falls backwards). If it weren’t for these vertical bumpers, I’m not sure what I would do short of strapping her down in her crib for fear of concussions.In the City of Chicago, bumpers of any kind – even breathable mesh ones – are banned from being sold within the city limits. No kidding. I also know that they’re not safe. But I wanted something cheap and easy, so I bought the mesh ones on Amazon and had them shipped to me. Yuck. The mesh ones are cheap, not necessarily easy to put on, not soft against baby’s head or face (a lot of friction), and while maybe they keep things in like pacifiers and little limbs, they don’t cushion slats – especially iron ones – against crazy dare devil babies like mine. And, they’re not aesthetically pleasing. After all of the work that a new mom does to design a nursery, I wasn’t keen on tainting the look with a crappy mesh bumper. So I bought the wonder bumper. First I called the company and had free samples sent to me of various kinds of bumpers and different lengths. That helped me determine whether the bumper would fit around the thinner iron railings of my vintage-inspired crib, what length would work best, and the look that I wanted to achieve. Once I determined what I wanted, I simply placed my purchase via Amazon because Amazon was selling what I wanted for the least expensive price. I chose the bluebird motif, but use only the white side. The bluebird part (blue is not in the color scheme of my daughter’s nursery) does not really show, and the satin ruffle on top really makes a difference and dresses up the bumper beautifully. The result is that my baby is safe, comfortable and happy and nothing is taken away from the design of the crib or the room.Dont’ get me wrong – there have been a few times when my daughter has thrown up or had a poop explosion in her crib that has necessitated me taking off affected bumpers. That can be somewhat annoying and time consuming since it’s not one large bumper but rather many separate ones. But it’s not hard to do, and the foam insert very easily comes out and I’ve no problem putting them back in after the covers are clean. Also, the bumpers wash very easily and well. My white bumpers are still pristine white, without having had to be pre-soaked or sprayed. The only other con is the price. It’s hard to plunk down that type of cash on bumpers when you could get something like the mesh bumper for much less. But believe me – when you see how the bumpers are made and how they hold up, you’ll understand why they are expensive. There’s a lot that goes into those bumpers, from the zipper, the foam insert, the mesh covering of the foam insert, the double sided nature of the bumpers, the ruffle or lace detailing (if you so choose).I think that the bumpers are phenomenal and the company as well. The customer service is great, and if you need extra bumpers (I myself needed 4 more), you can by them individually (or it may be packs of 2, I think) on the company’s website.

Chandra Dawson, TX

Expensive but worth it!

I had an early stander (5.5 months) and he would pull him self up and keeping accidentally banging his head on the bars!!! So these were the exact solution to our problem. Only thing I wish was different in the designs was if there was a flap that covered the zipper. The zipper is exposed so 1) it looks kind of ugly 2) it’s only time before my little one starts playing with the zippers or rubs up against it. For the price of this tie, I would have expected a little more attention to detail

Elisabeth Mc Coy, TX


As a first time parent, I did a lot of research on bumpers. We love these. Best purchase so far! Just buy it! Worth it.

Consuelo Wendover, UT

Love these bumpers

It made a difference when my baby woke up from her naps the fact that she could see at eye level when laying down. The bumpers are cushioned so babies dont hit thier head to hard. I wish they would make at least 13 of them longer so that when the mattress is lowered the bumpers still cover the top part of the rails. that is my only complaint.They are easy to install and wash.

Maria Amsden, OH

Safe alternative

I was so happy to find an alternative to bumper pads for my daughter’s crib. She tends to scoot around her crib on her back until she hits the slats and then either cries or i find her face buried in the bumpers. The Wonder Bumpers are very soft and exactly as pictured. My daughter usually sleeps 8-10 hours a night and wakes up a little sweaty but this morning I had to wake her up after 11 hours and she was dry, sleeping peacefully and not sweaty at all. The only reason I gave this 4/5 stars is because it is not as easy as I thought to put these on. I had to force over half of the zippers into place so I could lock them together to zip them closed. Also, some of the zippers start about half an inch down the material but only on one side, so they end up looking uneven when zipped; but I just made sure those were on the slats up against the wall. Overall a very good product, even if it is quite expensive.

Kris Clarksville, OH

Overall great product but a few quality issues

Overall I am very happy with the design and function of the Wonder Bumpers. A friend of mine recommended these and like everyone else I was shocked at the price. They are overpriced in my opinion. Perhaps if the material were organic and the filling certified it would be a different story but to keep my little girl safe I was willing to fork over the money. Now after using these for 6 months they have done their job in keeping bumps and bruises away. My daughter is a wild sleeper and she rocks and bangs her head at times.What I am rather disappointed in is the overall quality of the zippers. They are big and the stitching on quite a few of the bumpers are coming undone in under a year and a few were like that straight out of the packaging. They are a bit difficult to launder and generally look tacky on the crib on the side facing out because I don’t want the zipper to face in towards my daughter. However they are really fantastic safety wise and are soft So in general I think if they can somehow redesign the zipper with something smaller and sleeker and stitch the ends up better it would be a 5 star product…maybe even a 6 if they lowered the price by 1/2!

Ruth Taylorsville, GA

Perfect antibumper bumpers

Highly recommend, especially if you have an active baby. You don’t have to worry about the baby falling and hitting their head too hard and no concerns about suffocating given the space between the slats. Super soft as well and easy to put on.

Peggy Demopolis, AL

love the fabric

we wish it came with bumpers for the corners of the crib… they have a strong chemical smell. wash before you put them on.

Lucille U S A F Academy, CO

best investment

Buy these instead of those unsafe crib sets. Not only does she have safe bumpers on the inside, but the other day she was playing in her room, fell, and these bumpers protected her head on the OUTSIDE of the crib as well. Right then I knew they are well worth the price. I also love that I can easily change her bedding without removing them. These bumpers are easy to use and most importantly SAFE inside and out!!

Dominique Mc Donald, TN

Bumper that takes away the fear of suffocation

These bumpers are very cool. They keep the bed ventilated, so I never had a fear of my baby not getting enough oxigen. Highly recommend!

Melisa Princeton, KS

Practical and Pretty

I love these bumpers. They look so nice with the crib and work wonderfully. Our baby was 6 months when he started sleeping in the crib so we didn’t use the mesh bumper, but if needed, you could use that with these. I also love that they are reversible so we can do baby blue for our boy and switch to all beige if we have a girl next. Our crib used 42 bumpers so we mixed in some bluebird ones in the front. I just wish they sold them in local stores so we could actually see the colors. Overall, I am happy with the product. Money well spent.

Angelina Syracuse, NY

Perfect for an active baby

I love this product! My little one is at the stage where he’s wriggling his way around the crib, and sometimes he wriggles straight onto the slats and keeps pushing. This product protects his little head without the worry of suffocation. It’s soft, padded and allows air flow. So glad we came across this product and have no buyers regret!

Jessie Booneville, AR

Should have bought this a lot sooner & the best you can buy

Why oh why don’t they advertise these?!!!! Why don’t doctors tell you about these? Yes, they are expensive, but if I would ever spend more on something it would be these. You can not find anything better. There are so many benefits:
• they are thick & very soft to make sure your baby doesn’t hit their heads
• , they are vertical & zipped so it is impossible for them to take them off (even if they do they are made to fall off/out of the crib)
• since they are vertical it would take a long time if ever that they could use the bumper pads to climb out
• ever since we put them in sleep seems to be more sound – we think it is b/c they absorb some sound & just are comfy
• they cover the rails more up & down
• you can zip more than one together to cover thicker things (i.e, posts/corner of cribs)
• they are very cute & attractive
• most important they allow for more air – other bumper pads are continuous – these are on each rail so there is air space between every single railThe only con is price, but how do you put a price on safety & peace of mind. This product along w/ the Angel Care monitor are the 2 items to spend more for!

Dominique Sparkill, NY

Safer, attractive, but tedious to launder because of cheap foam insert

Pros:Easy to use and attachFoam filling cushions impact when heads bump against the railsSoft velvety/microfiber-like materialAttractiveReversible colorsStays in placeMachine washableCons:Exposed white zipper teeth, slider, and steps.Tedious to wash.Neutrals:All wonder bumpers are the same length of about two feet.As the only cushioned alternative to traditional bumpers, these command a hefty price. Fortunately, they perform the job needed. They’re easy to attach to the 1.5″ rails that I have, possibly even 2″ wide rails by stretching just a bit, but not to larger corners. Each bumper arrives flat. One side pink; one side brown. It can be zipped around a rail on either side. This will be useful for either gender babies. For example, I can use the pink sides for a girl or the brown sides for a boy (or I could squeeze out another hundred bucks for a set of blue bumpers, which I’d rather not do.)The crib I have has rails that are longer than two feet. For those rails, the top part of the rails will be exposed, because of course we want the bumpers placed where the baby will actually bump its head. Since I have exactly 38 rails, I would need to purchase additional bumpers in order to stack two on top of each other if I was concerned about appearance. I’m not.The entire zipper is white, and is exposed. If I place the zipper so that it faces out, then the set doesn’t look so great, but I can’t have it face in, because I don’t want zipper teeth marks on the baby’s forehead. So the solution is to put the zipper to the side, and hope that the kid doesn’t spin the bumper around.It’s great that the bumpers are machine washable. It’s not so great that in order to wash them, I have to open the velcro flap on one end and remove the flimsy foam insert because that piece is not washable. Actually, removing it is not so bad, but putting them back is a bit of a chore. I don’t expect to be washing all 38 of them very often, though, and I think I’d prefer removing them over having warped foam fillings.Some other minor quality issues: There were a few loose threads on the bumpers, such that when I first opened the package, I wondered whether someone just slapped two pieces of cloth together with a piece of foam inside. (Which, I know, is essentially what it is,) but for the price, you almost hope that it would be a little better sewn, without fabric twisting to one side, or having an exposed zipper, or having loose visible threads. Again, it’s a minor nitpicking issue right now, because as soon as I snipped the threads and placed the bumpers on the crib, all I could think of was, ‘Gee, I wish I had purchased this set first and not wasted my money on the traditional bumpers I got.’8/31/2011 Update: I recently bought eight more individual bumpers (four packs of 2 bumpers each) and noticed that the foam insert is now covered with a thin mesh case of its own. It’s a much better presentation than the original bumpers I had.

Rosanna Bates, OR

Awesome Product!

I love the Wonder Bumpers. They are an awesome and cute alternative to regular bumpers. I was worried about buying regular bumpers for decoration, then having to take them off for regular use and having him hit his head on the crib. Or I could not buy them at all and have my crib look empty. And what to do about baby bumping his head? Well this was the answer. It covers the crib rails and does not have the suffocation risk. I don’t understand why all crib sets don’t come with these. I bought the Lotus two packs and the blue damask 2 packs. I bought them so I would have green and brown solid colors (on the backs) to alternate, and they were on sale. Using the brown and green , I was satisfied. The green was a little bright and the brown wasn’t as dark as I wanted, but they were still within my colors. I did not use the damask side because it did not match my nursery, but I fell in love with it. It was beautiful. Only way it could be better would be if it was a silk fabric instead of the fuzzy fabric. Only real complaints are 1) They do not reach all the way to the bottom of my crib rails. If I keep them pushed up towards the top of my rails then they tend to slide down and look uneven, and 2) The brown/damask ones are looser than the other ones and do not fit as tightly and are more apt to slide. But I think these are awesome and an awesome, safe alternative. I just wish they made more crib sets.

Bertie Malta, ID