Go Mama Go Designs Reversible Teething Guard, Cream/Chocolate

Go Mama Go Designs Reversible Teething Guard, Cream/Chocolate

Let’s face it, babies like to chew oneverything when they teethe.The teething process lasts from 4 months to over 2 years, basically the entire time your baby is in his crib. Protect the crib and your baby’s teeth with our super soft, padded, reversible teething guard.The teething guard is reversible and washable and comes in 2 colors, brown/cream(shown) and green/white as well as 2 sizes, to accommodate different rail dimensions.

Main features

  • Reversible
  • Cream/chocolate
  • 52×12

Verified reviews


Stylish and effective

Easy to wash (just remove the foam inside, wash only outer layer, then reinsert foam) and attaches with ties to crib.Soft minky texture will not irritate baby’s skin (it is synthetic though so beware for babies whose skin can only take cotton). Protects your top crib rail against gnawing. The cushion will not let teeth damage the crib or eat away stain/paint finish and the minky texture does not feel as satisfying to my son- so after a couple of nibbles, he was not interested biting the rail anymore.At 2, our son still loves to play in his crib and since he is much bigger, there is more bumping but no crying as there is enough cushioning from the pads to keep boo boos away.

Margo Avoca, AR

Too Short

Imagine our surprise when we finally went to put these on our crib and they only covered 75% of the railing (length wise). Plus, they were nearly impossible to get zipped, and my husband busted one zipper in the process. We would never recommend this product.

Arlene Litchfield, MN


I would recommend these to anyone and will keep them for future grandchildren. Easy to apply to the crib, they look nice and the safety issue was a big deal to me.

Nadia Farnham, VA

Great for parents (not sure about the baby)

I have a Hemnes crib in brown from Ikea. This cover fits perfectly, including color match. I love it because it protects my ribs when i bend over the edge to put my son in to sleep or when i pat him to calm down to sleep. My son loves untying the ties that hold it in place. He does not attempt to munch on it. The fabric is nice, no foreign smells. I felt it was safe to put in without washing.

Karla Loomis, WA

Rail pads

These rail pads work great! They are slightly padded and help shield from teething as well as bumps. I only use it on the top rail but it has been in constant use for the last three years and it holding up well.

Caroline Allendale, MI

Excellent bumper

I love this bumper. It’s soft and my baby loves to chew on it. I only put on one bumper and it’s a little short for my crib, but she only chews on the bumper and not the crib so it works. I love that it’s washable and reversible, because it gets covered in drool.

Desiree Norwood, MA

Perfect protection

Highly recommend, especially if you have an active baby. You don’t have to worry about the baby falling and hitting their head.

Annie Ellington, MO

Wish I had discovered this before my kid gnawed the crib rail

I’m glad I bought a crib made from pine and stained with non-toxic stain because my kid has gone all beaver on it. By the time I noticed, there were significant scratches on the outside rail. I got this pad and it works great. It’s just wet all the time from him gnawing on it. And you think I would have learned…he had never gnawed on the rail on the opposite side, but I just noticed he started gnawing that as well. I went to re-order and the product is back ordered. Argh. Do yourself a favor and just order two guards right away.

Marcella Carlsbad, NM

works great!

Keeps our crib edges safe from new little teeth that seemed to think wood was tasty. Only thing is that the ties had to be double knotted on our crib and tucked into the edge of the guard so our toddler didn’t untie it (we may have had to confiscate it from her one morning….)

Dolores Orefield, PA

Good product

Does protect the front bar of the crib — though the baby then just chewed the sides & back, and I didn’t want to cover the whole thing. I like that it’s reversible, but found it annoying that you can see the other color at the ends. So — we were using the cream one, and it had brown fabric sticking out at either end. Looked better than other options I found though.

Sonia Glenmont, NY