Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat, Frenzy

Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat, Frenzy

Seat your growing child comfortably and happily in our backless Turbobooster. You’ll appreciate how it helps protect your child by raising her up to the proper height for the seat belt. She’ll appreciate the playful fabric designs and hideaway cup holder

Main features

  • Helps safely transport your “big kid” from ages 4 -10, from 40 – 100 pounds and up to 57 inches tall, Top rated by leading consumer magazines and publications, Rigorously crash tested to meet or exceed us safety standards and reassure safety-conscious parents, Designed to be the kind of stylish, comfortable seat your child will actually want to ride in, Padded, height-adjustable armrests are extra comfortable
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Verified reviews



I am an RN and a Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (I work at Childrens’ Hospital in OK) and want to point out that these are WONDERFUL booster seats.However, this is NOT an appropriate seat for any child below the age of 5-6 regardless of their weight/height.I realize on the product description that they say this item is approved for children as young as three. They need to change this immediately! Children as young as three are not physically or developmentally ready for a booster. They are likely to climb out, or unbuckle themselves, or move the shoulder strap behind their back which is very dangerous. (You will notice that all new cars that are manufactured now no longer have lap belts only as they are so unsafe)Children that are less than 5-6 can be seriously injured if riding in any kind of booster seat. They need to be in a five point harness still. Their skeletons are too fragile for a the “three point harness” of an adult seatbelt- a five point harness spreads crash forces over a larger, stronger portions of the body (shoulders, hips, crotch- where there are strong bones) and an adult seatbelt, even when the child is in a booster, crosses their abdomen too much instead of their hips. If you were to get into a crash, many of their internal organs in their abdomen could be lacerated (cut into internally) and they could bleed to death inside in a matter of minutes.I really hope you will consider keeping your young children, who I am sure you adore and love very much, in a five point harness. There are many on the market that have higher weight limits (All that I have listed here go up to 50, 60, 65, 70, or even 80 pounds)these days… Britax Frontier, Diono Radian, Graco MyRide, Graco Size4Me, Britax Marathon, Evenflo Maestro just to name a few.**There was a 3 year old girl that died in Las Vegas, NV in Jan 2013 (you can google this) because she was in a booster seat and not a five point harness. It made national news. The Nevada news stations had a very good video story on it strongly encouraging the continued use of five point harnesses for young children.If you have an older child and they still fit in a highback booster, I always recommend you go with a highback booster versus a backless. The highback booster offers head support and side impact protection, whereas a low back offers none.Also- if your child is riding in a spot in the back seat where there is NO HEAD REST (many vehicles do not have a headrest in the middle seating position) THIS IS NOT AN APPROPRIATE SEAT. You MUST have a high back booster (And read the manual- one that allows you to use it without a headrest behind it- not all of them allow that) Because if you were to get into an accident, your childs head will thrash backwards and there will be no head support there to prevent this. A serious life threatening spinal injury could occur.And boosters are NEVER to be used with a lap belt only. They must always use a lap and shoulder belt.

Corinne Masonville, IA

Ok for short trips

This is a minimalist car seat. For short trips around town, this works. It is light and portable, easy to take through the airport for example. However, I wouldn’t trust it with my 5 year old in an accident – the device to keep the seatbelt over the shoulder and prevent it from coming up too high over his neck is chintzy – just a small plastic seat belt guide on a floppy nylon webbing strap attached to the rear of the seat. We are always having to search for it and adjust it constantly. Because there is no back, there is no head or neck support in an accident or just for sleeping. Our son often falls asleep on rides longer than an hour and it is painful to watch the way his head flops over with no support. We will put this away for when he is quite a bit older; or to use in a pinch for short trips when we aren’t using the family car. I’m getting a booster with a back and head support, specifically a Britax parkway SLP, which provides much more side impact protection.

Bridgette Doniphan, MO

It may have no back, but I’ll back it!

I originally purchased the Graco TurboBooster backless booster to use in my car as a “spare.” It was never intended to be used as full-time booster seat. However, I now use it on a regular basis in my vehicle and I am thrilled with how well it fits older children.This booster is simple– it has no LATCH attachment and is not “installed” in any way. It merely sits on the vehicle seat and is used to boost the child up so that the adult seatbelt fits. It does come with a belt-positioning strap that can be used to better position the shoulder belt if needed. The shoulder belt clip is very easy to slide onto the vehicle seatbelt. (If you want a LATCH-able backless booster, look at boosters such as the Clek boosters, Diono Santa Fe, or Graco Affix.)The way the armrests are positioned and angled makes the lapbelt rest where it is intended to rest– across the LAP (upper thighs/hipbones), not across the abdomen. There are red “guides” to show where the lapbelt should be.The armrests can be moved into two positions. There is a REQUIRED SCREW that keeps the armrests in the proper position once they are adjusted to the desired height.Although the pad looks thin, it is adequate and has garnered zero complaints from its occupants. That’s always a good thing!There are two retractable cupholders built into this seat, but they are very shallow, so cups can easily fall out of them. My carpet has suffered the effects of things spilling when cups fall out of the cupholders. Please remember that, as is the case with ALL cupholders in a car, only SOFT cups should be used in the car so they do not become dangerous projectiles in an accident.A few other reminders:~ Booster seats are for big kids. If your child cannot sit in position for the entire trip, without playing with the seatbelt, he/she is not ready for a booster. Most kids aren’t ready for a booster until somewhere between age 5-8 (needing a 5-point harness until that time).~ Backless boosters such as the TurboBooster Backless REQUIRE that there is adequate vehicle head support behind the child’s head.~ Again, boosters are for big kids. Many children need a booster seat until they are 9-12 years old.Overall, this is a a great little booster seat!ETA: I have “spare” seat pads to “jazz up” my Turbo. The extra seat pads are dirt-cheap on Graco’s website.

Joyce Marcell, MN

Comfortable and Portable

I have three of these boosters, all in varying colors, and prefer them to any cheaper versions in big box stores. I prefer them mainly because the cover easily comes off to be washed, then hung up to dry. I would note that I never have my kids use the cups because I think they are never flat enough to keep the drinks from falling.

Mandy Gordonville, MO

Does the job

Yes, it’s a little hard, but so far my toddler has not complained about it. I love the cute pattern on the seat!

Regina Alanreed, TX

He’s enjoying it

This seat is exactly what I was looking for. My son is 6 ,but he is on the small side and still needs a booster seat in order for the seat belt to sit properly. . I ordered this graco backless tubobooster seat and got it in less than a week using the free shipping. This seat was very easy to put in the car; the tightening straps in the front of the seat are a great idea. It was so easy to put together and install, and the booster doesn’t slide all over the back seat when my son is not in the car. I am completely satisfied with my purchase; everything about this booster has been great. From price to shipping to installation to using it every day, I have nothing but good things to say about this product.Thanks

Faye Hammondsport, NY

Just got Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat in Star Sketch…

And it is complete crap. Seriously. Looks like I got one someone returned since it was defective and just in bad condition. Don’t believe me? Look at the pictures…Needless to say this is getting returned ASAP. Would never trust my child’s life in a product that isn’t even put together correctly! Bad, GRACO.

Tasha Painesville, OH

Great price, easy to use.

Great price, easy to use. Bough it for my 4 year old grandson on his last visit here. Came well packed and fast and fit inot the car and is easy for him to get into and for use to buckle him into.

Diana Alberta, AL

Love the colors

We absolutely love the colors in the Star Sketch booster seat. This seat does what it’s suppose to and the cup holders are an added bonus. Great value for the price.

Ruthie Bakersfield, MO

It’s ok for short car rides, but that’s about it.

This works okay but I don’t like it nearly as much as a full seat. My daughter is not as comfortable and when she falls asleep she has no place to lean against and flops over to her side. I use this only for short car rides to school and that’s it.

Zelma Newfane, NY

Great Booster Seat

Works well and fits good on the seats in each of our cars. My son likes the two cup holders…LOL.

Shana Waconia, MN

Love this seat!

We have a few of these graco turboboosters and this one is definitely the best. The quality of the fabric is really good and there is more plushness with this fabric as compared to some of the others. The design is also very cute. Love the cupholders.

Malinda Garden Prairie, IL