Good Wood Eggs, Six in a Recyclable Carton

Good Wood Eggs, Six in a Recyclable Carton

Perfectly rounded on both ends – just like the real thing! No flat edges. The Good Eggs is a set of six (6) wood eggs in a recyclable egg container. The perfect paring to the Camden Rose Simple Hearth. Also can be used if chickens are not laying eggs. Place a wood egg in a nest to encourage your hens to lay. A great kitchen accessory, unfinished birch wood. Made in the USA.

Main features

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  • Six (6) solid wood eggs, an exact replica, no flat edges.
  • Dimensions: 2.5″ long x 1-5/8″ diameter.
  • Material: Birch Hardwood.
  • Unfinished Natural Wood.
  • Made in the USA.

Verified reviews


beautiful wooden eggs

bought these over a year ago for my sons play kitchen. i can’t tell you HOW often he plays with them! it’s pretty much everyday. they are still beautiful. well made and smooth! he’s thrown them onto tile floors as well and they still look brand new!

Louise Ideal, GA

Toddler loves them, normal egg sized.

These eggs are great. The same size as normal eggs, made of smooth wood. I like that everything is natural as opposed to all the other plastic food options. My 2 year old loves them.

Jana Belspring, VA

Perfect preschool toy

My 3 year-old loves these eggs. She plays with them often, cooking them up in her play kitchen.I love the natural wood – no worries about chipping paint and such. They’re very high quality, though the box is a little flimsy (but very realistic).

Liz Arrowsmith, IL

Love these

I love these because they are very safe with unfinished plain wood and they look just like the brown eggs I use to cook so my toddler loves them! They are the exact same shape and size as a real egg and the little carton is so perfect with it! Very happy with these.

Gabrielle Lambertville, MI

Cute but the carton is worthless

I liked the idea of wooden eggs … just can’t STAND that fake-looking plastic food. The eggs are great, a pretty natural color. But the carton is more flimsy than the ones you get in the grocery store for real eggs. I suppose that’s because it’s made of recycled material? Either way, I ended up making a new carton with the stiffer cardboard one from the grocery store. It’s held up much better. If you buy this toy, just know that you will be making a new carton from your own eggs.

Carlene Trout Run, PA

Wonderful quality & size

These wooden eggs were my 2nd attempt at buying wooden eggs online. These are great quality, and a perfect, large, grade A egg size. They fit nicely in the paper carton they come in & my child loves them! The only thing that I’m not 100% satisfied with is they are just the natural wood grain. No finish. I think it’d be nice if you could order them with a light coating of pearlized white paint so they’d look more like white eggs instead of wood eggs. I still love these eggs though!

Zelma Ophir, KY