Goldbug Animal 2 in 1 Harness, Pig

Goldbug Animal 2 in 1 Harness, Pig

Goldbug 2 in 1 Harness Buddy Pig. Fun Harness converts into a backpack. A fun and friendly way to keep your child close and safe. Just hold on to the animal buddy’s tail and your child will be safely in tow. The detachable tether converts the harness into a super cute backpack for growing world travels and the roomy pocket holds lots of toys and travel supplies.

Main features

  • Friendly harness keeps child close and safe
  • Functions as both a harness and backpack
  • Pocket on back for special toys

Verified reviews


Son loves it

My son loves his Lion backpack. He plays with it when he’s not wearing it. I have him wear it while we walk along the busy street we live on. I don’t “walk” him, I have him hold my hand but the “leash” is wrapped around my arm just in case he makes a break for it. My son is a very strong 1 year old and I have a disbaility with my hands that make them very weak so this is a precaution. I think if you are trying to train your child to walk while holding your hand and just want a little more security this is a great precautionary tool.

Janette Bairdford, PA

I have not seen my goods

I have not seen my goods, hope it will suit my son.Maybe it will look good, now post speed is really slow, I can only customary to give praise.

Virginia Gackle, ND

Cute and functional for your toddler

At first, my toddler hated this and would go to the end of the rope and throw herself on the ground. But I perseviered and now she tolerates it pretty well. It’s still a work in progress but be prepared to work with your toddler on this one until they are used to it. Once she realizes it is not going to come off, she stays with me well, and likes how cute it is. She also uses it as a lovey in the car. The straps are comfy and not restrictive, and I like that the leash can connect to the side or the back. (We usually use the side.) I would definitely recommend, but unless you use it from the beginning, be prepared to work with your toddler. Possibly use at home first or a simple trip to the park to get them used to it.

Julie Wana, WV

Adorable – but never really used it

We bought this animal backpack because we liked the idea of being able to always have a hold of our toddler. However, I ended up feeling more comfortable to teach my daughter from the start to always hold our hand in public places and to not start the trend of just running loose in the mall.The animal is soft and cuddly. My daughter was very eager to wear the panda as a backpack. The pocket is too small to be useful. However, we’ve had the backpack for a year and we still haven’t used it.

Betty Hartford, KS

Harness is good, but no space in “backpack”

The harness works well enough, but I was disappointed in the amount of space in the backpack. The space is so small, it might as well not even exist because nothing will fit in it.

Claudette Norfolk, VA

Great restraint!

My son is a super busy-body. I was very nervous/paranoid about taking him to Yellowstone so I bought this. It is very easy to put on him (unlike some other over the head/arm cheaper harnesses) and is very soft and comfortable. He liked it. It doubled as a toy when he was in the car seat. The “pouch” part of it is pretty useless, but it doesn’t matter. It’s cute, soft, comfortable and does the job.Some people think that these harnesses are treating your kid like a pet. Not at all. It is for the safety of the child. In addition, the alternative with such youngsters (when they are too young to fully have impulse control) is to secure them in a stroller, carrier or backpack. At least with the harness they get to walk and explore and get some exercise. Much more freedom than being strapped in a stroller or on someone’s back.

Rene Dunbar, NE

Loved it

This was perfect for our first flight. It was just my 18 month old and I flying this first trip. I was able to let her burn off some steam by walking about with me in the airport before boarding the plane. Everyone around us thought it was adorable also. The only thing is that it seems a little too stuffed, maybe less stuffing.

Erika Crumpton, MD

Disneyland Lifesaver

I have an energetic 2 year old who thinks it is hysterical to say “Can’t catch me” and bolt. Needless to say, I was a little nervous to go to Disneyland (land of many crowds) with her. I read teh reviews for the GOld Bug Harness Buddy and it seemed like a winner. I told her that the lion would help protect her so she needed to wear it. It works great. We ended up using the stroller a lot and just kept the lion ready to go. The “leash” part is a little short because she kept running, but the nice soft plush harness is a winner. I saw a bunch of them around Disneyland. Highly recommended.

Edith Beaman, IA

super cute but bulky and not toddler friendly.

I really really wanted to love this frog harness. The idea is simple, toddler runs/bolts away and they can’t make it very far because the harness has a leash! Except that the leash is attached at the bottom so when the toddler bolts away and the leash gets pulled tight their center of gravity is off and their feet stop but their upper body lunges forward, also known as a face plant.On the harness itself the frog is cute but its really big. My son doea not think its fun to wear. We purchased a backpack harness with the leash attached on the top and he thinks that is fun because he can put his snacks and lovie inside of that one. The frog just isnt worth the money…

Susana Ames, OK

It’s a safety thing.

We use these for our two two year olds who run unpredictably. It’s a safety thing. We use them on walks so they don’t run into the street, and at theme parks and restaurants so they don’t trip other people. These will probably only be needed for a couple years, if that, but they are invaluable to us! I’ve washed them in the machine a few times and they’ve come out fine. We encourage our kids to "take your pet on a walk and show them…" We put the handle/little loop of the leash/tail around the neck of the animal and hold the big loop, and their hand also if possible.

Sue Eureka, NV

19 month old

19 month old loves to wear this horse. He kiss the horse before wearing. I use this harness when I go to the park/street or sometimes to the mall.

Tonia Ithaca, NE

Great product, cute and useful!

I was hesitant to order this bunny because so many customers claimed they received a different one than the one pictured. I took the chance and received the bunny as pictured on amazon. My daughter got really excited and starting yelling, "Bunny! Bunny! Bunny!" She likes wearing it and the harness is effective yet still cutesy so people don’t judge me harshly for having my kid on a leash. It actually gives her more freedom and independence than holding my hand or sitting in her stroller does, so I don’t know why anyone would judge.It’s fairly well constructed, the pocket on the back of the bunny is small and won’t fit much, so it’s not as useful as a backpack, but that’s not really the purpose of it, anyway. I like the adjustable straps and the fact that she can wear it for awhile before she outgrows it. I highly recommend it!

Leann Cassatt, SC

This works for my skinny 2 yr old

I hesitated to buy this backpack because I had the idea it would not fit my skinny 2 yr old. (25lbs).But it did and he likes his lion and knows exactly when he must wear it and has no problems wearing it at all.I knew it had no room for toys and stuff, so I am not disappointed about that. It will only fit a paci for the rest it is only a lion and not a backpack

Allie North Clarendon, VT

Better than expected.

My wife and I purchased this after seeing another parent utilizing it at a local amusement park. We are pleased, and our very ambitious 2 yr old dont mind it at all. Worth every penny so far.

Sierra New Fairfield, CT

Great! A little small – 25″ circumference

I have a three year old, and the top buckle snaps, but the lower buckle does not, even adjusted out to the longest. I measured the circumference and found the lower legs make a 25 inch circle. My boy’s waist is 26 inches. Granted, for three this is very big! I know. But just to let you know that is the size, so you can measure your own kid’s waist and see if that will fit. I wish it adjusted just a bit bigger!That said, I still like it. I paid $12 bucks (good price) and the top buckle snaps so it is still usable. I really thought my son would not keep it on, but he will. He didn’t even fuss too much. I let him play with the froggie when it is not on him, which makes him more comfortable wearing him. The head turns slightly sideways so it is not in the way of your kid’s head.Like other reviewers said, the pocket really doesn’t hold much. I curl up the strap and stick it in the velcro pocket. For me, I don’t mind since we weren’t looking to carry things, just keep a closer eye on our exuberant preschooler. The tail is three feet long, so this is a perfect amount of distance. Lets him feel like he is walking independently, but also lets me keep him out of busy streets, with my other hand on a stroller!

Emilie Powers, MI

Love it!

This is a well made and super cute kiddie harness. Our daughter LOVES wearing it, and we never get anything but smiles and positive comments whenever she’s out with it on. She’s never tried to take it off, but I don’t think she would be able to anyway. The horse character is perfect for boys or girls. Well worth it!

Tiffany Dana, IN

Good tool to keep your child at range

I got this for my 20 mo. toddler. It is a very cute harness that he enjoys wearing because he brings “his panda” along with him. The pocket is very small and you cannot place a “favourite toy” as said in the description, but I find it useful to put the leash inside it when I want to let my child roam free.As some reviewers said in other models, the placement of the leash makes the child be top heavy, but I would rather having it low than high and being a chocking risk. In any case, my child fell twice the first day we used when he took off running, we were on grass and he did not get hurt. He soon learned to recognize the tension of the leash and now he stops before the leash pulls. It is a good tool to have when we go for walks; even when you hold kids’ hands they do let go, so having the leash to stop him from going into traffic makes me feel at ease.

Mina Saint Libory, NE

not the best

too large to pack well in diaper bag and no way to put things inside easily. If child falls it will be their head hitting the ground as the parent leash part connect to the base of the doggie…

Nadia Mc Lain, MS

Hard to unclip the “tail”

This product has a leash component that is difficult to detach. I’m afraid to force it since the clip is plastic and it might break. My other issue with it is that the clip is attached so low that it might tip my daughter over if she was ever brought up short by it. She’s an early walker, so we’ll be waiting until she’s taller to try this item.

Mai Mount Morris, MI

Very cute

this is very cute however for whatever reason my son does not like it maybe of the strap.he just likes carrying it lol

Tina Piti, GU

Awesome Lion Keeper

My grandson loves his lion. He was 14 months when we got it and he has to hug it prior to wearing it. Sometimes he wants to carry the tail but he will gladly let you hold the tail.

Nona Seney, MI

Made Well

This is a great product. Made beautifully. I live in the city and take my 18 months old to museums where she wants to run around and go free. However, as much as I want her run around free I do not want to loose her among people and museum objects. The leash is a great idea to keep your child safe and also pretend like she is wearing a backpack. This is a great buy. And even if your child will not like wearing it, it is a nice toy for her to play with. My daughter loves dogs and loves her new pink poodle.

Juana Bethesda, OH

Cute and strong straps.

Cute lion and strong straps. They are strong and won’t break in case you need to use them/ I was using them at the park with a pond. The lion is soft and cute, and my son didn’t mind wearing it. There is a zipper on the back of the lion for the longer strap that goes to the adult’s hand.

Sheena Hill City, SD

Great product

Loved using this with my 2-year old. It took him a couple of tries to get used to wearing something on his back but he got used to it fairly quickly. Very useful in a crowded area (took him to the racetrack). I don’t use the pockets and didn’t plan on using them so I don’t care that it’s too small according to some reviewers.

Edythe Stockdale, OH

No real complaints.

I rated this 3/5 stars because this harness is exactly that, okay. It serves its purpose. False advertising to the pocket in the back that can be used to house a special toy…I don’t think it’s large enough to even fit a little car. We purchased this because we were going to the state fair and couldn’t bring a stroller and didn’t fully trust our 15 month old to hold our hand the entire time…we just didn’t want him darting out into the crowd. People can judge others for "leashing" their children all they want, but until you have had a tiny, sweaty hand slip out of yours and start running, I wouldn’t judge other parents. This served its purpose.

Brandy Lanark, WV

Bunny Harness so cute.

Good price for a harness and it is cute my baby girl likes it. It is soft and fair quality. I like it.

Katie Ravenna, TX

Great product

I know some people see a harness as some form of child abuse. My son started walking at an early age (8 months) and didn’t want to sit in his stroller for a period of time. He wanted to show off his new found skills. He was also very fast and is strong. This was for those moments when we were at the zoo or the crowded pumpkin patch and he would break free from our hand and take off running. He knew when the line became taught to slow down and it made us feel more comfortable.

Rita Mequon, WI

A Love-able tether for your curious Lamb

I’ve always been a little skeptical about child harnesses in the fact that some believe it is not responsible parenting. But I’ll be the first to change that opinion since I have a little one who is mobile and about to walk. This lamb harness is adorable and it is one of the most lovable, soft, cozy ways to keep tabs on your little one. The material is soft and the color is a cuddly neutral with cream. I haven’t used the backpack yet, but I’m sure my son will love it when he walks. I purchased a second one without a backpack to use on my boat. I tether it to a bar and feel so much better knowing that my little guy is not going to jump overboard when I turn my head. (even with the life preserver on) This one will work great for walks at Disney, the park or the mall.

Annmarie Rineyville, KY

Great product

I was originally against a kid leash but prior to an overseas trip we broke down and bought this. We gave it to our son to play with as a toy a few times just so he was not freaked out by it. Once he had it one it was great and he would often try and put it on himself. However we never did end up using outside our hotel room when he played with it. It is very soft and he loved to hug it. Also the straps are adjustable and fit a good size range. If you are looking for a kid harness this is well made.

Bettie Sawyerville, IL

No Complaints

We got this to use with our 2 year old when we’re out in busy public places. We don’t use it often, but when we have it was great. She loves wearing it and thinks the panda is cute.

Heidi Hickory Grove, SC