Graco Backless TurboBooster® Booster Seat – Flint

Graco Backless TurboBooster® Booster Seat – Flint


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My four year old (52 lbs) loves this seat.

Great seat, virtually no installation and easy to use. My son loves it. Great buy. This is inexpensive too, so perfect for an extra car or family/nanny.

Cecilia Bristow, NE

Comfy size, good seatbelt adaptability

I purchased this booster seat to use when my 5 year old grandson is visiting, and I love it. It is cushy and comfy enough for him to be completely comfortable in the back seat, and the seat belt adapter buckle keeps the shoulder strap of the normal car seat belt from going up around his chin. The little hidden cupholders are apparently perfect for keeping Lego guys close by (since he’s not allowed to eat or drink in the car). I can’t attest to clean up for the same reason – he’s not allowed to eat or drink in the car – though I’m not sure the fabric covering would be very easy to clean up and would probably be susceptible to stains. The seat is sturdy, comfortable, and the adapter causes the shoulder strap to fit the little guy comfortably. I highly recommend the product – just don’t let your child eat or drink in the car!

Patty Harker Heights, TX

Effective, extremely portable booster seat

Our toddler son is getting to the size where full car seats big enough to hold him is fairly heavy: he’s just turned 3, but he’s 42″ tall and 45 pounds. We have tutors for him who occasionally drive him around, but don’t have their own car seats. This booster seat provides the perfect solution without being a huge hassle to put in and out of their car.The seat itself is incredibly light, just a few pounds. It includes armrests which can be raised or lowered with a little work (my son doesn’t use them), cup-holders which can snap out (also not used by us), and a nylon seatbelt guide strap that attaches to either side of the back of the seat, so you can make sure the seat belt rests at the right spot on your child.My son is happy to drive for a half-hour in this seat, no problem. We still go with a full car seat for longer trips, but there’s an awful lot you can do with your kid within a half hour of your home. The seat itself is easy to position, and stays in place firmly once you’ve got your kid in it and buckled up with a lap-and-shoulder belt.We’ve got at least two of these. One I keep in my car and set up whenever I’m driving my son, and the others are used by our tutors. Great value for money, and they feel safe (as far as this kind of seat goes)!Pro:+ very light and portable+ comfortable for my son, he’s happy to sit in it for 30 minutes, no problem+ shoulder belt guide works great, and can be adjusted for either side of the seat+ seat stays firmly in place when it’s being used, and ‘feels safe’ at least to meCon:- the arm rests aren’t very useful, and a bit of a pain to move.Overall, a great booster seat for occasional use!

Erica Blythewood, SC

Inexpensive booster seat

I purchased this booster seat to take with us on a trip, as it would be easy to carry thru the airport and gate check once we were on the plane. It served it’s purpose well, but it definitely wouldn’t be one I’d use daily. It has very little padding for your child’s rear end and I can’t imagine it would be comfortable for any trip of a decent length.Additionally, the booster seat I ordered from Amazon had a manufacture date that was several years ago (seats have a limited number of years lifespan). They quickly shipped out a replacement, but it had the identical manufacture date.

Kathi Kinzers, PA

perfect for my 5 year old

i thought it was white, and was hesitant for stains, but it’s gray ~ AND MACHINE WASHABLE! my child loves it and there is an attachment to pull the shoulder belt snug against the body if smaller siblings or friends need to borrow the seat. for $20, i certainly can’t complain about cushioning b/c you get what you pay for, but graco has upheld its reputation in our home 🙂 only downfall is that when it is placed next to another carseat, it’s hard to reach the buckle, so it’s better in a bucket seat or separated from another safety seat.

Lilia Tennyson, IN

fits great in the car

I got this for my 5 year old. It works great for her. She fits perfect in the car with it and it seems comfortable enough for her

Shelley Novelty, MO

Nice booster

We own four different booster seats and I’d say the Graco backless booster is very comfortable for my kids. Its seat is padded. The armrests are adjustable up and down. The cupholders are easy for the kids to open and retract.The fact that it’s backless means the children have to be slightly larger to use them. They must be a minimum of 40 lbs. versus 30 lbs. listed for their full back boosters. It does, however, make the booster more portable, and the children will accept the booster for longer because it’s not immediately visible to their friends that they are using a booster.

Teri Shannon, MS

Good product.

Needed a booster for my 4 year old cause a full front facing seat was getting a little awkward for her to be in. This one is comfortable, easy for her to get in and out of too. It got really good safty reviews, but I am not sure that it is any better than the 15 dollar ones you can get at Walmart or Target.

Lee Lone Grove, OK