Graco Blossom Booster Seat, Brown/Tan

Graco Blossom Booster Seat, Brown/Tan

This portable toddler booster, with 3-point harness, helps your child enjoy meals wherever you are. View larger Graco Toddler Booster, in Brown Position Just Right Toddlers are excited to be “big kids” and that includes eating with family in a “bid kid” chair. Graco’s Toddler Booster comes equipped with a removable seat back insert that helps position your growing child to the table, so that she can enjoy a comfortable meal with you. Secure Toddler Of course, safety is always your first priority as a parent. So, you’ll like knowing that your child is secured in the 3-point harness. Strap In Graco’s Toddler Booster features two seat installation straps, so that you can attach the booster to your chair. It’s perfect for kitchen and dining room chairs, and it’s compact so that you can bring it along when you’re dining out or away from home. It’s important to note that this booster may only be used with chairs that don’t have a cushion. Blossom Compatible This simple toddler booster is compatible with Graco’s robust Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System. It’s the perfect complementing purchase to use with Blossom. Brown Shades The Brown fashion is a solid, neutral chocolate brown, so it matches just about anything. Age / Weight Recommendation Use with removable seat back insert booster can be used when child can sit up unassisted thru 3 years old, maximum weight 50 lbs.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Removable seat back insert helps position your growing child at the table and can be used interchangeably with the toddler booster or youth chair.
  • 3-point harness helps keep toddler securely seated.
  • With removable seat back insert, the booster can be used when child can sit up unassisted through 3 years old; maximum weight 50 pounds.

Verified reviews


low profile booster seat

this booster is exactly what i was looking for.i wanted neutral colors [got the brown/tan]so that it blended into our kitchen and didn’t stick out as a “kid” seat. we do not have a dining room or kitchen table, we only have the kitchen island to eat at. so, i needed a low profile seat that would fit on a tall “bar” chair and would still slide under the overhang. [don’t freak, our seats are very wide bases no way a 2 year old could tip it even pushing with feet, and he only sits there when one of us is sitting right next to him. he’s in his highchair all other times, just using the booster when he wants to sit near us.]for those of you looking for a booster that has a lower height on the sides, this is it. it comes up on the sides only about 5 3/4 inches. obviously the back is taller, but that won’t be going under the table.i like the options for seating. we need the 3 point harness now, but eventually he’ll be old enough to sit on his own. once you remove the back [brown section] the straps go with it.there aren’t any crevices for food to get stuck. and the seat is made of plastic so it washes easily.the straps that secure it to the chair are very long. even with wide base seats, we still have plenty of slack left. our seats have cushions, and i found it was more secure to push on the booster while securing the bottom strap. kind of like a car seat, it goes into the cushion and is more stable. once attached this booster doesn’t slide or move at all.highly recommend, you’ll get years of use out of this.

Tabitha Lakeview, OR

Nice booster, neutral colors

My 2 year old loves this seat, she thinks it’s so cool to not sit in a high hair anymore. However, I only gave it 4/5 because when she wants out it is very easy for her to move her legs off to the side and almost tip her chair over. I’m not sure what could be done to remedy this, maybe make the sides higher?

Millie Upham, ND

picture is deceiving

good reviews + growing toddler = purchase right? got it in a day, price jumps down (well equal that one out) and i was surprised to see that the back (brown) doesn’t lay against the back of the seat, but there is about 2 inches of SPACE the picture doesnt show you so it pushes a larger kid forward. its very big, half inch larger that my chair and doesn’t need to be…graco rounds out the back structure of the seat so it doesn’t lay against your chair snug…better design would eliminate this and fit more chairs. will i keep it? its big enough to grow with my child until she doesn’t need one, and thats the point, so yes. but would i buy it again? no.

Aisha Greenville, NH

Stable Product for Safety, Decent Function

My son loves his new booster seat because he can sit in a chair at the table with us rather than in a high chair. Plus, now he can really reach (which mommy had to quickly adjust to as he grabbed at things LOL!). This seat is decent looking and at a really appropriate height. I can still push in my chair under the table most of the way- and if this was a big deal, I could easily remove the back and just put it on top until using it. It is adjustable- which is good if you have a small baby. Although it seems like one of the settings wouldn’t really ever be that useful. What I like most is that it is REALLY secure to the seat. My son leans, tries to jump out, etc. and that thing didn’t move. (I would still advise constant supervision, but at least the seat won’t be an issue). I guess if he rocked enough the chair could fall over, but the seat is not going to fall off which is important to safety. The straps seem sufficient- although they are not attached to the booster bottom- only to the back and then one strap goes under and through the legs of the child. There are no shoulder straps. This is something to keep in mind, but it still seems really secure. The design is fine, but I do wish there was a little more softness or fluff to the back for comfort. Although it isn’t as hard as it seems when the child is in there because of the sculpting. It is easy to clean too. Overall, this is worth the price and I am very satisfied.

Maura Terra Bella, CA

Great product

Easy to clean (biggest perk!), comfortable for my toddler to sit in, easy to use the seat buckle, and also easy to unlatch or latch to the chair, so we can carry it to other locations. The only drawback is the light-colored seat belt was quickly stained, but that doesn’t matter much. My two year old enjoys sitting at the table like the adults, thanks to this seat.

Dawn Farmerville, LA

Useful and long-lasting

This is a useful booster seat that we used for several years, the brown seat back can be removed as the child grows and the seat still used to help little kids get closer to the table.

Tessa Collegeport, TX

easy to clean

This fits well on our "pub" height chairs and still goes under the matching table. This wipes clean easily, plastic doesn’t stain. I only wish the straps were grey or beige to hide stains better. It’s possible to remove and wash them, but it’s kind of tedious.

Jamie Ashburnham, MA

Couldn’t be more pleased!

We love this booster seat! My 2 year old daughter is able to easily get in and out of it, and the straps are simple enough that she can even buckle herself in; although not so simple that she can unbuckle herself and escape! I haven’t had to remove the straps to wash them yet, but when it is time to they look to be extremely simple to remove. My favorite feature is that the backrest can be positioned so that she has back support as she grows. In my opinion, this is the best booster seat on the market. Good job Graco!UPDATE 4/26/14: Still love this product, so much so that I bought another one for my son who has now outgrown the high chair. In my opinion, this is the best booster seat on the market, and I don’t know why everybody doesn’t own this one.

Hollie Dumas, TX

Great, Simple option for the price!

Moved my 2 year old into this booster recently.Easy to Clean – straps are all attached to the back, so you can remove the back easily and then wipe down the whole seat. No little nooks and crannies for food to build up and get gross (with her previous high chair even when you gave the cover a wash, the chair underneath was kind of difficult to get really clean).Low clearance- the sides easily slide under the table. Her old high chair attached to a chair as well, but the "arms" held the tray, which meant that chair was kind of stuck and couldn’t be "tucked in" With this chair when she’s not eating, everything can be put away in its place.Price – bought for under $20 on amazon, for that price really can’t go wrong.

Mari Lavalette, WV

Great seat

My daughter loves her big girl chair. The neutral color is perfect for people like me who don’t want circus-colored baby stuff all over the house. The low profile of the chair allows her to sit with her legs comfortably under the table.

Jeannie Coulee City, WA

Low front and adjustable back

Really like this booster seat. The main pluses are the adjustable back, low front to go under my table edge, and the wide seat pan. Holds firm in place with back and bottom chair strap. Front buckle can be finicky but still pretty easy to use.

Cheryl Morgan, PA

great booster

I purchased this booster seat because it looks so easy to clean, and it is. The seat back removes and there are no seatbelt holes in the crotch area to catch food.

Liz Sadieville, KY

Not the cutest but works great and easy to clean

I needed something basic to strap to our kitchen chairs. Our 23 month old will no longer sit in his expensive high chair. This was the right price so i took a chance. It is super easy to clean which I really appreciate. he really loves sitting in it too because he’s right up at the table with the family like a big boy. Not super aestetically pleasing but not ugly and definitely does the trick!

Raquel Plainwell, MI

Needed a highchair upgrade

My 2 and 1/2 year old was getting too tall for our portable highchair so we bought this booster seat in hopes it would fit on our dining room chair. I was able to put it on with no problems and it gave my son the perfect boost so he could eat off his plate on the table.

Noemi Belvidere, NC

Works as advertised

Works well, holds up well and the straps are adjustable enough to fit most chairs. I like that it contains no cushions so it can be cleaned easier. Wipes up well and our son doesn’t complain to be sat in it.

Cristina Cedar, KS

great for grandparents house

The grandparents have grandkids from 1-4 and this is versatile. For the older kids it is great as a booster, but for the younger kids who need a belt, you just pop the back on and it is suitable for them. Great booster for any age range!

Antoinette Toler, KY

Great booster seat

This booster seat is easy to install & clean. My toddler likes that he can sit at the table with us in a big people chair instead of his high chair. We started using this when he was ~20 months. It is easy to strap in a squirmy toddler.

Lizzie Williamsport, IN

Great item

I bought this for my 3 yo grand daughter and she loves it. She had outgrown her highchair and was still to small to sit in anadult chair with the proper height to eat so this is the perfect solution. She likes it better without the back but it is very well built, straps are long and easy to use. Nice washable surface. I will keep it for my newborn granddaughter when she needs it.This is a must have and is light and small enough to carry with you to restaurants, or family’s homes.

Katharine Webster, MA


Love this booster. I couldn’t wait to get rid of my high chair. After 3 kids, I was over it! I got this for my 2 year old to sit at the table with all of us, and we love it. Straps securely to the seat, is VERY easy to clean. The straps come off and are hand washable (air dry). Love it.

Kathie Clam Gulch, AK

Great booster

We recently moved our 22 month old into this booster seat. She loves sitting at the table with us now! I really like that the booster straps to the chair AND has safety straps for the child. Many boosters don’t strap to the chair, so they can slip off to the floor if your child is wiggly or if he/she is trying to get down by himself/herself. Other boosters don’t have a safety strap to keep children seated properly. This one has both. I do wish that the child restraint straps were secured to the actual chair instead of just the seat back. Once your child outgrows the optional seat back and you remove it, you also remove the option of using safety straps.ProsStraps to chairSafety restraint straps for the childMovable back adjusts to the size of the childEasy to wipe clean or hand vacRubber feet on booster prevent sliding and scratching of chairConsRestraint straps only available if the optional back is used.Not many color optionsSome crevices for foods to get stuck (like where the back inserts into the chair).

Sheena Foxboro, WI

Great seat for toddlers. Easy to attach and clean.

We have used this for the past year and a half since my son graduated from a high chair. We bought a second one for when our friends bring their toddler over and they did the same thing at their house! No problems attaching to our chairs around the back and bottom. We don’t use the straps anymore as our 2 year old can keep himself in there just fine but even when using the straps they worked well. Very easy to clean but the straps do not appear to be removable.

Lynette Zenda, KS

A couple design flaws, but overall a nice, simple chair.

My son has been using a chair that attaches to the table for sometime, but his legs were getting too long and heavy to sit in it (making him uncomfortable), so we went ahead and purchased this chair. It’s a nice, simple design without a bunch of clutter, however the buckle used to buckle him in is housed in the removable back of the booster, which means when it’s time to remove the back, there won’t be a buckle to keep him in place. It looks like there will be a way to rig the buckle though the slots the seat back slides into to fix this, but I hate having to modify a product we paid for. Overall, it’s a great size and he’ll be able to use it until he’s old enough to sit without a booster at all.

Latoya Williamstown, MO

Very nice!

LOVE IT! The seat back can be adjusted (2 spots), the buckle clip can be taken off (why I didn’t give 5 stars is the clip gets stuck on ours, which isn’t safe), but we just don’t use it. Green color is very nice and the product is sturdy. The cheaper booster seats don’t fit under our table and would hurt our kids legs and knees- this one fits perfectly.

Johanna Casey, IL

Just what I was looking for

My toddler has been using this booster for a while now and it is very durable. It is perfect for toddlers to seat at the "grown ups" table. Just what we were looking for. Very happy.

Laurie El Dorado, AR

20 month old loved it from first day!

We were all so happy that our little one loved this booster seat from the moment she saw it. She would much rather use it than the high chair and it is very sturdy. Will probably order another one for Grandma’s house.

Isabelle Winchester, MA

Great booster seat

This is a great booster seat for when your child grows out of their high chair. It fits nicely on my straight backed chairs. It doesn’t work well on curved chairs. It won’t fit. It has a nice buckle and straps which you can take off and wash in the washing machine. The chair cleans up really nice with just a wipe down. I’ve been really pleased with this booster seat.

Michaela Demarest, NJ

has worked well for us

I do keep a watchful eye on our daughter in this seat as I worry that she might be able to lean a bit too much from side to side (compared to her high chair), but I realize that is somewhat the nature of a seat like this and that sitting up properly is something a child needs to learn and should be ready do by the time a booster seat is used (I think I’m just an overly protective mommy). Plus the harnesses (securing her and securing the seat to the chair) are nice and secure, so her leaning probably isn’t even as much of an issue as I might fear.The seat is very easy to keep clean, seems quite comfortable, and is a great size for our daughter (who is tall but not heavy for her age, 19 months) – this seat fits her well with room to grow. It also works on a wide variety of chair styles.

Aida Corriganville, MD

Could use some improvements

This booster seat is a good size for my four year old. The straps do loosen too easily and I find myself tightening them back up often. Also, the button release doesn’t release that easily and I find myself having to use both hands to undo the straps. I have a graco stroller with the same release that actually releases easily and with one hand. I do like that the back rest can be removed. I find myself needing to remove it often to clean between the back rest and the back of the seat. One thing we did encounter the first day we used this was my child tipped the whole thing and the dining chair over when he pushed away from the table and then grasped the table to slide forward. The scooting forward caused the chair to flip forward and he hurt his chin on the table. It could have been worse. I hate to think of a child hitting their neck on the table. So, parents have to be careful to watch for that. Our chairs don’t have slides on them, but I would think that slides would make it even easier for the chair to tip forward. Never leave the child unattended. Overall, it’s a decently good seat with a good fit. I would think there are better booster seats out there. I’m just hoping he won’t have to use it long.

Lauri Marienthal, KS


i bought this for the grandsons and so far it works out well for us. it is lightweight and easy to attach

Emilie Flora, LA

Great little booster!

This booster has been a great alternative to the high chair and our daughter loves to be at the table with us. No real complaints… the buckles are sturdy, tightens nicely to the chair, and seems to be an appropriate height for the average table/chair combo. Obviously the stability is limited to how stable your chairs are and how eager your child is to get out though. Definitely recommend getting a chair cover for underneath though… TONS of food spillage happens!

Trisha Inchelium, WA