Graco Affix Youth Booster Seat with Latch System, Atomic

Graco Affix Youth Booster Seat with Latch System, Atomic

“Color: Atomic DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery! Graco Affix High Back Booster Seat The Graco Affix Backless Booster Car Seat provides a secure connection to your vehicle seat with its unique one-hand front-adjust latch system. The connection uses your vehicle’s tethers to keep the booster steadily in place and makes self-buckling easier for your independent child. Features: One-hand front adjust booster seat with LATCH System secures booster to vehicle seat Secure connection keeps big kid booster seat properly in place Keeps backless booster steady for easy self-buckling for your independent child Front adjustment allows you to quickly and easily tighten the booster to the vehicle seats Manufacturer Recommended Weight/Height Limits: High Back Booster: From 30 to 100 pounds, from 38 to 57 inches tall Backless Booster: From 40 to 100 pounds, from 40 to 57 inches Product Dimensions: 9.21 x 16.93 x 25.59 inches Accessories Included: Cup holder (packaged underneath seat)”

Main features

  • AFFIX High Back Booster Car Seat with Latch System, in Atomic, offers a secure connection keeps booster seat properly in place
  • Keeps toddler booster seat steady for easy self-buckling for your independent child
  • Unique front adjustment allows you to quickly and easily tighten the backless booster seat to the vehicle seat
  • Side Impact Tested* (*The AFFIX Highback Booster with Latch System has been side impact tested for occupant retention with a standard vehicle harness system in high back booster mode. Please consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for more specific information on the performance of your vehicle’s safety belt system.)
  • This Graco Highback Booster Car Seat is engineered and crash tested to meet or exceed US standard FMVSS 213

Verified reviews


Huge Design Flaw

I was a child passenger safety technician for 9 years so I have had experience with tons of different car seats and boosters. I am a big fan of latchable boosters and was very happy to see one come on the market with a lower price point. Unfortunately, this seat has a huge design flaw. The two LATCH attachments each have their own straps to pull to tighten them. They are placed one on top of the other with a single push button to release both. Problem is, the push button doesn’t press tight enough to hold both straps tight so the side that runs on the bottom doesn’t lock in place. The end result is that when you install the seat and tighten the LATCH attachments, one side stays tight, but if you pull gently on the other side, it will pull away from the vehicle seat about 5 inches. It is essentially the same as installing the booster with only one LATCH anchor, which most of us would never do because it isn’t safe. How will this perform in a crash? Who knows? My guess is, when the child and the seat start to move forward (which they will before the seatbelts fully engage), the LATCH on one side will engage causing the seat to pivot toward that side which will put the child completely out of position behind the vehicle seatbelt. Or, it might function fine. Unfortunately, I’m not comfortable letting my child be Graco’s crash test dummy.I called Graco and the rep was absolutely useless. She just kept telling me the seat could be used without LATCH and that LATCH was only to make it easier for the child to buckle himself in and that the seatbelt is what holds the child in. I kept trying to explain that I knew the seatbelt held the child in, but that the crash dynamics can change when one side comes loose in a crash and the other doesn’t and I guarantee Graco hasn’t crash tested a seat with LATCH that is not functioning properly. I was very bothered when she went to talk to someone else and came back and sounded out the word “projectile” like it was something she had never heard. My level of faith in Graco and their customer service just went way down.

Mercedes Surrey, ND

Not the best

Where is the 5 point harness?I received this from Amazon Vine and was thrilled to get it. We are not ready for a booster quite yet, but I figured I’d hang onto it for when we are. I was thrilled with the LATCH option, simply because I’m sure by the time my son is in this booster, there will be another little one in his current seat. Having LATCH means that even if my son is not in his booster in the event of a crash, the seat will not be a projectile. Now of course that’s assuming that the tethers are tight. They are not. I installed this in my 2009 Toyota Rav 4 and was pleased with the ease of installation. It even looks great. But one tug on the seat and it loosens. My convertible carseats don’t budge when tugged on. They’re not supposed to. I know if my son is in the seat it shouldn’t matter. But I wanted the seat specifically for the reason of it not being a projectile.Back to the issue of the harness. I didn’t think about it at the time I requested this, but I really want my son in a five point harness for as long as possible. This means purchasing a Britax or Recaro.I guess this will be for our second car. I’m disappointed. If you’re strapped for cash this isn’t a terrible seat. The cup holder is nice and so is the fabric. It does go to 100 pounds. It’ll do as a spare.

Beth Graniteville, SC

Latch System

When searching for a booster seat for my son, I was appalled that none of them had any means of attaching to the car, instead relying on the seatbelt and child to hold the booster in place. The Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat is the only booster seat I was able to find that actually uses the latch system. That completely sold me right there. I would never even consider purchasing a booster seat without the latch system. The price is also pretty hard to beat…a similar Britax booster seat model was $30 more expensive, and yet it didn’t even have the latch system. Why so much more expensive, then? Because it’s Britax, that’s why. I value my child’s safety, though, and so we went with the Graco. Also, my son is in the 90th percentile for height and this booster seat fit him better than most…a lot of other ones were too narrow, and he had to hunch his shoulders when sitting in them.

Michaela Plantersville, TX

Booster for a 3-yr-old, love this seat – Latch install!

I was so excited when I saw that this seat not only installs with the latch system, but also can hold a three-year-old child if they meet the requirements (and use the high back portion). Now, before anyone jumps on me, I certainly do know that a standard five-point harness is the safest option for a child. We are also not using this for our everyday seat at this point in time. However, I feel comfortable with this seat for three reasons:1) It has a high back for safety, and a seat-belt router under the headrest to keep the belt in a safe position across your child’s neck and chest2) It installs very tightly with the latch system to keep it secure.3) My child meets the stated requirements of at least 30 pounds and 3 years old, so I know the seat has been safely tested in this range.We got this seat just in time for our spring trip, which meant that we could travel with a booster instead of a huge, clunky standard car seat.- Loved that we could pop the back off for travel and stow the seat and back together fairly flat in a large travel bag, which we checked through the airport baggage.- Three-year-old loved sitting in the seat and was comfortable. NO complaints about being hot or anything, even in the Florida heat.- Child can take a nap with the high-back booster- Easy to install and remove.The only thing I wish this seat had, hence the loss of one star, is a between-the-legs lap belt guide/holster like our son’s Britax booster has because I feel that it would provide that extra level of seat belt safety keeping kids from internal injuries caused when the belt slides up too high and cuts across their abdomen.Overall this a great, affordable seat. I highly recommend it.

Mandy Newton Junction, NH

Graco Affix Booster

Let me begin by saying that I have been buying car seats since 1991, my oldest is almost 22 and my youngest is 5. I have bought cheap, I have bought expensive, I have always tried to buy what rated high for safety on CR and NHTSA and would work for our vehicles. This seat did not show up on either site when I bought it – although I find it is a nice mix of design between the Nautilus and Turbo Booster and it has all of the required testing. Basically, all car seats are safe, if they are used correctly. If your child isn’t ready to sit still and correctly in a booster- this isn’t going to be a safe seat. 5 point harness is the way to go. My 5 year old is in a 5 point Nautilus for that reason. My 6 year old has graduated to the Affix because he was in a Britax Regent that is closing in on the expiration date and he is ready to move on.This seat has LATCH that makes it sturdy for kids to fasten and unfasten their own belt. The LATCH hooks were easily installed in the car. The LATCH on any seat isn’t meant to keep the kid in the seat. Boosters rely on seat belt placement to do that. The guide on this seat is easily adjusted and makes for a tight secure fit of the belt. I personally don’t allow my child to make sure his belt is positioned correctly yet, but the belt falls exactly as it should every time – regardless of who buckles it.The side “wings” are nice. I like side impact protection. The back is removable for continued future use if he doesn’t outgrow it first.This seat gets a thumbs up from us.

Christian Palo, IA

Fine for a barely-used spare.

We never use my husband’s car to tote the kids, so he’s made it four years without a carseat in his car. But now that he likes to take our 4yo son on errands with him, he needs a seat. And honestly, we didn’t really want to spend $200 on another 5pt harness that only gets used maybe twice a month for four hours. So when Vine offered this booster, I grabbed it.I attempted to put it together and failed. There was NO WAY NO HOW I was getting the seat attached to the back. Of course my husband got it in about 30 seconds, so YMMV on that.The installation went well in a Prius–I didn’t hear any cussing from the driveway. That said, we were not impressed with the LATCH installation. It moves entirely too much for my liking. It really sucks as a parent–do you spend $200 on something you use quite infrequently but involves the safety of your child…or do you skimp on something not quite as good and hope it works pretty well…?For now, this seat will suffice, but I definitely wouldn’t use this as my main seat.

Billie Winchester, CA

Best booster I’ve used

This is the third different booster seat we’ve used, and it’s definitely the best. First of all, it’s the first one to actually have latch. (finally!) It also comes apart very easily. All the other boosters have been a struggle to take apart and reassemble. This one is a snap – just lean the top all the way back and slide it out. The kids haven’t complained about it feeling any different, and it comes with all the same features you’d expect from a good booster like side impact protection. It’s got a built in cupholder and a little slide out tray (which will probably end up being filled with stale cheerios in about a week). The tray and cupholder are much easier for the child to reach than the alternatives in the body of the car, so that’s nice if you want it. Overall a great booster.

Lawanda Manistique, MI

Not enough protection…

I wouldn’t recommend this booster for the amount of side impact protection it offers. The photos are a little deceptive, in that it appears to cover the entire rib cage. When we placed our daughter in the seat for the first time, we realized it just wouldn’t be enough. Even though she’s a thin child, the coverage just wasn’t there. We sent it back.

Latoya Dixon, NM

Great Booster!

My 3 year old loves his new car seat. He seems very secure in it, this will definitely last us a long time. It was easy to install, there isn’t much more that I could ask for in a booster!

Lee Osage, WY

I liked the Britax Parkway SGL much more

I bought a Britax Parkway SGL and also this Graco Affix. I didn’t quite know what to expect but both seats are on the IIHS best picks list. There’s nothing "wrong" with the Graco, but I was surprised by the very different overall impressions they created.ADVANTAGE BRITAX1. Better LATCH straps that utilize dual adjustment straps – The Britax straps are also really well designed in their location and function.2. Better seat bottom – The bottom seat has significantly more springy cushioning on the Britax. The Graco seat as well as back only has a single layer of about 1 cm thick neoprene like feeling material. If you apply pressure to the Graco seat, it feels like hard plastic with minimal give allowed. The Britax seat feels like it has more like 4-6 cm of give before feeling a hard surface vs the 1 cm of give on the Graco.3. Aesthetics – The Britax really looks and feels high quality.ADVANTAGE GRACO1. Cost – The Graco is significantly less expensive.2. IIHS Best Pick for both seat only and with high back – The Graco is on the IIHS Best Pick list for both configurations while the Britax is listed as a Best Pick only in high back mode.I didn’t think I would feel like one would be obviously better IMHO but the Britax looks and feels like a premium product when I compare it directly to the Graco. If I did not have the Britax for comparison, I think I would be okay with the Graco but the hardness of the Graco seat would be fairly obvious.

Valarie North Haven, CT

Light, Secure, and Easy to Buckle

We have had a very good experience with our Graco Affix Booster Seat. We need a booster seat that is light and easy to move between cars, the Graco Affix meets this requirement well. The problem with our other booster seat is that it is only held in place by the seatbelt strap. The Graco on the otherhand is able to be easily tethered in place to the car seat latches within the seat. This makes for a much more secure booster seat. It is easy enough to connect and disconnect, however, to easily move back and forth between cars. I cannot speak definitively to the safety of this booster; however, with the side padding and secure latching system, it certainly feels safer than the other non-latching seat that we have.As an added bonus, My 4-year-old loves the seat because of the arm rests. She find the seat very comfortable. The cup holder makes her desire to ride in this booster seat over the other one we own.

Bette Victor, NY

LATCH stabilizers!

We primarily use this as a second seat for Grandma’s car. She gets to keep this one to make it easier on her when she takes a kid or two for a long weekend. While threading a belt through a shoulder loop isn’t hard, the LATCH keeps the car seat from sliding all over her back seat, or her from having to crawl into the back of her 2-door car to help the kiddo secure his seat. We used it in our van for a week first to see what it was like. The LATCH tethers don’t seem like they would hold in an accident, but my impression is that it’s not what they were designed for, so for me, that’s not an issue. I am looking at the tethers purely for stabilization, as my child wouldn’t be in the seat without a securely fastened seat belt anyway. Aside from sliding around in the back seat, it keeps the seat from wiggling over and covering a buckle when the kids are getting in and out and possibly being silly and bouncing around a bit. This also keeps me from having to crawl into the back of the van to pull a buckle out from under a car seat. Win-win, as far as I am concerned. Overall, I think the LATCH tethers are a nice addition to a great booster. I do think it will be too wide to get 3 across because of the built-in cup holder, but that may not be an issue for you. 🙂

Tricia Woodbridge, NJ

Highback booster – 4.5 year old daughter approved

After purchasing the Britax Parkway SG-2 Booster Car Seat and realizing there is no tether for the carseat, I was on the hunt for a new highback booster that did have a tether. I did a lot of research and based on the awesome reviews here on Amazon I went with this little guy.I gave it 4 stars which for me is high as you have to blow my socks off to get 5 stars, so this is saying a lot.Comparing to the Britax Parkway SG-2 Booster Car Seat this seat has everything the other did not. Safety was our #1 goal and this hit it all. It has the tethering to the car which was the first item I was looking for. Second I ws searching for the safety loops for the car seat belt to go through – check!The next was comfort. I installed this seat in my car and the Britax in my husband’s after 2 weeks of hauling our daughter in both cars this carseat came out the winner. She like the seat better in her own 4.5 year old words: " I like the squishy seat and the squishy head pillow". She has fallen asleep several times in my car and never slumps over in our carseat, her head always rests nicely on the "pillow".Both carseats were very simple to install. This carseat had the extra tether so it does take a few extra moments to get that started, but it was very simple.The material is very well made and even when a sippy cup was spilled of juice on it, it did not soak through for several minutes. I was able to sop it all up and it was barely wet.The cup holder is a good size, it holds normal sized cups and juice boxes. it wont hold anything with extended handles, but at her age she no longer wants those anyways.All and all this is the best high back seat I have found and compared to the other Britax we have this is the winner by far.

Eve Williford, AR

Fantastic Booster Seat

Love this seat. Installs really easily. The latch system gives me extra peace of mind and holds the seat very securely in place, even when it is empty. My daughter loves the cup holder and storage drawer and says the seat is really comfortable. I love that the back can come off so it is like two seats in one. Also the price is really reasonable.

Shelby Oak Bluffs, MA

Perfect for our big boy with carcolepsy (narcolepsy in the car…)

My son has been not so patiently awaiting his turn at a booster, as his sister has been in one for a year or so. I kept postponing it – though we had passed the weight and age requirements – for two reasons: (1) he’s safer in a five-point harness seat and (2) he’s what we call carcoleptic… he becomes a narcoleptic as soon as he gets in the car, and most boosters don’t offer much comfort for sleepers.This is PERFECT! He loves the colors, the snack tray, the cup holder, the head wings, and the grown-up feel of the seat… and I love the ease of use and security of buckling. Bonus: he can sleep in it with comfort!

Norma Mount Kisco, NY

Comfortable for my 5 year old

This booster seemed to have all the features that I was looking for. I wanted a highback booster that has a latch, this has curved sides on the headrest (great for sleeping children) and it has been crash tested for side impact protection. The features my five year old son said that he wanted in a booster are 1) a comfortable seat and 2) cup holders for his drinks, snacks and toys. He says it’s very comfortable and he likes the feel and the color of the fabric. My husband said that installing this in our ’08 Jeep Patriot was very easy. We are all happy with this booster seat and I highly recommend it.

Mabel Mc Donald, OH

Very good highback booster seat – with Latch!!

I like this highback booster seat for several reasons. First and most importantly, it has the Latch System, so I feel like my daughter’s seat is very secure. I like that it has the little "wings" so that she can fall asleep and have somewhere to rest her head. I like that there is a built-in cup holder and a snack holder (or a place to stash little things) that folds in on the other side.What I don’t like is that the seatbelt often slips out of the red holder (although not while she’s wearing it). My daughter also complained that she felt very straight (no tilt to the seat).Above all, I feel that my 4-year-old is riding safely in my car, and that is the most important thing.

Molly Tyro, KS

Better than BRU version

Easy to use, love the latch! They sell this at BRU for $20 more, without the latch, and with these weird lights at the headrest. No thanks! This is light, easy to out to put together, easy to latch, and comfy. Will adjust a ton. Fits my 42 pound, 40 in son great with plenty of room to grow.

Marian Sharples, WV

Great Next Step`

I did a lot of research as I looked for a new booster for my son. We had one that was given to us, but I didn’t like it for every day use (it didn’t latch to the seat as this one does, so as he would get in and out of it himself it would often tip and he nearly fell out of the (parked) car a few times). This one can be used with the back or backless, so should last us until he is done using a booster. This one latches in fairly easily (the only complaint I have is that there’s not a lot of give to get the latch to the ring in the seat…) and I feel much more at ease with my son riding it in that I did before. He’s a little shorter, so the hook for the seat belt up by the head is awesome and used every time for us. It helps keep it in place where it should be. I’ve taught him exactly how it should be fitting so he makes sure he tells everyone (grandparents, aunts, daddy, etc) where the seat belt should be positioned and how tight. He loves the cupholder and the compartment on the other side is great for little toys and/or sunglasses. I like that the compartment can slide in, therefore it takes up less space. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a booster.

Margo Pyote, TX


We got this car seat for our youngest son who is four and he loves it. I also love it. It was easy to install and didn’t take much time at all. There is a seat belt guide that helps place the belt right where it should be for safety reasons. It fits my son perfectly. There is also a latch system which, I think, works amazing. When the seat is strapped into the car the correct way there is no moving it. It feels super safe and sturdy and I have no complaints about it. I will be buying another one of these when my daughter is big enough. Great buy!The only thing that I don’t like about the car seat is that when the cups are out (They can be moved in) It’s hard to fit 3 car seats. This might not be a problem for you if you don’t have a small backseat and three kids like I do.

Consuelo Rochester, KY

LATCH on this seat is to keep it from being a projectile when not in use….

This is a very nice booster seat. We also have the standard Graco Turbobooster (high back) that does not have LATCH and my son likes it as well. I decided to purchase this seat after returning the Evenflo Right Fit. The LATCH on booster seats is intended to prevent the seat from becoming a projectile in a crash. Booster seats are supposed to be belted in when not in use for this reason. LATCH removes that requirement. No the seat does not install as tightly as a carseat does but it doesn’t need to. My son is 6.5 yrs old and very thin and this seat is very comfortable for him. I love that the cup holder is integrated into the seat rather than the pull out style of the turbobooster. I am planning to get the Vivi pattern for my daughter when her time for a booster seat comes.

Opal Point Hope, AK

Booster seat meets needs at a reasonable price

We purchased this seat for my 4 year old to use when she is at her grandparents. She has ridden in it a couple of times thus far and she finds it very comfortable (fell asleep 3 of the 4 times). The chair fits her well. Her head fits within the headrest sides and the seat belt crosses over her body as we would expect it to. While I understand the reviews that are concerned with the LATCH system, the LATCH is designed to keep the booster in place when there isn’t a child. The seat belt holds them in place.This booster seat is also very easy to install and to move from vehicle to vehicle. With the LATCH system it fits securely into most model cars. My daughter loves being able to get in and out of her big girl seat herself. We will most likely get another one of these for the other set of grandparents!

Staci Kinston, AL

Very good car seat

Kid loves it. Well-built, easy to assemble (but I’m good at that stuff). Kid is comfortable. Nice and secure with the LATCH system. I like that it won’t move easily. Recommend.I got some questions so I’ll answer them here:Weight and Height Requirements:*Forward Facing: Minimum Weight: 30 Lb., Maximum Weight: 100 Lb., Minimum Height: 38″; Maximum Height: 57 “*Booster: Minimum Weight: 30.0 Lb., Maximum Weight: 100.0 Lb., Minimum Height: 38.0 “, Maximum Height: 57.0 “*Backless Booster: Minimum Weight: 40.0 Lb., Maximum Weight: 100.0 Lb., Minimum Height: 40.0 “, Maximum Height: 57.0 “Color:It’s red. Lightning McQueen red.

Doreen Hollister, CA

Great product – we bought two

We ended up buying two of these seats. Currently, we have the back installed. It makes the seats very comfortable for my daughter and she is able to lean her head against the side bolster when she naps in the car. Most importantly, we feel confident that our daughter is well protected.

Alisha Waubun, MN

son loves it

There is nothing about it that I dont like. Its awesome, and my family loves it, especially my son who loves that it has his faviorte color.

Carrie Bowring, OK

best seat for 3 year old!

perfect for my 3 year old. love the belt guide so the seat belt sits perfectly on his chest.

Darla Emmet, AR

Great car seat

High rating and great for my tall 4yo. I bought one for both grandparents. These were easy to assemble and use, and easy to use is something our parents need.

Lavonne Jacksonboro, SC

Easy to use correctly!

We love this booster. It is easy to put together, and easy to get a good belt fit for my 5 year old son. I like the latch connections because it keeps the booster from becoming a projectile when unoccupied.I will definitely buy another one for my husband’s car.

Alana Soso, MS

Nice seat

This was bought to replace a 2nd hand britex booster that’s seat cover and head rest was showing wear. I wasn’t so sure about "downgrading" from a britex, but I have bee very happy so far

Virgie Erie, KS

Great for the $$$

Great price and great quality for what you spend. Some people complained about the one latch system, and we have had not a single problem with it. In fact we had to remove the seat from my suv and it was near impossible to get it unlatched from the seat. I was worried, but turns out it was a great decision to buy this seat.

Lena Camak, GA