Graco Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle

Graco Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle

Graco’s Bumper Jumper doorway baby bounce is a portable, fun way to entertain your child. View larger It’s simple to attach the Bumper Jumper to your doorway, thanks to a special attachment. View larger Two removable toys are included, which give your child an additional way to engage. View larger Graco Bumper Jumper Doorway Baby Bouncer, in Little Jungle Jump for Fun Your little one will love bouncing up and down in Graco’s Bumper Jumper doorway baby bouncer, in Little Jungle. It’s a portable, fun way to entertain your child, since you can attach it to a door frame to create an instant activity to delight and amuse baby. Washable Seat Pad It’s simple to keep your baby’s play space tidy, thanks to the removable, washable seat pad. The high-back, nylon seat pad is removable and machine washable, so that you can easily wash it whenever you need. Simple In & Out This terrific doorway baby bouncer has special non-twist straps and a plastic dome that helps keep the straps apart, which makes it easier to get your baby in and out. It’s a really great feature that makes Bumper Jumper stand out among doorway baby bouncers. Hidden Safety Cord Of course, safety is the number one priority when it comes to your child. So, the Bumper Jumper has a sturdy spring, with a hidden safety cord. This way, you’ll feel great about offering your little one non-stop jumping fun! Mark Free Door Clamp Graco’s Bumper Jumper features a no mark clamp, so that it won’t leave a mark on your doors at home or away. The spring-loaded clamp won’t mark door moldings when you attach this doorway jumper, so you can attach it just about anywhere for your child’s entertainment. Easy Attach Everything about this great doorway baby bouncer was designed to be fun for baby and easy for you. The special attachment makes it simple to connect it to your doorframe. Adjustable Doorway Baby Bouncer Bumper Jumper can grow with your little one, up to 25 lbs. Just adjust the height adjustable doorway baby bouncer, so that it’s at the right height for maximum jumping fun for your child. Built-In Toy Tray Bumper Jumper has a great extra feature: a toy tray. This way, your little one can play with toys and bounce at the same time. What fun! Interactive Play Toys Two soft, removable toys are included, attached to adjustable play rings. Your little one will love these cute, interactive toys that will stimulate her imagination. It’s a Jungle Take your little one on a safari with the cute Little Jungle pattern. Your child will love the adorable giraffes, elephants and monkeys playing across a whimsical background. Key Features Attaches Easily: Attaches to doorframe for portable fun Height Adjustable: Height Adjustable for child from 5.5 to 25 lbs. Toy Tray: Play tray for toys 2 Soft Toys: 2 soft, removable, interactive toys attach to adjustable play rings Age / Weight Recommendations For children from 5.5 to 25 lbs. Child must be able to hold head up unassisted

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • High back nylon seat is removable and machine washable
  • Soft all around bumper protects wood work
  • Two soft removable interactive toys attach to adjustable play tray
  • Plastic dome keeps straps spread apart for easy in and out
  • Spring loaded no mar clamp easily adjusts to door frame

Verified reviews


Potentially detrimental to gross motor skill development

I was pretty excited to get this for our son when he was around 4.5 months old. He’d been holding his head up since birth, was already starting to sit partially, and he was definitely ready for it. It arrived and he loved it! It was a whole new view of the world for him, and we used it mainly for 15 minutes in the evening while getting dinner ready. My son was born with a pigeon toe, and we took him in to start physical therapy shortly after receiving the jumper. When I mentioned the jumper to our PT, she said that she, and most physical therapists really don’t want any children put in doorway jumpers, jumperoos, walkers, etc. She said it’s really not good for baby’s gross motor skill development to put them in contraptions that make them stand before they are actually standing on their own. They don’t help them to walk or stand any faster and it can be very detrimental to muscle group development and coordination. I later did some research, and found several articles agreeing with our PT:(All that said, this jumper did fit our standard door frames and it never fell. If you do decide to get a door jumper for your baby, make sure you think in advance about where you’ll put it. I didn’t take into account our very open floor plan; we only have one actual doorway with a frame in our kitchen/living room/den area.

Ernestine Coolville, OH

Jumper Potentially Hazardous.

I was excited to recieve this Jumper as I reviewed a few “You Tube” videos and saw happy babies jumping endlessly. However, I was also torn between “Jolly Jumper” which if you looked up a few videos on “You Tube” the babies seemed pumped up on sugar and in a state of euphoria and that seemed more idea. Not that I feed my baby sugar, but it looked like so much fun that even I wanted one for myself (jk). In any case it was a little more pricier, but after recieving Graco Bumper Jumper I can see why it’s best to spend a little extra. This item is limited to whatever size your doorway may be and the clamp seemed as though it was missing a piece, but no, that was how it came…just a small plastic questionably hazardous clamp. You’re also limited to doorways only (I have openings between rooms and few doorways, I guess I should I have taken that into consideration before purchasing)and “Jolly Jumper” you can put anywhere because it’s a stand alone. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy about it. The part you adjust for height was at its max and my sons legs were almost touching the floor as his feet was dragging. I can’t imagine if he had jumped the coming down part might hurt his legs due to the height (again to mention it was at its maximum height)

Virgie Glasgow, KY

Info on door frames

My 6.5 month daughter still isn’t interested in this, so we’re returning it, but it looks like it is well made and will hold up well. She was only interested in pulling off the velcro toys to eat them and didn’t get the urge to jump. I guess she just likes the floor better! I also didn’t really have a great place for this in my house. I would definitely get this one over the Johnny Jumper based on product reviews.Some additional info that may be helpful:1. Attaches to door frames with trim & wall thickness between 3″ and 6.5″. I swear I looked for this info everywhere before buying but never found it.2. It will adjust more than you think for an older/taller baby. My baby is in the 50% for height and way past that for weight and this wasn’t an issue for us at close to 7 months.

Lolita Sardinia, SC

Too Low on the highest setting.

I hung this in my doorways. Even on the highest setting it is too close to the ground. My son is in the 3rd percentile for high so I’m not sure why this thing is so low. Beware if you have lower doorways. This won’t work.

Tommie Forkland, AL

Disappointed in adjustability.

I purchased this for my 5 month old. And while it is well made, nice looking, and fun (hence the 3 stars) the hang strap is not very adjustable. From the beginning we had it as short as it would go and if my child grows any more, her legs will not be positioned correctly to use the jumper. Our doorways are not particularly low (I think we have 7′ doorways). My child loves this toy, and I’m kind of disappointed that she won’t be able to use it for very long.

Suzanne Moapa, NV

The Height IS Adjustable

This is by far my twins favorite thing right now. They have been using it since they were about 4 1/2 months old (with blankets stuffed behind them). I only have one doorway downstairs with a door frame where it will fit but if I had two, I would buy another one. As for people rating it low because it doesn’t fit in their doors, that’s not a defect of the product. Perhaps if they had researched it and read reviews here it may have saved them some time. Regarding the height, it is adjustable beyond the basic adjustment out of the box. I read the reviews and the manual and it still took me a bit to figure it out, but it does work. As another reviewer said, you have to pull the sewn end of the strap through the buckle so it makes another loop within a loop. Just keep looping it up through the buckle. I was able to make it higher but it’s still a bit tricky to get the height just right. For that reason, I am only giving it 4 stars. While you can adjust the height, I think it should be easier to do and I think Graco could have done a better job with the height instructions in the manual. Otherwise, a great product.

Heather Ophir, KY

5 month old loves

My 5 month old loves this thing! He jumps and jumps and twirls about. I love the tray because its kept his head from banging against the sides of the door a few times also. He gets tired of it after about 20 mins which is fine because I’ve read that you shouldnt have them in there for longer than that at a time anyway due to the reasoning that it may interfere with hip development. My apt doesnt have door frames though so we use it when he visits grandma. I’m going to get the jumperoo which is a great alternative for those w/o door frames or who cant use this for some other reason.

Bobbi Short Hills, NJ

The adjustment mechanism doesn’t hold its place

The title sorta says it all.Everything else about this seat I really really enjoy! But the slip/loop mechanism that allows you to adjust for the height of the door and your baby’s size doesn’t hold… Sorta a big deal. I’ve had to get two large, strong clips to hold pressure on the loop-within-a-loop way the manufacture tells you to make an adjustment to stop it from slipping. I have followed the instructions to a T and in my opinion a big flaw that this doesn’t do its job so thus the (2) star rating.But other than that issue and the fact it can be rectified by “rig’n” its not horrible.

Kirsten Denbo, PA

Would have been perfect….

…except my daughter isn’t a midget. She’s 6 months old and 27 inches and this jumper was way too low for her. Even on the highest settings, she was still flat footed and knees bent in a relaxed position. I doubt she will be able to use it for more than a month and we got it yesterday. I’m returning it and looking for a doorway jumper/bouncer that will fit a tall (I guess!) baby. If this had fit her, it would have been wonderful. She immediatley loved it and started bouncing and spinning and giggling. Getting the seat on is a pain too, use needle nose pliers…it will save your fingers.

Vilma Eldorado, OH

Inexpensive, Effective

We live in a condo without a lot o’ room and our 5-month old baby was wearing us out with all his squirming and rolling around. We decided a walker or a jumper would be nice, but found most of these are waaay to big for our little condo. We read a few reviews and decided to purchase this jumper.Very happy so far. It seems high quality, easy to assemble, and easy to move from one doorframe to another (unless you’re too short to reach the top of the doorframe). Our kiddo really seems to enjoy it, and we enjoy putting him in the jumper so we can cook or clean. I highly recommend this product.

Norma Brownsville, MN

Perfect, unless your baby is tall like mine!

Our daughter has very, very long legs. She’s 8 months but doesn’t fit it any bottoms less than 12 months. So if you have a tall baby, this jumper isn’t going to last very long. I adjusted it as much as I could and she still needs more room. But it fixes well to door frames, has never slipped and she seems to love it. Just wish there was more slack to adjust it with.

Sonia Nilwood, IL


Our 5 month old does like to jump but the tray isn’t as useful as I had hoped and getting her in and out is actually harder with the plastic piece at the top. It was a pain to put together when it came, too. For the price, I was disappointed.

Gwen Wakefield, OH

Baby loves it but it has a major flaw!

I was very excited to get this for my almost 4 month old. He gets bored easy as he always needs to be moving. He was so excited to play in this he fell asleep in it after he exhausted himself bouncing on the first night. Now that he is rolling over I need something to keep him contained when I shower, cook, etc… This solves that issue. If you asked my son he would say its 5 stars. However it has one major frustrating flaw… The strap is constantly coming lose resulting in the jumper lowering itself slightly. Unfortunately you can’t tell it’s too low until he is in it and then it’s impossible to raise meaning he has to be taken out to fix. My husband and I are trying different things to keep the strap the proper height but the strap should have a locking mechanism to maintain the necessary height.

Blanche Beacon, NY

One of the Best Purchases We Made

My husband (the resident toy man in the house) selected this jumper for our 6 month old son. We were also looking at other items such as the Jumperoo, but the price and small footprint of this jumper won out. So glad we chose it! In the beginning our little guy was a bit skeptical of it and would only spend about two minutes in it before "asking" to be removed, however over the months he has grown very fond of it and he is now just over 1, and will spend about 20 minutes in it every morning.The snack tray is VERY convenient. Food does get stuck between the seat cover (which is pretty easy to remove and wash however). I’ve found that if I just run a toothpick or a long skewer around the front of the cover between the seat and the tray, the food that gets stuck in there comes out relatively easy.The velcro animal toys that came with it did bomb out on us too. The velcro is not of the highest quality and the toys kept falling off. We pushed the toy clips up out of the way and just don’t use them anymore.We have been having a bit of trouble with the jumper lately, it starts sagging to the floor after about 10 minutes of use. My husband "resets" it every morning by pulling up on the straps. Our little guy is around 23 lbs so we are going to have to retire the old lass soon. It has certainly given us lots of hours of fun and given Mommy some free hands to do chores with which is PRICELESS.

Colette Hazen, ND


Before you eye-roll, hear me out.The jumper, for the most part is made well. However, as a previous customer mentioned, the adjustable strap is much too long – even for my petite infant. Please read below for my issue with the factory quality:Also, (DID NOT REALIZE AT FIRST) the metal piece (picture a miniature dumbell)that holds the adjustable strap & seat the the upper spring & clamp, was not properly in place (from the factory). For a while I couldn’t figure out why the seat would always tilt to one side. Then, after a month’s use, I notice the plastic casing for the metal screw-like piece was dislodging from the upper section. So I would wiggle it back in place, thinking my baby just had really strong legs. Eventually, it became more difficult to finagle, so I took it down and throroughly inspected the thing. Turns out the metal piece had complete dislodged from its section and somehow (from the vigorous jumpin I suppose) slid to one side. I tried so hard to maneuver it back in place, but it was useless. I stopped using the jumper, since it did not seam safe anymore. I feel silly, not looking at things with a closer eye…because it could have been dangerous and if I cought the deffect early on, it would have been possible to replace.THE END

Daphne Lockeford, CA

A great jumper better than any others I’ve tried

This is a great jumper that my daughter absolutely loves. She began using it when she was about 4 months old (I put a folded up blanket in the back for extra support). She is now 6 months old and loves it even more now. I have two daughters. For my first daughter (who is now two), I tried two jumpers, the Fisher Price Precious Planet floor jumper, and the cheap Evenflo Johnny Jumpup and this one is far better than either of those two. The Evenflo jumper was uncomfortable around her legs, was too high waisted and has hard bars that she could have hit her head on – plus the spring is just too tight that it doesn’t allow for good jumping at all – it ended up in the closet because it was useless and dangerous. The Fisher Price Precious Planet floor jumper is decent and has lots of bells and whistles, but also doesn’t really allow the baby to jump very much (more like a swaying back and forth) and my first daughter (and now my second) got sick of it really fast. In my experience, the more bells and whistles something has, the less the child actually enjoys it. So when I was pregnant with my second child, I began researching a better jumper. This one came to the top of the list and has remained at the top of the list for the following reasons:1. It allows your little one to actually jump! The spring is the perfect tightness for controlled jumping.2. The attached toys and toy tray are a wonderful addition. The toys are great for teething babies, and have no obnoxious sounds. The toy tray around the jumper is nicely padded and gives extra protection for your little one in case they hit the doorway. It also allows you to put your child’s favorite toy in front of them which they can play with while jumping – at present, my daughter has her soft teething ring there and grabs it whenever she wants to.3. The clamps up top are well designed and easy to put on any doorway.4. It adjusts well to any height (those reviews that state that it’s not long enough obviously didn’t read the instructions that came with it on how to adjust the height – after the obvious adjustment, you can then pull the short loop through and adjust it more, it’s very easy to do).5. It’s easy to put my daughter in and take her out of it.6. The colors are nice and will go well with most decor7. The price! It’s slightly more than the Evenflo jumper, but why waste your money on that useless jumper when you can have this one. It’s also MUCH cheaper than the floor models with all bells and whistles but works much better6. My daughter LOVES it! My only regret is that I didn’t have it with my first daughter.I highly recommend this jumper over any others.

Aisha Preston, MD

If you think it’s too low read this for instructions!

I thought we had the jumper to the highest and we were a little disappointed because it was a little too low to the ground. My son (4.5 months) still loved it, but I figured it would only last about a month or two. Well, I finally figured out how to make it higher! After you slide the plastic piece to the bottom you take the piece of material that is sewn together and you loop it through and pull it out (the loop will stick out). If you have any questions about how to do it, please comment. It was a little confusing on page 10 of the manual.Pros: My baby loves this jumper! He could easily jump in it for an hour or more if I let him! It was easy to put together and seems to be pretty sturdy.Cons: It took some time to figure out how to adjust it to the right size.

Kasey James City, PA

Very frustrating.

My daughter loved this bouncer until she grew and I had to adjust it–I carefully followed the written instructions and the bouncer would not stay adjusted; after I adjusted it and put her back in the bouncer, the strap went right through the buckle and her knees were practically on the floor. I’ve tried about a dozen times to adjust it, following the product instructions very carefully, and it doesn’t work.

Letitia Reads Landing, MN

My daughters favorite thing to do

This jumper can keep her happy for at least 30 minutes – sometimes more! I was very disappointed when I realized that it was too short and she was only 6 months old – but alas, if you download the manual and really think about what they are saying, it can be done to make longer – not intuitive at all though.[…]

Leticia Greig, NY


I discovered this product when I started taking our baby to baby gym class. We got one for home, and oh boy, is it great! Jumping, jumping, jumping…let’s me cook dinner while he gets a workout! Our son is 7 months and we have been using it for about 2 months. Many of my friends say their kids still love at 12 months. Definitely higher quality than some of the other competing brands.

Beatrice Ranger, WV

Great jumper

My 6 month old loveeeesss this jumper. It’s sturdy and I like the fact that there is two rings to attach toys to so she can play with them also. My only complaint is that it’s kinda ugly…I really think Graco could come up with some better designs (maybe some girl-friendly ones!)

Katharine East Walpole, MA

Worth every penny!

Our daughter has been very strong since day one so we got this for her before she was even 4 months old. She absolutely loves it! And I’m able to get stuff done because she’ll play in it for 20 minutes before she’s done. We have it on a standard size door frame and it’s worked out well…no scuff marks anywhere and easy to move.

Christa Jasper, AL

Baby loves it!

My baby loves this jumper..especially since he hit the 5 month mark he loves to actually jump up and down instead of just swishing back and forth. The price is great too..didn’t have to spend close to 100$ for those fancy jumper things. My only gripe is that since it is hanging you have to figure out a way to get your baby in while the jumper swings around..since it is not stationary. But its not a major issue.

Rene Snowmass, CO

love the jump-up!

We bought this for our 5-month-old son a few weeks ago and started using it right away. He loves it! We don’t leave him in it too long, just about 15-20 minutes at a time, but he bounces the house down and loves chewing on the little toys. It’s a great way to keep him occupied for a short time before he can sit up and play on his own. Highly recommended!

Beverley Fairview, OK

Good for what it is

A little confusing to adjust and needs to be readjusted each time it’s used. Unfortunately my daughter really wasn’t crazy about this. She would go to town for about 5 minutes before she would want to get out. Bummer, I really wanted her to love a jumper so I could have 15 minutes to myself. The jumper does seem very stable and I was never worried about it falling or tipping with her in it.

Eugenia Oxford, NY


My son is only 2 months old, but has very strong leg and neck muscles. It’s hard to hold him without him trying to “push-off”of you. I bought this 2 weeks ago, and have used it everyday since! It is just perfect for him, I just need to pack in a few blankets around him. He’ll just bounce and sway in it for hours… then usually fall asleep.

Minerva Harrod, OH

great jumper

My baby loves this. We live in an old house without standard doorways, so we had to rig it to be the right height. We just used a big safety pin to make the strap shorter and it’s worked just fine. Within a few weeks of using it it was easy to see how much stronger my son’s legs had gotten and how much higher he could jump… and it’s so much fun!

Tammy Kirvin, TX

worth every penny!

This jumper is worth every penny. Installation in seconds, easy adjustment, and instant jumping fun. I also like the two little toys attached, although they don’t stay too long because baby yanks them off.

Annabelle Endeavor, WI

Fun activity for babies

My 4 month old loves this swing! He laughs and smiles and bounces a lot.Don’t use if it your child can’t support his own head yet. Its really for babies 4 months and up.UPDATE:My son is 6 months old. He still loves it, but even at the maximum adjusted setting its too close to the ground. My baby is tall, and if your baby is too then this product is not useful for very long. Now, his legs are bent when he sits in it and he can even put the lower half of his leg from his knee down flat on the ground.

Penelope Stockton, MD

Good jumper but height restriction bad

I loved this jumper! The only reason i am giving it a 4 is because my doorways were too high to use so I had to return it. It doesn’t say anything about how high the doorway can be. She used this jumper at a friends and it worked awesome! But I ended up having to return and buy a Fischer Price free standing jumper.

Debora Green Bay, WI