Goldbug Animal 2 in 1 Harness – Monkey

Goldbug Animal 2 in 1 Harness – Monkey

Goldbug 2 in 1 Harness Buddy Monkey. Fun Harness converts into a backpack. A fun and friendly way to keep your child close and safe. Just hold on to the animal buddy’s tail and your child will be safely in tow. The detachable tether converts the harness into a super cute backpack for growing world travels and the roomy pocket holds lots of toys and travel supplies.

Main features

  • Friendly harness keeps child close and safe
  • Functions as both a harness and backpack
  • Pocket on back for special toys

Verified reviews



We got these when my girls were 18 months old, Zoey being very independant and not wanting to hold our hands or be put in the cart most of the time & Madison being very high spirited and wanting to run all over the place. We were tired of walking through the store with screaming kids in the cart or having to hold 2 screaming kids who only wanted down(they didn’t do that all the time but it wasn’t fun)My girls LOVE Curious George and monkeys so they were all about putting on their monkey backpacks. At first we just put them on in our house and kept the “tail” tied up and they loved their monkeys, always wanted to wear them. The monkey backpack has always been a happy/fun thing so my girls are more than happy to put it on in public.These have come in SO handy on many different occasions. Like we were shopping for a new computer in the store and it was taking quite a while so my girls kept wanting to get into EVERYTHING and were getting quite grouchy. So while my husband waited I took both my girls “tails” and we walked around the store. Had I not had these monkeys, I never would have been able to walk around with both girls because they are too heavy for me to carry for more than a few minutes and if they get their hands free from me they will normally run in different directions. But my girls were happy being able to walk all around the store…now since my girls were getting used to them and are still pretty young, they DID get the tails tangled around me and themselves on a regular basis but that is hardly a problem and easily remedied. Plus it gives everyone else in the store something to laugh at 😉 and let me tell you, we got a lot of attention. Some people just stare, some people laugh, you get the “how cute, how funny, what a great idea, where did you get that” comments. And also the people who remember the toddler leashes their parents used to use on them…the ones that velcro’d around the wrist and had the stretchy old phone cord connecty wire thingy, 2 guys were cracking up talking about their childhood memories. These are WAY better than kid leashes used to be.These are just a simple monkey backpack leash. It is really big on Madison, she is tiny for her age, below the 5th% but it still works just fine. They are soft and comfy. The backpack is really only big enough for some small snacks or pacifier.Obviously you can’t use these everywhere as it just would not be safe. Anywhere that is really crowded, most people aren’t looking for a tiny toddler. We keep these in the van at all times and use them in the appropriate situations, very handy.Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them for you 🙂

Tonia Perry, OK

Just can’t….

I know I should have given this purchase more thought, but I just can’t have my daughter on a leash. It sounds great. Because I do think it adds protection and all that but she likes to run – she likes to feel free, and I’m not sure how I would reign her in…I mean do you give it a tug like a dog’s leash? Wont that make her fall down? I just can’t do it. I’m putting this thing in the donation box. She didn’t mind wearing it, and it is soft and cute. I just never actually used it.

Johnnie Mildred, MT

Put MONKEY on!

My little guy started using monkey at 14mos and was done by 2.5years. I know people have strong feelings about ‘leashes’, but allowing my son to have more mobility at a younger age helped me teach him about traffic safety at a younger age. Also, it kept me sane while travel.If your small child (under 2) doesn’t dart, then you’ll never need one of these or a stroller. But if you have a mobile child, this is a cute solution for finding a happy middle ground between freedom to move and keeping safe.

Gloria De Soto, IL

Love this!

I bought two of these for my twins as soon as they were walking. It’s a great way to give them freedom when running errands or in larger areas, such as the zoo, while keeping them safe. It can be difficult to manage two toddlers going in different directions, but they love their monkeys. I keep them in the car at all times and as soon as we get to the store, they ask to put them on. We don’t use the "backpack" part, as it is very small and doesn’t have room for anything except when we sometimes tuck the tail up into it when not needed.

Evangeline Pipe Creek, TX

Cute, but not as practical as it should be

I bought this but don’t use it. The tail is where it should be anatomically on a monkey but that also makes it weird as when you pull your child back, the monkey’s ‘butt’ goes up and it’s arms and upper torso pushes against your child. Just awkward. Also, the monkey is designed to be sitting on your child’s back. The head is tilted slightly so you can take photos of your child and still see the monkey’s head, but this doesn’t always work as the head isn’t angled out far enough.

Roberta Scotland Neck, NC

Really cute, but neck broke after minimal use

My son liked the monkey, but after two days in the house (I.e., no real use), the seam at the neck broke open, leaving the stuffing exposed. I may have just gotten a dud, but this is going back.

Kellie Fairmount, GA

Not impressed

I bought these to try to keep my twins in line when we out. I should have listened to the others reviews. The quality is nice but it’s still super loose for my 20 and 22lb twins. The strap attached to the bag is on the bottom which when pulled against makes them fall forward. I’m hoping they’ll still be worthwhile when they get older and bulk up, maybe start to listen better but not great for little ones who still have no concept of safety, especially if they are smaller in body stature.

Toni Thacker, WV